Met By Accident ❤︎ {The Mafia Boss}

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Rosemary works at the police department as an undercover agent she hated bad guys since she was young because of her past but then by accident she came across the head mafia boss in her town named Kayden, that was not supposed to happen. What now!? Will she change her mind about him? Or will it remain the same? Genres: Romance and Action This story is written by Senna van den Berg❤︎ Xx 18+ {Mature themes and strong language}

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

The Beginning {Chapter 1}

People always seem to want to find their love of their life but I don’t believe in that anymore, you see when I was young I used to believe in finding true love but slowly when I became older that all changed and worst of all, I had to learn it the hard way. My parents didn’t love me in fact they hated me they would say awful things to me like “you’re a mistake” “you’re fat” “you’re not good enough!” The only one that cared about me was my grandma but she sadly passed away when I was 16 so I decided that I couldn’t stay in my old town anymore it just held so many bad memories that I didn’t want to think about anymore and to be honest there wasn’t a reason for me to stay anymore, I was kinda a loner in Highschool. I just wanted a fresh new start so I moved to California and since I got to take my grandmas house when she passed away I decided to better take a use out of it. This was my only one and a lifetime change so it was better for me to take it and before I knew it I was already on a plane flying out to California.

Fast forward to today I am happy that I made a decision to finish Highschool in California, that I studied in one of the best colleges in California and that I got to fur fill my dream of becoming an undercover agent. I can’t lie it was really hard at the beginning because I was only 16 at the time, had barely money and was already struggling to get around because I couldn’t get a good paying job but one day that all changed, I used to deliver pizzas for my job back then and after a while I came across this loving wealthy elderly women that felt a little bit lonely and asked me to come in and so I did. To me that now sounds crazy because when you were little you’ve probably learned not to trust strangers but I wasn’t thinking straight at that time, plus I was in a dark place back then I know that isn’t an excuse but I kinda felt hopeless so I did it anyway. We had a great talk about life and stuff and I also told her about my past because I needed to vent and believe me when I say that she listened to every single word of it when I was finally done after about three hole hours she told me that she felt sorry for me and that she truly saw potential in me, she also told me that her husband was the boss of the police department and that they needed a extra undercover agent on the team.

{May 15th}

And to this day I still work for him and got to know him and his wife Carla a little better now a days I’m one of the best undercover agents you can find in the city and the happiest 24 year old woman you could ever get out of me. Life has been better now and I’m finally proud of what I have achieved in life.

*Sound Speaker*

“Can miss Rosemary Anderson come to mr. Browns office please as soon as possible?”

Few seconds later:

*Door knock*

Rose: “You needed me mr. Brown?”

Mr. Brown: “Indeed Rose, take a seat...As you may know we are trying to catch this criminal that has been on the loose now for a couple of months and we need you to catch him you see he was smart enough to escape from all the other undercover agents and you are one of the best undercover agents we know in the city so we have to catch him and you are our only hope his portfolio is right here if you take the case of course”

Rose: “I’ll take it”

Mr. Brown: “Thank you miss Rose I’ll send you the information with the plans included”

Rose: “Of course mr. Brown I won’t fail you”

Mr. Brown: “Ooh and Rose please be careful there are more people looking for him, he has quite a status and we are not ready to loose you yet especially Carla”

Rose: “Charles, I’ve never failed you did I? And I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon, I’ll be careful”

*Door shuts*

Mr. Brown:


“You never did, I just don’t want to loose you you’re like a daughter to me”

Important characters for the next chapters:

1. Rose {Rosemary} 24 y/o —> Single ;) —> California —> Undercover Agent.
2. Charles {Mr. Brown} 52 y/o —> Married —> California—> Boss Police Department ext.
3. Carla {Miss. Brown} 48 y/o —> Married —> California—> House Wife.
4. ???? {Closed}

The rest remains secret.
Every chapter you can get a new character, If so you can find it here.

For people that are confused:

Mr. Brown = Charles the husband of Carla that woman mentioned earlier (She Helped Rose) Rose just calls Charles —> mr. Brown because she is at work and needs/tries to treat him like her boss when she’s at work.

Rose and Rosemary are the same person —>Rosemary is her full name and Rose for short.

I hope I cleared you confusion. :)

End of chapter 1

I will try to publish twice in a month —> One chapter in two weeks. :)

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ll stick around.

Sorry for any writing mistakes my first language is not English I don’t know if you already could tell. If you wanna keep track of my updates follow my Instagram account @sennawritesinkitt

For any questions feel free to ask. An original story written by me: Senna van den Berg

Till next time! Much love Senna x

Published on: Thursday, May 21 {2020}

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