Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 42

The day went by with no sign of Scott. Troy and Greyson spent the day trailing after Georgia and all her friends and family while they readied themselves for the afternoon wedding. The closer her wedding time came, the more Georgia worried. Scott seemed vindictive, he wanted to make Jordan suffer. It was no longer about Daisy, that had been his way into Jordan’s life again, but now that Scott knew about Georgia she worried he was after her. Their meeting in Caroline’s backyard worried her. She didn’t like the crazed look in his eyes.

“You okay?” Greyson asked he’d been standing behind her as she and her sisters picked up lunch for everyone.

“I can’t get the bad feeling in my gut to go away. Scott is out there and watching, I want nothing bad to happen,” she explained and he nodded. His golden eyes scanned the bushes outside the restaurant, looking for any sign of movement.

“Troy nor I have smelled him, or seen signs he has been around. Now the drugs mask his scent because he smells like any drug addict and not the jaguar shifter he is,” Greyson replied, Georgia liked the silent lion shifter. She knew there was more to him than met the eye. Once when she talked to Jordan about him he shrugged and replied,

“He didn’t grow up in the best of circumstances. He and Marcus became best friends while in the Marines together and will do anything for Marcus.” His response made her want to break through the layers of Greyson. When she’d first met Marcus he seemed walled off, Greyson felt harder to penetrate. She couldn’t wait for the day Greyson met his mate and melted as Marcus had.

“I’m glad you don’t sense him. That makes me feel better with Daisy around. I am afraid she will wander off and get snatched,” she shared her fears with him. He gave her a brief smile before nodding toward where Troy was playing with Daisy.

“Troy would let nothing happen to her. She is like a niece to him and Peter. It upset Peter when he found out about our assignment. He is back from protecting that movie actress in time for the wedding.” Georgia laughed, Peter, regaled them with the tale of his time with the actress. She’d fallen for him and offered to pay for him to stay on her staff permanently. He’d had to let her down, saying White Valley was his home.

“I’m glad he is back. I know he will be on alert during the wedding along with you and the others Marcus has set up outside the inn.” Georgia paid for their meals and with Greyson’s help brought it out to everyone sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day. After they ate, she would meet her hair and makeup stylist at the inn to finish getting ready.

“Lunch is here!” Georgia announced, placing trays of food out for the ladies to eat. She ate a little to not worry her mom. She could see her eyes on her like a hawk. Daisy was sitting at a separate table with Troy, Lily, Roxie, and Poppy.

“What Mom?” she asked, looking into the eyes she’d inherited.

“What is bothering you?” her mother asked in a soft voice.

“Scott,” she whispered, glancing over her shoulder at Daisy. She saw Katherine’s eyes shift over to their conversation. She turned away from talking with Caroline, Michelle, and Ginny to join their conversation.

“I heard my wayward son scared you and is demanding Daisy back,” she commented and Georgia nodded.

“What did he do?” her mom asked.

“He told me he wanted to make Jordan suffer. He is still bitter over Jordan kicking his ass when they were kids. I think he blames Jordan for all his problems. Jordan has been your golden child, he never caused problems as Scott did,” she shared and Katherine nodded her agreement.

“Jordan watched us go through all our problems with Scott and did nothing to upset us. I think that is why he is the way he turned out. He doesn’t like to disappoint people. I worried that would get him in trouble with women because he couldn’t say no. I am happy he has you and you will stand up for your family. I watched you talk with Daisy’s teacher, I didn’t hear what it was about but reading your body language I take it she had a crush on Jordan?”

“She didn’t put a flyer for the concert in Daisy’s backpack. I found out because Daisy brought it up and Caroline confirmed it.” Both women frowned and gave her knowing looks.

“Jordan is a very attractive man. He is the tallest out of all the spouses and the best looking, but don’t tell your brothers and sisters,” her mother joked, making Georgia laugh.

“Thanks, Mom. I think I am most worried about Scott slipping through the defenses put in place to make our wedding great. I don’t want Scott to show up and ruin everything,” she remarked.

“Baby girl. Even if Scott showed up and tried to do anything, do you think any of us would allow that to happen? We would make him leave and then go back to partying,” her mother commented, hugging her close.

“Listen to your mom, if Scott shows up there are too many people around who will stop him from ruining things. He may be my son, but he lost my respect a long time ago,” Katherine added, Georgia gave her a smile.

“Thanks, Katherine,” she replied looking at both of the older women. They were right. Even if Scott showed up, they would continue to have a delightful party after they made him leave.

“Now let’s go get our hair and makeup done,” her mother announced, smacking the table with her hand. It caught the attention of everyone.

“Roll out ladies!” Katherine called out. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity as everyone cleaned up their meals and piled back into the cars. The closer to the inn they went, the worse Georgia’s anxiety became. Stepping out of the car Troy had been driving, Georgia took a quick look around the place. To her relief, there were six men waiting out front.

“Marcus sent us here to station us around the place,” a young man with brown hair said once Troy and Greyson were close enough to talk to them.

“Come with us and we will get you stationed,” Troy replied and Georgia watched the men walk away.

“Come on,” Caroline said, taking her hand and pulling her inside. Caroline opened the door to her newly renovated bridal suite Preston had been working on. The room had a double door balcony overlooking the dense forest behind the house. It felt airy and perfect for a new couple to spend their first night together. She and Jordan would stay here for the night before heading to their honeymoon the following day.

“This is beautiful Caroline, you did a wonderful job,” she complimented her sister, seeing her blush with pride.

“I thought of you and Jordan as I decorated it,” she explained, making Georgia smile bigger.

“Thank you. I can’t wait to christen it,” she teased, making Caroline turn redder.

“Where is the makeup artist?” Poppy interrupted, turning their conversation back on wedding preparations.

“She is in the room down the hall. We will have everyone dress in here and hair and makeup will happen in room three,” Caroline explained, taking charge. Georgia took Daisy’s hand and the two of them went down the hall first. Georgia only wanted her hair curled and pulled out of her face, nothing fancy. She had told her friends and sister she didn’t care what they did with their hair, it was up to them. Daisy wanted her hair like Georgia’s.

“Now you have to sit still and let them do your hair,” she reminded Daisy, she’d been quiet most of the day which worried Georgia.

“Okay,” Daisy replied, clasping her hand.

“Daisy are you okay?” Georgia pulled her into a private room closing the door to give Daisy privacy.

“Is my daddy coming to take me away?” Daisy asked after a minute of staring at the floor. Georgia dropped to the floor and shook her head.

“No.” She didn’t want her to think Scott would ever have a chance at her.

“But he growled at Liam,” she argued, and Georgia pulled her close.

“Your real dad is Uncle Jordan. He is the one who takes care of you. You won’t ever have to leave and no one is taking you away,” she assured her soon to be daughter.

“Okay,” Daisy replied, Georgia could see she was still worried, but not as much. Taking her hand, she left her with the hairstylist. She needed to talk to Jordan and let him know.

“Caroline I need to call Jordan. I will go down to the library and call him from there,” she told her sister. Caroline nodded and gave her a wave. Georgia went downstairs and noticed she didn’t see the guys anymore. They must have been outside keeping watch. Pulling out her phone, she closed the library door and dialed Jordan’s phone.

“I would hang up if I were you,” Scott’s oily voice cascaded over her body, making her freeze. She turned around to see him sitting in a chair with a gun in his hands.

“How did you get in?” she asked, looking around for escape routes. She could go back out the door she came in, but he would shoot her before she could move.

“I’ve been here since everyone left this morning. Amazing how easy it has been to hide around the place as Jordan’s buddies did a sweep through. Now hang up the phone,” he ordered. She saw the call had gone through, so Jordan had heard a part of the conversation. She hung up and put the phone down on the table. She could see the deranged look in Scott’s eyes and didn’t want to spook him. If she could talk to him, maybe she could get him to leave with the police without bloodshed.

“Scott, why are you here?” she asked, keeping her voice calm. He remained seated in the chair with the gun pointed at her heart.

“I told you. I want to make Jordan suffer. I asked myself, what would ruin Jordan? Taking away his mate. You can calmly come with me or you can die here on the carpet. Either way, Jordan loses you,” he replied. The way he said he’d shoot her bothered her. There was no emotion in his voice. He had lost himself to the drugs. She noticed he was even thinner than when she’d seen him two days ago. He was dying when he would die, she didn’t know, but nothing was saving him now.

“You are sick. Let us get you help,” she offered, keeping her hands out as she moved toward him.

“You can’t help me. I know I am dying. My jaguar keeps reminding me I am dying. I need to ruin Jordan before I let myself die,” he shouted. This time his eyes went wide with fury and she saw the jaguar in him flash. He might have enough energy for one last shift.

“Scott, it doesn’t have to be this way,” she whispered, praying someone would step in.

“Scott Lester Howard!” Katherine yelled through the door, making Scott and Georgia jump.

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