William & Juliet

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For six years, William, the valiant and mighty mercenary warrior of Spain dated Juliet, the flowery and beautiful daughter of the wealthy Spanish noble before things fall apart. William’s called-up to the five years Spanish-France war brought the storming darkness that first hit their relationship and eventually tore them apart. Then came the fierce battle of lovers. William and Juliet unveils the often smoldered gorgeous citadel of love with its oddly conflicts of broken trust and shattered love. It instructs of the love's victim's vengeance stride and counter strides both resulting to a season of the storming feud and tragic end, The overstretch of Juliet's affection by General William's negligence creates in her a heart of frustrated affection. Just as the cloudy fumes of William's broken heart by drive him to wage the war of vengeance against Mayor Patrick Bay who married Juliet. The novel challenges the love-life of all contemporary lovers; impacting males and females with edifying punctures of didactic values, that we all may reconsider and reposition our core values in relationships, especially the marital.

Romance / Thriller
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