Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 7

“Josie!” Jordan groaned, watching Georgia slip away.

“What?” Josie asked, following his line of sight.

“Didn’t you see I was talking to Georgia?” he demanded. He watched his mate disappear into the kitchen. He hoped she wasn’t gone for good.

“I saw you with a beautiful woman. That’s why I came over to check on you two,” Josie explained. Jordan glared at her.

“I don’t care that we’ve been friends since college. You’ve always had a knack for scaring off the girls or women I like.” He glared at her and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Do I?”

“You do. Josie, you are a very dominant personality. I’m certain Georgia thought you were coming to flirt with me. Don’t ruin things between my mate and me,” he ordered and got up to find Georgia.

“Your mate?” Josie gasped and clapped her hand together. He nodded.

“That’s amazing! Why are you still talking to me?”

“I’m not.” He walked purposefully toward where he’d seen Georgia disappear. To his surprise, as he went to open the door Georgia was pushed out of it.

“I’m so sor…” her words trailed off as he caught her.

“Georgia,” he whispered and groaned when she licked her kissable lips.

“Don’t do that,” he ordered and watched her do it again. His jaguar urged him to claim their mate. Take her now!

She is human.

So! She is ours.

“Do what?” she asked, licking her lips again. Jordan followed the movement of her tongue. Deciding to take a leap of faith, he kissed her. Plunging his tongue into her mouth, he cupped her sinfully beautiful face in his hands as he dove in. She tasted of red wine and ambrosia. Not wanting to let go, he tangled his tongue with hers. Her small hands gripped his jacket, pressing against him. Her luscious figure felt right connected to his. He couldn’t wait any longer. Sliding his hands down to her hips, he squeezed and pushed her against the wall.

“Excuse me,” a small voice broke through his sexual haze. Releasing Georgia, he turned to see a waitress standing behind them.

“I’m sorry, sir. I need to get into the kitchen.” Jordan realized he and Georgia were blocking the door.

“Sorry,” he mumbled and took Georgia to a dimly lit secluded room.

“Are you okay?” he asked her, he could sense her distress.

“Um maybe,” she replied and sat in an armchair.

“Georgia I can smell how confused you are,” he shared kneeling at her feet. Using his cat’s vision, he could see the confusion on her face plain as day.

“I’ve never had such a powerful reaction to a man before. Then a beautiful woman comes over talking like you are on intimate terms. Then you are kissing me and I want you to take me upstairs to make love,” she confessed and he let out a relieved sigh.

“Josie and I met in college. She’s two years behind me in age. I met her when she dated one of my fraternity brothers. I can’t seem to get away from her. I moved here for an internship with my firm. Josie showed up a few years later to be a teacher. She and I never dated. I have always preferred blonds. You are feeling so strongly about me because you’re feeling the mate bond. You are my mate, Georgia,” he told her and watched her eyes go wide.

“I’m no good at dating. I get so lost in my writing that I forget about everything,” she argued and he relaxed.

“I’m not saying you give up your life. Mates complement each other. How about we date and see how this goes?” he suggested. He remembered Marcus and Xander talking about wooing their mates. Roxie needed a trip to Rome, and Ellie was being chased by a stalker.

“I won’t? My sister Virginia married a gorilla shifter and gave up her job as a lawyer. Caroline gave up her hotel management job to move around with Jonas before he died.”

“Did they do it willingly?” he asked, trying to put her fears at ease.

“Caroline did.”

“I would never ask you to stop being you. You are amazing just the way you are. So many children love your books. I would never take that away from the world. Let me take you on a date. We can go Friday when my case is over. I know Ellie would watch Daisy for me,” he offered, taking her hands in his.

“One date and we’ll take it from there,” she agreed. Jordan was so relieved he leaned up and captured her lips in another ardent kiss. He was addicted and didn’t want to let her go. Georgia softened in his arms and he pushed his tongue in to tangle with hers once more. He felt her moan and responded with a purr of his own.

“Georgia?” He heard Caroline’s voice and let go of her again.

“That’s twice now,” he complained and Georgia chuckled.

“Just means we need to save it for our date,” she joked, and he laughed, standing to take her hand.

“Your sister is looking for you. My guess is the event is over and we need to leave,” he explained and took her into the brightly lit hallway. Standing there was Caroline, her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

“Caroline.” He nodded, and she broke into a smile.

“Jordan, I see you and Georgia have hit it off,” she commented.

“Caroline don’t go big sister on me,” Georgia warned, and he chuckled.

“I wish my older brother had wanted to be in my life. How was Daisy?” he asked, keeping Georgia’s hand in his.

“She is passed out with Liam. They had a blast,” she replied, and he laughed.

“Was she too much?”

“No, she is just what Liam needs. They both know the loss of a parent. Thanks for asking.”

“Glad to hear it. Is the event over?” He didn’t want to let Georgia go but he couldn’t impose on Caroline’s hospitality.

“That’s why I came to find you. We’re breaking everything down.”

“Okay, I’ll go get Daisy.”

“She’s in Liam’s room. Georgia can show you the way,” Caroline replied and walked away.

“I’ll show you. They live in a small home behind the inn,” Georgia said, leading him out of the inn and to a small one-story home. Georgia punched in the code and walked in.

“His room is on the left.” She pointed to a door with a train on it.

“Can I get your number?” he asked before getting Daisy.

“Sure.” She handed him her phone, and he put his number in. She then typed a text. Pulling his phone out, he saw her text.

I can’t wait until Friday. Let me know the time and place.

It’s a deal. He shot back and smiled when she blushed.

“I’ll leave you to get Daisy,” she whispered and went to leave. He stayed her with his hand on her arm.

“Can you help me get her into the car? Trying to open the door with a sleeping four-year-old is tough,” he explained and smiled when she nodded.

“Thank you.” He gave her a gentle kiss on her lips before opening the door. He had to stifle a chuckle when he saw Daisy laying on a sleeping bag. She had on her princess crown and a scepter in her hand. Her face had chocolate around her mouth and her blond curls were in disarray. He bent down to scoop her up, Daisy didn’t budge. Then he tried to grab her blanket, and it slipped between his fingers.

“Let me.” Georgia bent over, giving him a perfect view down her dress of her creamy breasts.

“Can you grab the toys too?” he asked pointing to the barbies strewn about the room.

“Do they go in the princess backpack?” she whispered, and he nodded. Watching her pack away the toys with a practiced hand, he wondered.

“How are you so good at this? You said you don’t have any children.”

“I have a lot of nieces and nephews. Besides Liam, my three older brothers each have three and Virginia has four,” she shared, and he gaped at her.

“That’s a lot.”

“Fourteen to be exact,” she replied with a wry smile.

“Like I said a lot.” He bent over and kissed her, unable to resist.

“We should go,” he said once he released her delectable lips.

“Okay.” He followed her out and saw her wave goodbye to Caroline. She walked toward the only two cars left in the parking lot.

“I’m the black one,” he commented before he could stop himself.

“Good, because I’m the red,” she joked, laughing a little. Her laughter was the most beautiful sound. It warmed him to his toes.

“The keys are in my pocket,” he told her and watched her shiver.

“Where is your coat?”

“Still inside.” She reached into his pocket and unlocked his car. She opened the door to Daisy’s car seat. Placing her inside, he buckled her in. Georgia placed her bag down and stepped away.

“Thanks for your help. Have a good night and don’t forget your coat,” he said and watched the inn lights turn off.

“Or not,” he added.

“I’ll get it from Caroline next time she comes over to mother me,” Georgia explained waving off his concern.

“Then take mine. Cars take a while to heat and it’s February.” Jordan took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around her.

“Thank you. I’ll return it Friday,” she replied and to his surprise kissed him.

“Until Friday.” He watched her get into her car before he got into his car and drove home.

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