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A man who had been burn by love one too many times fall for a woman who detest men.

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How could I be so stupid?

How could I let this shit happen to me again?

I met a seemingly amazing woman. A devil disguised as an angel. Let myself believe that she is the one. Allow her to get close to me. Gave her all of me. Only for her to destroy me. Spiritually and mentally.

Fuck!!! I thought I’d learned my lesson from my first horrible experience with these wretched beasts called women. But no. I am. I was a sucker for love.

But no more.

No more Mr. Nice guy. I’m done with this stupid thing called love. It takes too much toll on the heart, mind and even soul. It hurts so fucking bad. So bad, I felt like ripping my heart from my chest with my bare hands and destroyed it in flames.

Never again will I allow another woman to know me. To get close to me. Unless it’s for sexual purposes. After all, that’s the only thing a woman wants. Isn’t that right ladies?

Why settle for a man who wine and dine you? Adore and cherish you. When you can have a man who doesn’t care about you or your problems. A man who treats you like dirt. A guy who just wants one thing. The only thing a woman has to offer. Sex.

Now ladies. Don’t bash me for that statement. Just know I once believed women were one of God’s best creation. That a woman was more than just a good time. A stress reliever for sexual tension.

That there is nothing more precious. Heavenlier than being in the company of the woman you love. Adoring her. Worshipping her. Loving her with all the cells that makes up your body. To the moon. But that was all a lie from the pit of hell.

Damn, I felt like a fool for believing that. I am a fool. An idiot. A worthless trash.

God, I’m filled with so much anger, sadness. Regret that I spent five years of my life loving a woman who I thought was my everything and I hers. Only to find out she’s been messing around with numerous men.

This heart eating monster was even spending my hard-working money on these worthless scums. She was playing me. And she did exceptionally well. Even better than my first love who fucked all my friends. Scratch that. Ex-friends. Had secret relationship with my brothers and my father for several months.

And that wasn’t even the bad part. This girl got pregnant and let me believed it was my kid. God could tell you how much I was happy about this fantastic news. The joy I felt in my soul of being a father. Only for it to be ripped out of me. I truly die that day when I found out that my kid wasn’t my kid. He belonged to my younger brother.

Yeah. I know. I have terrible luck with these vile creatures. Women. And I know what some of you are thinking. Maybe the sex wasn’t good.

Oh, please. Self-praise is no recommendation, but I know well what I’m doing. Unlike those scum who just attacked women like horny goats for their own satisfaction. I actually take the time out to turn on every inch of my woman’s body and please her sexually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

And my package is not the biggest in the world, but it is beyond average length. So trust me, it had nothing to do with sex.

Others might say I don’t spend enough time with my woman. Please. I take my girl out on a date three times per week and clubbing on Saturdays. Mistake on my path because the club is where she met some of these men she hooked up with.

And no. I’m not ugly. In looks, I can be considered a nine out of ten. I’m not the rock, but I have a well-built physique. I work out almost every day in my home gym to keep in shape. I’m the owner of several business enterprises, so money is not a problem either.

The problem is these women I’m attracted to. I hate myself for doing this to me. Falling for these wicked enchantresses. Which is why I decided to just stop dating overall. To protect myself and my heart. I mean no one can hurt you when you are alone.


I won’t let them. I would rather die than getting my heart break again.

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