Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 43

All morning Jordan paced around Marcus’ home. He and Ellie had been nice enough to invite him over for breakfast. Peter and Xander were over as well. Troy was still on protective duty with Daisy and Georgia. Marcus offered to take Troy’s spot, but the man refused. He said he had a job to do and didn’t want to let Daisy down.

“Jordan, chill,” Ellie ordered, handing him a second cup of coffee.

“I can’t help thinking something bad will happen. Scott has too many chances at Georgia as she goes around getting ready for the day,” he argued, taking the cup and watching Ava try to crawl on the floor.

“Greyson and Troy are with her. You also have a ton of men around the inn. If Scott gets in, then he is just that smart,” Ellie replied, picking up Ava when she fussed. Jordan smiled at the baby girl. She looked exactly like Ellie, but with Marcus’ eyes.

“Marcus, have they checked in?” he asked when Marcus came out of his office.

“Yes. Greyson reported they are finished with their nails and headed to get lunch then will be at the inn for the rest of the day. My men were sent to secure the inn ten minutes ago,” Marcus answered, taking Ava from Ellie.

“Troy and Greyson won’t let anything happen to them,” Peter added, finishing off the breakfast Ellie had made for them all.

“You wouldn’t understand you don’t have a mate,” Jordan growled, getting up to pace around the kitchen.

“I have a mate and I agree with Peter. Your girls are fine,” Xander interjected.

“Jordan, stop fussing like a mother hen. You need to pick up your tux,” Ellie ordered, sending him, Peter, and Xander out of the house. Jordan grumbled about having to pick his tux up the day of his wedding. He went into the shop scaring the young lady behind the counter.

“We are here to pick up our tuxes for the Howard wedding,” Xander explained to the manager who came flying out of his office.

“Which one is the groom?” he asked, looking Jordan up and down.

“Me.” Jordan raised a hand keeping an eye on everyone in the shop.

“Ah, let me get you your tuxes and you can be on your way,” the manager replied heading into the back to gather their clothes.

“Thanks.” Xander turned to look at Jordan.

“Calm down Jordan. You are scaring people.” Peter grabbed him by the shoulders and pressed down. Jordan felt Peter’s pressure on his shoulders letting it calm him.

“I am sorry. I can’t seem to get this bad feeling to go away. I know Greyson and Troy are with them.” He sighed and shook his body to try and relax all his muscles.

“I get it, Daisy and Georgia are your world. I would be the same if it were Roxie, Bentley, or Sophia,” Xander replied, taking the tuxes from the manager. Jordan nodded his thanks and let his friends take him out to lunch. After a beer, he calmed down and saw a text from Greyson saying they were at the inn and Marcus’ other men were showing them around. The girls were upstairs getting ready. The bad feeling in his gut intensified when he realized Greyson and Troy didn’t have eyes on his girls anymore.

“They are at the inn, your mom is with them and can shift to protect them if need be,” Peter pointed out when he put down his phone. Clearly he’d gotten the same message from Troy.

“Doesn’t make me feel better,” he grumbled, drawing rolled eyes from both Peter and Xander.

“Enough, let’s just go over to the inn and start to get ready in Caroline’s house,” Peter announced taking control of the situation. Jordan huffed, but secretly he would be happy to be closer to her. As they were climbing into the car he got a call from Georgia. She must want to know his ETA. He pressed the answer button and said,


“I’ve been here since everyone left this morning. Amazing how easy it has been to hide around the place as Jordan’s buddies did a sweep through. Now hang up the phone,” Scott’s voice played through the phone then the line went dead.

“Floor it!” he ordered Peter while calling his mom.

“Jordan why are you calling me?” his mother’s confusion told him they didn’t know Scott was in the inn.

“Scott is in the inn, he has Georgia. She called me,” he yelled through the phone watching as Peter raced through town toward the inn.

“On it.” His mother hung up and he prayed she would get to Georgia before Scott thought to do anything stupid. Peter barreled into the inn parking lot and slammed his car into park. Jordan jumped out of the car and took a minute to look around the place. Outside stood Marcus’ men all none the wiser that Scott has slipped through their defenses.

“Wait,” Peter called, stopping Jordan from flying into the inn to stop his brother.

“Why?” he asked, growling at his friend.

“If your mom is headed to deal with Scott we need to sneak around and find a second way in. We need to be able to come up behind him,” Peter’s voice remained calm, something Jordan knew he was rapidly losing control of. His jaguar wanted to burst into wherever Scott had Georgia and rip him to shreds.

“Okay. Let’s go in the back way and work our way to finding him. If I know Scott he has found a room not many people would be using today. That eliminates all of upstairs, the parlor and the kitchen,” Jordan explained. Xander and Peter nodded, Peter shifted into his wolf form to follow Scott’s scent around the house. Jordan and Xander remained human to open doors. Xander as a dragon took up too much space and wouldn’t be much help in a closed-in space of the house. Peter scratched at the back door and Jordan scented his brother. He’d come in through the back door and went around the house. Peter walked them in until they saw his mother barreling her way into the hallway.

“Scott Lester Howard!” she shouted through the library door.

“Mom,” Jordan whispered to catch her attention. She turned and motioned for Xander, Peter and him to move back.

“The library has a window on the outside,” Xander whispered, the men backed out of the house and to the window. Jordan noticed the window wasn’t opened and prayed Caroline would understand him smashing through it. He heard his brother move in the library.

“Go away, Mom. This is between Jordan and me,” Scott yelled. Jordan caught sight of the gun he held in his hand. Maybe Xander would be needed to go in, dragonhide was impervious to bullets.

“He has a gun, Xander. I might need your help with a distraction,” he said pointing to his brother. Peter was still in his wolf form sitting on his haunches with Xander.

“Got it,” Xander replied and shifted into his red dragon. Jordan removed his clothes and shifted into his jaguar. Xander would smash the window and he would follow behind. He wasn’t giving Scott any chances anymore. It was time for him to be subdued once and for all. He growled and Xander took that as his cue. Xander using his head smashed into the window, Jordan heard gunshots and waited until Scott’s gun clicked because it was out of bullets before he dove into the room. Georgia wasn’t immediately in his line of vision and he panicked. Did Scott shoot her? Xander removed his head and Jordan caught sight of her tucked between two bookshelves. Scott stood in front of the only door out of the library.

“Scott. Stop it now,” their mother yelled through the door. She was banging on it with her fist.

“Jordan, so nice to finally see you again,” Scott growled, Jordan saw he was losing control to his jaguar. He growled at his brother to spur on the change. He had beaten Scott’s jaguar once and that had been when he was still a developing teen and Scott hadn’t deteriorated from drug use.

“Jordan, be careful,” Georgia whispered, he turned his head to see her peeking out to watch him. Nodding his jaguar’s head he kept his attention on his brother. Scott looked worse than ever. This would be an unfair fight, but one he knew had to happen. Watching his brother shift was painful. His jaguar was weak but wanted control over Scott and his actions. It took a few minutes before Scott stood on all fours growling at him. Clearly his jaguar was in better shape than Scott, but not by much. Jordan waited, Scott’s jaguar growled his challenge. He refused to make the first move, if Scott wanted this fight then he had to start it.

Scott jumped, Jordan waited until he could see Scott’s underbelly and jumped claws out. He connected with soft fur ripping into Scott. Jordan spun around to see Scott land on all his feet blood dripping all over the floor. He jumped again, Jordan couldn’t move out of the way because of an armchair and Scott landed on top. Scott’s teeth dug into the thick skin on his neck, the bite broke the skin but not deep. He didn’t have the strength to break Jordan’s neck as he wanted. Jordan shook his brother off and watched Georgia out of the corner of her eye move furniture out of the way. He didn’t like her moving around, but she was trying to help in her own way. Scott attacked again, his claws out going for Jordan’s face. Jordan swatted his paw away and bit down on his leg. He heard the bone snap. Scott’s free paw caught him, but not hard enough to make him let go. He shook his brother back and forth making the break in his leg worse before releasing him. Jordan stepped back, his brother was badly injured and wanted to give him a chance to surrender.

Just finish this! His jaguar demanded.

He is still my brother. Jordan didn’t want to kill him.

He won’t give up until one of us is dead. Can’t you smell the death on him? Jordan agreed with his jaguar and waited. Scott gave him the perfect opening once more jumping onto him. Jordan grabbed hold of his neck from the underside and slammed his brother over his shoulder and down. His teeth crushed Scott’s windpipe. His jaguar had been right, Scott had maybe two or three more days before he died on his own. Jordan made it less painful. It didn’t stop him from feeling sad for the loss of his brother. Once Scott stopped moving beneath him Jordan stepped back and turned to see Georgia standing with her hands over her mouth. He walked over to her and waited. He prayed he hadn’t scared her. Slowly Georgia stepped away from the door and dropped to the floor wrapping her arms around his jaguar and burst into tears.

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