Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 39

Georgia awoke the morning before her wedding to Daisy diving onto her. Her foot must have connected with Jordan’s body because she heard him groan.

“Grandma and Grandpa are coming!” Daisy screamed, bouncing all over their bed. Georgia sat up and laughed.

“Yes, we are picking them up from the airport,” Jordan replied, rubbing his head. Georgia saw a red mark on one cheek.


“In about two hours. Go get dressed and we will make breakfast,” Jordan ordered sitting up. Daisy jumped off their bed and went scampering down the hall to her room.

“I can’t tell she is excited at all to see her grandparents,” Georgia quipped, making Jordan laugh.

“She hasn’t seen them in a while. They don’t make her a priority,” Jordan replied, Georgia heard the sadness in his voice.

“When she meets my parents, she will have ones who will. They make a point to visit all my siblings at least twice a year and we try to get together for Christmas or Thanksgiving every year,” she explained brushing his bangs out of his face.

“I am glad.” Jordan leaned over and kissed her gently. Tingles spread starting from her head down to her toes with love for Jordan. He let her go, giving a soft smile. She kissed him gently again and slipped out of bed before they would be tempted to do more.

“Shower and breakfast,” she announced, he huffed and got out of bed. Georgia stepped into the bathroom to shower first then went down to make breakfast for her family. She found Daisy sitting in the living room playing with her barbie house. To no surprise, Daisy was playing wedding with her dolls.

“Is breakfast ready?” Daisy asked ten minutes later.

“Almost. I have blueberry pancakes cooking and bacon crisping in the oven. Go wash your hands and I’ll have your plate ready,” she replied dishing out two pancakes, putting butter and syrup all over them. She personally hated syrup but knew Daisy and Jordan loved it.

“All clean!” Daisy announced climbing into her chair at the table. Georgia walked over and placed her breakfast down. She went back and picked up her plate along with Jordan’s setting them down.

“Do you want milk or apple juice?” she asked Daisy, bringing over her coffee and Jordan’s.

“Milk please.” Georgia brought her a glass of milk and settled waiting for Jordan to make his appearance. When he finally came down she was surprised to see him in a polo shirt and khakis.

“Do I need to dress up to see your parents?” she asked looking down at her jean shorts and t-shirt. Daisy was in a sundress and so she looked fine.

“We also have Daisy’s concert to attend after we pick them up from the airport. I’m glad they are going to be able to see her sing,” he replied helping her make up her mind. Georgia left her breakfast and went back up to change into a swing dress with a sweater over top. She came back down to Jordan and Daisy cleaning up.

“Better?” she asked, doing a turn for Daisy’s approval.

“Pretty. Can we go get Grandma and Grandpa now?”

“Yes.” Jordan turned off the water and they went out to the car to pick up her future in-laws. Georgia worried on a fingernail as they waited by the baggage claim for Jordan’s parents.

“Georgia they will love you because I love you,” Jordan told her, taking her hand in his. Daisy was bouncing around impatient to see her grandparents.

“There they are!” Daisy shouted and pointed to a tall man who looked exactly like Jordan and a tall woman with silver hair neatly tucked into a bun at the back of her head. Georgia was glad she changed when she noticed the man wore khakis, and a polo shirt, the woman was in a sheath dress with heels.

“Daisy my darling,” the woman called kneeling to receive Daisy’s hug. The man bent and picked Daisy up giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet Georgia. Georgia these are my parents Kathrine and Ethan,” Jordan introduced her once Ethan had placed Daisy back on the ground.

“It is nice to meet the woman who has captured Jordan’s heart,” Kathrine said, holding out a hand for Georgia to shake. She shook it and then Ethan’s.

“Nice to meet you too,” she replied, her nerves doubling. Both had an air of professionalism about them, they reminded her of all the stuffy people from her publishing parties.

“Are you coming to hear me sing?” Daisy asked, drawing the attention back to her.

“Yes, we need to get our bags, and then we will go to your daycare to hear you sing,” Kathrine replied pointing to two black bags with purple ribbon coming down onto the carousel. Jordan took her hand and whispered in her ear.

“They take a little while to warm up to people. Don’t take it personally, it is from their past jobs.”

“So they don’t dislike me?” she asked, she was used to the warm embrace of her parents and how easily they accepted people into their lives. They would be coming for the rehearsal dinner that evening.

“No.” He kissed her temple and walked his parents out to their car. Georgia gave the front seat to Ethan and sat in the back with Daisy and Katherine. Jordan and his parents talked about the cases he was working on, her new book she sent in for editing, and Daisy’s school. Scott never came up, she wondered if Jordan would tell his parents about Scott and his behavior.

“Here we are,” Jordan announced, pulling into the preschool parking lot where tons of parents were parking and walking inside. Georgia noticed Caroline walking in with Preston. Georgia smirked and couldn’t wait to hear from Caroline why Preston came. Jordan caught her eye and she nodded in the direction of her sister. He turned and then looked back at Georgia with a laugh.

“Maybe they are trying to be friends?” he suggested taking Daisy’s hand and walking her inside. Georgia shrugged and chuckled. Her sister was going to move like molasses with Preston and Georgia wouldn’t pressure her further. When they walked inside she caught Hillary’s surprise when Daisy came running in and hugged Liam. Hillary looked up and Georgia gave her a curt nod. Hillary nodded back and gave Daisy a bright smile telling her she was happy she made it. Jordan, Georgia, Katherine, and Ethan took seats a few rows back from Caroline and Preston.

The concert was sweet with all of the preschool classes singing three songs each. At the end of thirty minutes, Georgia didn’t know if her face could handle smiling anymore. She genuinely enjoyed Daisy’s class, but the rest she suffered through. When the concert ended the families were invited to share in treats for each class in their classrooms.

Georgia stayed Hillary with a touch on her arm after everyone went inside the classroom. She needed to talk to Hillary before anything more happened.

“Hillary, I am going to hope this was an oversight, but Jordan and I didn’t know about this concert today. I found out because Daisy asked about it and then Caroline confirmed it. I hope you understand Jordan is my mate and that yours is out there,” she whispered. She didn’t want to embarrass the girl. She was young, she had plenty of time to find her mate. Her hunch was correct when Hillary’s face turned tomato red.

“I apologize. I will say I was angry when Jordan told me he’d found his mate. It will not happen again,” Hillary promised. Georgia patted the girl on the arm and went inside to enjoy the party with Daisy and her soon to be in-laws. She saw Caroline sitting with them, Liam and Daisy seated together sharing off each others’ plates.

“What were you doing?” Jordan asked, handing her a plate with some fruit on it.

“Talking with Hillary. We won’t miss out on any other special moments for Daisy.” His eyes widened in surprise making Georgia smile.

“I’m impressed,” he murmured back, wrapping an arm around her waist. They stood back and let Daisy’s grandparents dote on her.

“I only let her know I knew what she did and I hoped it wouldn’t happen again. She apologized and we are moving on,” Georgia answered making Jordan shake his head with a soft smile on his lips.

“I knew she had a thing for me. I had hoped she wouldn’t be petty about it, but thank you for clearing things up.”

“We are getting married tomorrow. I don’t want anything to mar our day,” she replied with a smile of her own gracing her face.

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