Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 40

The rehearsal dinner came faster than Jordan had been expecting. The concert at Daisy’s school took up most of the day until Georgia mentioned they needed to get over to the Clover Leaf Inn. He didn’t want to tell his parents Scott was trying to steal Daisy. They had disowned him long ago, knowing they couldn’t help someone who refused to get help. He felt that might be why Daisy was ignored by them most of the year. They didn’t want to be reminded of their son, who hasn’t done the right thing by his family in a long time. Hopefully, with Georgia coming into his life, they would be more willing to spend time with him. He watched Georgia slowly break down the walls they’d put up. She and Caroline were currently talking with his mom about their lives growing up. He was standing with his friends; they were talking about their wedding days.

“I remember being petrified everyone would find out Roxie was pregnant,” Xander commented, pulling Jordan from his thoughts.

“Georgia is not pregnant,” he replied, he didn’t want any rumors to be started.

“Never said she was,” Xander laughed, clapping him on the shoulder.

“How is everything with the Scott situation going?” Rob asked, Jordan looked over his shoulder at his dad, he was talking with Georgia’s parents Shawn and Kristie.

“Other than him cornering Georgia yesterday, nothing. I half expected him to show up and cause a commotion when my parents arrived, but nothing. Tomorrow we have to have all hands on deck to protect Georgia and Daisy from him. I won’t be with them most of the day because of them getting their nails, hair, and make-up done. Daisy is going to be with Georgia. Greyson and Troy will be with them, but will have to depart when everyone gets dressed for the wedding,” Jordan explained and Rob nodded.

“I can stay with them outside the door,” he offered, Jordan relaxed looking at the bear shifter. He wouldn’t stick out as a guard.

“Perfect. I also have plenty of men on patrol duty while we will be doing the ceremony,” Marcus added making Jordan feel better. His friends wouldn’t let Scott ruin anything if they could help it.

“Besides, Preston has become Caroline’s bodyguard since Scott showed up. He isn’t about to let anyone on the property,” Anderson pointed out making Jordan laugh.

“Is it true he slept in the woods last night?” Jordan asked Preston was standing with Caroline listening to her talk with a smile on his face.

“Yep. He said he didn’t trust anyone to watch his mate. Too bad she is refusing to date him,” Anderson added. Jordan let out a laugh. Preston never had trouble getting women into his bed as long as Jordan had known him. Now his mate is giving him a run for his money.

“Good for her. Caroline has been through a lot. Georgia told me they aren’t sure what type of shifter Liam is. Caroline never knew what animal Jonas was because after they mated he was called away for active duty. She got pregnant immediately and had Liam. Then Jonas dies in action,” Jordan shared, all the men around him frowned. Marcus, Troy, Peter, and Greyson had all served in the Marines together. They all had lost men in their squads in the middle east.

“Do you know how he died?” Marcus asked and Jordan shook his head.

“Caroline only said he died in action. I didn’t want to pry,” he answered, watching his dad and Shawn walk over to them.

“Ready for your big day?” Shawn, his almost father-in-law, asked, clapping him on the back.

“More than ready. She is the love of my life,” he answered drawing a smile from Shawn’s lips.

“You don’t have to sugar coat it for me. I know how shifters are. My girls seem to have a liking to shifters. Virginia and Caroline both had shifter husbands. My boys found human women,” Shawn explained pointing to his sons. Jordan remembered everyone converging on their house that afternoon.

“Jordan! Everyone is here!” Georgia yelled into the house. He’d just woken Daisy from her nap. She was still cranky until she heard Georgia’s words.

“Hurry up Uncle Jordan,” she ordered bouncing with renewed energy in his arms. He went down and outside to see six cars parked in the driveway. Caroline and Liam were getting out of one along with Virginia and Owen and their kids. Three other families stepped out of their cars. Jordan could see the resemblance between the three men striding toward him with Caroline and Ginny in tow.

“Jordan these are my brothers, Patrick, Benjamin, and Micah. Patrick is married to Lily, they have three kids Jane, Leigh. and Frederick. Benjamin is married to Polly, they have Arthur. Eugene. and Colby. Last is my brother Micah and he is married to Danielle and they have Tori, Michelle, and Diana.” Georgia pointed to each family as they assembled into their unit. He knew he’d forget names, but with time he would learn them all. It looked like most of his new nieces and nephews were in their teens or close to it. The three brothers all looked him up and down assessing him.

“Nice to meet the man who has captured Georgia’s heart. We were certain she would be the one of us not to get married and now she has a child too?” Patrick commented with a smirk on his face.

“Daisy is my niece, I have custody of her,” he explained, all three men nodded.

“Everyone can go play in the backyard!” Georgia announced wrapping an arm around his waist giving him support against her brothers. They unnerved him more than Ginny or Caroline ever could. He knew Georgia wasn’t as close to her brothers as she was her sisters.

“So where did everyone fly in from?” he asked, handing out beers to the men.

“I live in Michigan,” Patrick replied.

“We are in Maine,” Benjamin answered.

“Florida,” Micah added.

“My parents leave right outside Orlando, where are you?” Jordan asked, turning to the youngest of the brothers.

“I am in Fort Lauderdale,” he answered.

“Lots of alligators?” Jordan remembered watching a show one time where two guys caught alligators.

“Mostly in the waterways. We don’t live too close to the water. Danielle demanded we not be so close to the water. She wasn’t happy when we moved a couple of years ago because of my job.”

“Where were you before?” Jordan asked he wanted to get to know his brothers-in-law. Soon they started talking about jobs and moving constantly for government jobs passing the time until they needed to go to the rehearsal dinner.

“I think your sons needed convincing,” Jordan quipped, drawing another loud bark of a laugh from Shawn.

“True, true. They were always the girls' protectors growing up. Although they are far apart in age,” he replied.

“How was it going from three to six?” Jordan’s dad Ethan asked.

“A massive shock. Kristie quit her job to stay home with the girls. Daycare for three children the same age was more than she was bringing home a month,” Shawn explained looking at Kristie with a soft smile.

“Did she go back to work?”

“Once the girls were in school she went back to work. She said she didn’t want to be home alone and we had Patrick almost in college by that point,” Shawn explained. Jordan saw his dad’s eyes widen but wisely kept his mouth shut.

“Jordan can I talk to you once we get a free moment?” his dad whispered in his ear after ten minutes talking to all the men.

“Sure. Excuse us, Dad and I need to talk about a surprise for Georgia,” Jordan lied and led his dad into the inn to the library where he knew they wouldn’t be bothered.

“What’s up, Dad?”

“When were you going to tell me Scott has been around?” his dad demanded, his jaguar growling.

“I didn’t want to bother you and Mom. You two never want to talk about him,” he answered, his jaguar angry they were being yelled at.

“We don’t talk about him in front of Daisy,” he countered.

“Well, then I’ll fill you in. Scott is out of jail. Somehow he found out about Daisy and has demanded I give her back to him. He has never met her and I want to keep it that way unless he is serious about keeping clean. Well, he called and threatened my family. I put a restraining order on him to keep him from coming near us. It hasn’t worked, but he is supposed to be going back to jail anyway for violating his parole. I have plenty of people helping me keep my girls safe.” He boiled down what was happening so as not to overburden his dad with details.


“And he has shown up twice in the woods behind the inn here. Once he growled at Liam and once he threatened Georgia.”

“I see. What makes you think he will leave you alone after the wedding?”

“I don’t, but Georgia and I don’t want to let him control our lives. We are trying our best to give Daisy a loving home. Scott has lost all parental rights to her the day I made her mine.”

“I know that. I just wanted to know what you were doing to keep your girls safe. Your mother and I were talking. We want you and Daisy to spend more time with us. You and Georgia will have more children and it is time we retire fully. We are selling the ice cream shop and going to travel.” Jordan stared at his dad, he never thought he’d see the day his parents decided to relax.

“I am happy to hear that. I was worried you wouldn’t want to spend time with Daisy because she reminded you of Scott,” he remarked. His dad shook his head.

“It might have been that way before, but we don’t want that to be the case. We see how much Georgia loves you and Daisy. We want to be more involved,” his dad explained. Jordan hugged his dad, that was all he could do to show how happy his father’s words made him.

“I am glad you are happy about this.”

“I am happy you and Mom are going to fully retire and enjoy life.” Jordan let go of his dad making him laugh.

“Same here. We will start after spending a week with Daisy while you and Georgia go on your honeymoon,” his dad remarked making Jordan laugh.

“Excellent. Let’s go join everyone outside. I want to see Georgia one more time before she heads home and I stay here for the night.” He and his dad went back outside to find everyone around a bonfire making smores.

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