Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 37

Jordan settled his jaguar’s head in Georgia’s lap, enjoying the calm before the shit storm he knew was coming in the name of Scott. He’d known his brother too long to know he gave up on Daisy. Scott was biding his time before he struck.

“Your fur is so soft,” Georgia whispered, running her fingers from between his ears to down his back. He let out a purr to show his pleasure.

“Uncle Jordan lets me snuggle with him sometimes,” Daisy shared, she’d snuggled beside Georgia.

“That sounds lovely.”

“He is the best,” Daisy put her tiny hand on one of his massive paws. He licked it, making her giggle and pull her hand away.

“Go inside and wash your hands. We need to get ready for dinner,” Georgia instructed.

“Where are we going?”

“To dinner with Mrs. Ellie and Mr. Marcus,” Georgia answered, Daisy whooped and ran into the house to wash up.

“Jordan, I want to talk to you about something after Daisy goes to bed,” she whispered in his ear. He jerked his head up, was she second-guessing marrying him?

“Don’t look at me like that. We are still getting married on Saturday next week,” she assured him, kissing the top of his head. He relaxed if she needed to talk about something important he knew she wouldn’t do it in front of Daisy. They’d discovered that the hard way when talking about Bert. Daisy repeated some choice words to Hillary at daycare causing her to call Georgia about it.

“Shift back and get a shower in before we go,” she ordered, he huffed at her and shifted showing her his naked body. He watched her eyes dilate as she looked him up and down before handing him the shorts he’d left on the deck.

“Want to shower with me?” he asked, bending down he placed a kiss on her waiting lips.

“No. If we shower together we will be late to dinner,” she replied giggling when he gave her a pout.

“Put the pout away and get ready for dinner with your friends,” she urged, kissing him once more before getting to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her flush to his body. Her back was to him, so her back pressed against his chest. He nipped at her shoulder, then behind her ear drawing a soft moan from her lips.

“Tonight I am making love to you well into the night,” he whispered, his hand dipping down her belly. She caught his hand before he could touch her through her jeans.

“Jordan,” her voice came out as a breathless whisper.

“Mmm, I like hearing my name on your lips.” Turning to face him he captured her lips in a deep kiss, promising to give her more after dinner.

“We need to go,” she moaned when he sucked on her mate mark. He knew it would spur on her need for him.

“I know. Just one more nibble,” he begged, kissing her lips once more. She relaxed into his arms, he smirked looking down at her dazed expression. He loved seeing what he did to his mate. Releasing her he watched her stumble for a second before regaining her balance to walk into the house.

“Are you ready?” Daisy asked, coming down from her room wearing a pair of Christmas leggings, a pink tutu skirt, a bunny shirt, and her shawl over her shoulders. He had to bite his bottom lip to keep from laughing.

“Uncle Jordan needs to shower. Why don’t we pair down your clothing, it is May and not cold enough for leggings and a shawl,” Georgia explained motioning to the beautiful weather outside. Jordan had been keeping a close eye on the weather all week. He wanted perfect weather for his wedding to solidify his family. He knew if Scott tried to come after him legally, Jordan would look better on paper being married. He went to the shower making sure not to take too long, he knew how Ellie felt about people being late. Georgia sometimes lost track of time when she was writing and would forget to pick up Daisy until later. She never forgot her completely, just sometimes she was later than normal.

Jordan stepped out of the shower and quickly threw on jeans and a t-shirt. He’d become more relaxed in his clothing choices since meeting Georgia. She didn’t expect him to be dressed in a polo shirt all the time. He enjoyed the relaxed attitude Georgia held about her appearance. He couldn’t wait to come with her to a book release though, the memory of her in the dress she wore the night they met came to mind. She was elegance and beauty rolled into a curvy tempting package.

“Jordan,” Georgia called up the stairs, he shook himself out of his thoughts and combed his hair back. He put on his socks and shoes, grabbed his wallet and phone then went down to the living room. There he saw Georgia and Daisy curled up in a large recliner he liked to fall asleep in. They were reading one of Daisy’s favorite animal sound books.

“And here I thought I was holding up you ladies,” he commented, putting his hands on his hips and giving them a bright smile. Daisy looked up and laughed, Georgia smiled.

“We are ready Uncle Jordan!” Daisy remarked standing in front of him with her light up shoes on.

“Then let’s go have dinner with Ellie and Marcus,” he replied, taking her hand and walking out to his car. Georgia closed up the house behind them. On the way to the restaurant, Daisy regaled them with stories about the daycare.

“Oh we are having a concert,” Daisy announced. Jordan looked at Georgia and she shrugged.

“When?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the road.

“Soon. I have a paper in my backpack about it,” Daisy explained.

“I didn’t see one when I emptied your backpack yesterday,” Georgia commented, turning in her seat to face Daisy.

“It was on an orange paper!” Daisy insisted Jordan could hear she was close to tears.

“I will text Aunt Caroline.” Georgia pulled out her phone and sent off a text to Caroline. In less than a minute she’d gotten a response.

“Aunt Caroline says the concert is on Friday. She thought we’d gotten the notices,” Georgia announced frowning.

“Miss Hillary put them in our backpacks,” Daisy added. Suddenly he understood what had happened.

“Well Aunt Georgia and I will be there. I promise,” he told her, giving Georgia an unhappy look. Georgia reached over and squeezed his hand to calm him. Hillary purposefully left the flyer out of Daisy’s backpack so he and Georgia wouldn’t know and disappoint Daisy. He would have to talk to her, he didn’t want this to continue to get in the way of Daisy’s happiness. He was marrying Georgia next Saturday, Hillary had no claims to him.

“Here we are!” he announced putting on a fake cheery tone for Daisy’s sake. Georgia helped Daisy out of the car and he grabbed her activity bag. He spotted Marcus and Ellie entering the restaurant before them. He took Daisy’s hand and the trio went into the restaurant.

“Hi Ellie,” Georgia called, Ellie turned around to reveal a sleeping Ava.

“I hope you don’t mind but we invited Rob and Adam. Adam has been pretty lonely since he moved here and I thought maybe Daisy could talk with him. He is almost ten.” Ellie pointed to a tall boy with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Daisy didn’t hesitate, she went right over to him and started talking away about being a jaguar. Jordan laughed at the look of surprise on Adam’s face. Georgia squeezed his hand and smiled at Ellie.

“We love meeting new people and Daisy is great at breaking the ice,” Georgia told Ellie, she knelt and touched Ava’s sleeper clad foot and Jordan’s heart clenched. She would look amazing with a baby of her own. He knew she wanted to wait and make sure Daisy was secure in their relationship, but he wanted another child. Georgia gave him a smile as she stood up and took his hand.

“Zephyr party of seven?” a hostess called.

“Here,” Marcus replied in a gruff voice. Jordan knew he could be intimidating to people who didn’t know him. He was open with his friends but hid his true feelings from anyone he didn’t know or trust. It was what made him good at his job.

“How is everything?” Ellie asked once they were settled at their table.

“Everything is ready for the wedding on Saturday,” Georgia replied, launching into an explanation of her afternoon with Caroline.

“Any Scott sightings?” Marcus inquired, Jordan shook his head.

“No and I know he is waiting for us to put our guard down so he can either snatch Daisy or Georgia, or both,” he answered looking over at the most important women in his life.

“We will be extra vigilant at the wedding,” Marcus assured him, Jordan gave a nod of understanding.

“Do you have someone to stand outside the inn? Someone who isn’t invited to the wedding?” Rob asked leaning forward to join their conversation.

“I have a few new recruits I want to get trained. They will stand around the front of the inn while the wedding is going on. I know Troy, Peter and Xander are your groomsmen,” Marcus explained, reaching into the diaper bag at his feet and handing Ellie a burp cloth without needing any words. Jordan watched in fascination how he knew what she needed before she asked.

“Who are they?” Jordan watched Daisy shove a male doll into Adam’s hands making him play with her. He was surprised to see Adam willingly play with her. It wasn’t often that a nine-year-old was happy to play with a four-year-old.

“Some men Cody sent my way. They wanted to be in the bodyguard business, not the police force,” Marcus shared.

“Are they young?” Jordan didn’t want to be prejudiced about age, but younger men were easily led off by their erections.

“In their twenties.”

“You trust them?”


“Okay then.” Jordan nodded and let the conversation between Ellie and Georgia take over the table. They ordered their meals and listened as Georgia told about her meeting with her new publishers.

“They loved the new book I am working on. It is a new series, I am trying to gear it toward both boys and girls,” she explained to Ellie.

“What is it about?”

’Four shifter kids navigating life as shifters. They are about Adam’s age in the book. There are two boys and two girls. One of the girls I modeled after Daisy and one of the boys after Liam. The other two I’ve been struggling to develop them. I want to make them relatable to those who read it,” she shared looking thoughtfully at Adam.

“Rob you are a bear right?” she asked, turning to Rob. Jordan watched as his eyes went wide. Rob nodded and Georgia grinned.

“Do you mind if I spend time with Adam? I want to know what it is like to be a shifter bear,” she shared and Rob nodded his agreement. Jordan smothered a laugh, Georgia was great with people. She was straightforward with her wants and most people nodded along.

“Perfect. I can come over with Daisy and observe while spending time with Ellie. We can wait until after the wedding,” she decided with a smile. Jordan chuckled and watched as everyone around him listened to Georgia tell about her book.

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