Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 41

Georgia awoke the morning of her wedding with butterflies in her stomach and a bad feeling in her mind. Scott was still out there and today Jordan wouldn’t be around her much until their actual wedding. She knew she had Troy and Greyson, but would have felt better if Jordan were with her. Kathrine was spending the day with her to get ready for the wedding. Jordan let her know his mom was a jaguar shifter and could protect her if Troy and Greyson weren’t around.

“Georgia you up?” Caroline called into her room. Daisy had insisted on sleeping with her but was nowhere to be found.

“Coming,” she called back, getting up to open the door. Before she made it to the door Daisy burst in precariously carrying a tray filled with very pink food.

“Go lay down,” Daisy ordered, Georgia looked up to see Caroline with a smile on her face, in her hands she held Georgia’s coffee. Following her daughter’s instructions, she climbed back in bed and settled against the pillows. Daisy placed the tray of food on her lap. She looked down and saw some recognizable food.

“I made you strawberry pancakes,” Daisy announced, pointing to the pink pancakes on her plate. She picked up her fork and took a bite. All she tasted was sugar and sprinkles but faked her way through them.

“They will give me all the energy I need for today,” she told her once she took a sip of her coffee to clean her mouth. In between bites of the pancakes Georgia ate the fruit and yogurt that had been tucked on the tray too.

“Do you like it?” Daisy asked once she was halfway through eating.

“They are very princess-like. Is that what you were going for?” she asked, Daisy gave her a big nod and to Georgia’s relief helped her eat them.

“Are you excited for today?” she asked Daisy, she noted Caroline had left them alone to spend time together.

“Yes! I get to wear my special dress and you become my mommy for good.” Daisy’s words caught Georgia by surprise, she had to blink back tears.

“I will be proud to call you my oldest daughter.”

“And you and Uncle Jordan can have a baby. I want a little brother or maybe a sister,” Daisy commented making Georgia choke on her coffee.

“I see. We will have to wait and see what Uncle Jordan thinks about that too,” she replied once she could talk.

“Are you done?” Daisy asked, bouncing on her feet. Georgia knew she wanted to start their day.

“Yes. Let me get a shower and dressed in clothes then we can go get our nails done. I know you are excited about today. You cannot wear your princess dress until we are at Aunt Caroline’s house,” she reminded Daisy as she ran out of the room to get her own clothing on. Georgia took the quiet of the shower to reflect on what the past three months had been for her. Never did she think moving to White Valley would beget her a husband and daughter so soon. She knew she’d been missing something in her life when she decided to move closer to Caroline. She remembered a conversation she had with Caroline at Christmas, right before she decided to move.

“Georgia you need to get away from D.C. White Valley has been a place for Liam and me to start over. You said yourself you were angry with Bert for the crap he pulled.” Georgia looked at her nephew, he hadn’t smiled in a long time, but today he had a smile on his face.

“I’ll think about it, Caroline.”

“Don’t think too long. My friend Josie has these amazing Mate Me parties where you can find someone who you can love and be loved.”

“Caroline I don’t need a husband,” she argued and Caroline laughed.

“I know you don’t need one. When you find your love you will want them in your life. You two will make each other complete,” Caroline explained, making Georgia laugh. She saw the way her siblings were in their relationships. She would never let her own life fall apart for her husband. She loved writing too much to ever give that up.

Coming out of her thoughts she laughed. She had shifted her priorities for Jordan and Daisy but she didn’t feel like she had lost a piece of herself. She felt as if they made her life better. They encouraged her to write. Daisy left her alone when she was working on her computer if Jordan wasn’t available Daisy tried her best not to interrupt unless she desperately needed something. This in turn made Georgia want to get her work done while Daisy was at daycare so she could give her the time and attention she needed. Once she had to work through the weekend to get a chapter reedited through a virtual meeting with her new editor. Jordan and Daisy left the house to get ice cream while she worked. Georgia dressed in a button-up shirt and shorts. She didn’t want to have to worry about her hair to dress in her wedding dress.

When Georgia made it to her kitchen she was shocked to see Caroline, Kathrine, Ginny, and Roxie sitting around drinking coffee.

“How long have you all been here?” she asked, setting her empty cup along with the tray of food on the counter.

“About an hour. We need to get to our nail appointments now,” Roxie replied, standing to bring her own cup to the counter.

“I’ll do the dishes when we get back,” her mother assured her, and Georgia shook her head.

“I can’t have you doing the dishes in my house,” she argued. Her mother laughed and hugged her close.

“Yes, you can. Now let’s get going before our appointments are canceled.” Georgia knew when not to argue with her mother and let her lead her out to the cars.

“Who has Liam?” she asked, realizing her nephew wasn’t around.

“Everyone else,” Caroline replied, making Georgia smack her forehead. She’d forgotten all her family was in town and Caroline could leave Liam with anyone.

“Stop worrying about everything. Today is your wedding day. Enjoy the pampering and let everyone else take care of things. Poppy, Michelle, and Lily are meeting us at the nail salon and then will be putting together your flower arch,” her mother explained pushing her into a car. Georgia settled in the passenger seat and took a deep breath. Her mom was right, she couldn’t keep worrying about everything out of her control. She would enjoy the time with her family and friends before marrying the love of her life. As Caroline pulled out of the driveway Georgia thought she caught a glimpse of a jaguar, but when she looked back nothing was there.

Just your paranoia. Georgia enjoy your day! She took a minute to make sure Troy and Greyson were following the convoy. They would keep everyone safe, there was no need for her panic.

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