Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 5

Jordan couldn’t believe his eyes, Georgia, who he met in the grocery store was Daisy’s favorite author. How funny life could be at times! He watched Georgia pull the kids into the world of Bethany and Felix. Her voice was soft and pleasant to listen to, something he’d love to hear all the time. Too soon Myra’s timer went off and all the children and some adults groaned.

“We now have fifteen minutes to ask questions to our author,” Myra announced and all their tiny hands went up.

“Daisy,” Georgia called and Jordan smiled, a warmth settling in his heart. He watched as Georgia gave her full attention to Daisy.

“Can you finish the book?” Daisy asked and all the adults laughed.

“I would love to, but Ms. Juleston only gave me a limited amount of time. Your library is going to get five advance copies of the book today so maybe you will be able to check it out and your dad can read it to you,” Georgia said and Jordan flinched. She thought Daisy was his daughter.

“He isn’t my dad, he is my uncle. Uncle Jordan, can we check it out?” Daisy asked, turning to look at him.

“If it is available,” he replied and caught Georgia’s eye, he watched her body tense and her eyes dilate. He could tell she was affected by him too.

“Next question?” Georgia continued looking around. The little boy sitting next to Daisy raised his hand.

“What’s your name?” she asked, and Jordan watched the child smile.

“I’m Davey. Are you going to write any books about boys?”

“That is an excellent question Davey and I am hoping to start a new book series about a boy,” she replied.

“Any others?” A boy with blond hair and her gray eyes raised his hand.

“Yes Liam,” she replied and Jordan recognized him as Daisy’s friend from daycare and Caroline’s son.

“Aunt Georgia, are you going to make your books to listen to?” he asked and Jordan saw her face fall. He wondered what took the smile from her eyes.

“I’m not sure yet, bud,” she answered and Myra stepped in.

“That is all the time we have today. Let’s thank Ms. Stevens for sharing her new book with us,” Myra said, clapping her hands. The rest of the children and adults clapped, but Jordan kept his eye on Georgia. She walked over to Caroline Jefferson, and that is when it hit him. The two were sisters, they looked exactly alike although Georgia was about an inch taller than Caroline.

“Jordan!” he heard and turned to see Caroline headed his way with Georgia standing in the background.

“Hi Caroline, how are you?” he asked, keeping an eye on Daisy running over to play with Liam. There were stuffed animals in the reading corner for the kids to read with when they came to the library.

“I am doing well. How are you and Daisy? Liam was sad he didn’t see Daisy yesterday at daycare,” Caroline told him and he smiled.

“Daisy and I are taking a long weekend. She is going back on Tuesday.”

“That is nice. Are you going to come to Josie’s event on Sunday?” she asked, and he shrugged.

“I don’t know. I don’t have anyone to watch Daisy for me,” he answered, knowing no one could compare to Georgia.

“I can watch Daisy and you come. Georgia will be there,” she told him, and he paused.


“My sister, she is new in town and I am trying to introduce her to some new people. She is also in need of your services,” Caroline explained, and Jordan paused.


“She needs a lawyer who will help her out of her contract with her company. She can share more with you than I can,” she shared and pointed to his mate speaking with Myra. He watched her pass off a box of books and using his shifter hearing, he heard her say.

“I am going to give the library another set of my books. It is the least I can do for letting me share my newest book. I’d like to give signed copies away, but maybe you would like a set signed and you can auction it off for funds for your library.”

“If you want to give her my information, I can meet with her after next week. I need to get Ellie through her case before I can take on anything new,” he replied and Caroline followed his line of sight.

“Do you know my sister?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Daisy and I ran into her on Thursday at the grocery store. We helped her find the spice aisle. I had no idea she was Daisy’s favorite author,” he replied, watching Liam bring Daisy over to talk to Georgia. He could see Daisy bouncing up and down and getting overly excited. He hoped she didn’t mind.

“Interesting. She will be at the Mate Me event on Sunday,” Caroline commented and walked away to collect Liam. Jordan watched Georgia give Daisy a hug and follow her sister and nephew from the library. Daisy came running over and jumped into his arms.

“Ms. Georgia gave me a hug! She also gave me this book!” Daisy exclaimed, showing the book she was reading to the group. Jordan opened it and saw she’d signed the book for Daisy. His heart warmed at the thought his mate was being sweet to his niece. It solidified his decision to go to the Mate Me event. He would send a text to Josie asking for care for Daisy and go to the event.

“That is wonderful, Daisy. Are you ready for movie night?” he asked, carrying her out to his car. He caught sight of Georgia’s blond head dip into a well maintained SUV and his Jaguar purred.

“Your jaguar is happy,” Daisy remarked, and he laughed.

“That he is.” Jordan climbed into his car after buckling Daisy in. He drove them home and ordered pizza while Daisy picked out her favorite princess movie. Tonight it was the one with Rapunzel.

“Daisy, do you want to spend time with Liam tomorrow?” he asked once she was settled on the couch.

“I like Liam,” she replied, sipping on her juice cup.

“I was thinking of going to one of Mrs. Josie’s parties,” he explained and Daisy nodded. He could tell she wasn’t interested in why she got to see Liam.

“Can I come?” she asked, wrapping herself up in her blanket.

“Well, the party is at Liam’s house, so you can come with me and then go play with Liam,” he replied, opening the door for the pizza guy.

“Okay,” Daisy answered and Jordan could tell she was wrapped up in the movie and not listening to him anymore. Handing the pizza guy a tip, he took the pizza and plated it for Daisy. Settling in with Daisy, he half-listened to the movie while he thought about Georgia and how amazing she was and he couldn’t wait to get to know her better.

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