Dangerous ( Mature Vampire Story)

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“ She’s mine!” My voice was deadly low, I was ready to tear them apart for touching what belonged to me. ____________________________ Luca Elijah was death and people usually learnt that the hard way. Everyone knew not to mess with him or cross paths with him. He could kill you without any hesitation, either by his charms or by his power. He was the most powerful vampire out there. He had a past that seemed rather persisted. It refused to heal up or leave him in tranquility. He forbid himself from drinking human blood; the lack of food turning him weak. Snow Ross was your average type of nerd. Never went out or dated, has been a good girl from the day she was born and she doesn’t intend on changing that. When Snow was accepted by Royal Hilton, the most luxurious and expensive high school and college in the entire country! she finds herself drawn to a beast... When Luca first saw Snow, he instantly lost control. He knew that: that girl was trouble, but something about her was just making Luca drive crazy. Yeah, the big bad vampire was going nuts because of a little human girl. Having enough of the tension she was putting him through, Luca decided to make that good girl as his. And who could stop the bad boy? Unless they were willing to die....(MATURE)

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Chapter One


The car came to a stop and we came out. I held the box of books in my hand as I eyed the big familiar house in front of me.

“ It didn’t change.” I said and dad chuckled while taking out my luggages from the trunk.

“ Everything’s the same.” He said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, smiling at me.

“ I missed you.” I said and he ruffled my hair.

“ Me too kiddo, come on.” He said as he opened the door and we walked inside the house. We walked upstairs and he showed me my bedroom.

“ This will be your room.” He said as we stopped at my old room, I smiled at him.

“ Thanks dad.” He passed me a smile and turned to leave but stopped and turned around.

“ I forgot to tell you, Jacob and his dad will be here any minute now. They are excited to meet you.”

“ Me too.” I said and dad chuckled while leaving my bedroom.

I stared at my bedroom and took in it’s features. It was a big room with a queen size bed in the centre and a nightstand on the right side of the bed. It was cozy and nice. Dad had some updates done and I loved it!

I sat on my bed and sighed. So much has happened in my life. At the age of 10, my parents got divorced and the court decided to hand me to my mother. At the age of 14, my mother got remarried and my parents fought over me again, resulting in chaos. And when I turned 17, my mother died due to a heart attack and Marko, my step dad left. Dad came and took me with him.

It was nice to be back here. Hilton has always been chilly and cloudy. The sun rarely showed up here. I still remember running in the streets and playing with Jacob, my childhood friend and cousin. We were like siblings, inseparable.

We were born on the same day. We grew up together and studied together. We did almost everything together until my parents got divorced....

I got up and walked towards my luggage. Opening it, I started to pick up my folded clothes and placed them in the closet.

I heard the front door opening and closing and soon enough laughter filled the entire house. I heard footsteps running upstairs and walking towards my bedroom.

“ Snow!” I heard a tall pale white skin guy yelling. He was covered in tattoos and was muscular. His eyes were bright green and his dark red lips were curved into a grin. His brown hair was messy and his white teeth were revealed. He was tall and had a sharp jawline.

“ J-Jacob?” I asked him unsure. He didn’t look like the Jacob I knew, far much handomse I would say. He grinned and ran towards me, hugging me and taking me by surprise.

Well...he didn’t know that I haven’t dated in a long time or let a man touch me so he’s not to blame. But surprisingly, his touch didn’t made me feel uncomfortable. I guess we still have that friendship bond in us though it’s been a while.

“ How have you been, snowy?” He said and I smiled as we broke the hug.

“ Good, you?” I asked him and he laughed.

“ Fine.” He replied.

“ You have changed so much, Snow. You’re far much prettier than you used to be.” I blushed.

“ I can say the same about you.” I spoke with a shy smile and he laughed while wrapping an arm around my shoulder and walking us out of the room.

“ You remember us playing with my dad?” He said and I smiled while nodding my head.

“ Of course I do. The moments I had here were the best moments of my life.” I spoke honestly and he smiled while staring at me.

“ I’m sorry about your mother...” He said and I smiled sadly.

“ It’s not your fault.” I said to him as we entered the living room. I saw my dad and uncle Lopez.

“ Uncle!”

“ Snow!” We yelled in unison as we hugged tightly. Uncle Lopez was like a father figure to me, he was practically my second father. He and my father were brothers. Uncle Lopez was elder twin and my dad was the younger one.

“ Oh my! You grew up young lady.” He said as we broke the hug and I laughed.

“ You remember Felix?” He asked me,

“ Yeah, the guy who acted like the Santa on every Christmas.” I said and he laughed while nodding his head.

“ He was thrilled about hearing your arrival. Everyone was thrilled to meet our little snow, especially Jacob.” He said and Jacob smiled at me.

“ Well I won’t lie, I missed you all as well.” I said as we exchanged smiles. Jacob was the carbon copy of his father. When I stared at uncle, I felt like an older version of Jacob was in front of me. The same eyes and lips, the same skin and hair. The same everything!

My dad had light brown eyes with light brown hair. He had pale white skin and red lips. He was tall and well built. I was like my dad but the only difference was that I was much whiter, which was why everyone called me Snow. On the day I was born, it was snowing and my skin was as white as snow so my parents named me snow.

My dad worked as a lawyer and my uncle owned business like restaurants and hotels and stuff. We were comfortable.

“ Let’s sit down and talk.” Dad suggested and uncle laughed.

“ He’s still the old boring father he used to be.” He whispered in my ear and dad groaned.

“ Lopez!” We laughed. Whenever Dad and uncle were together, they would always forget that they were parents and the fact that they were no longer kids.

I sat next to Jacob and he smiled at me. I bet he would’ve stolen many hearts with the looks he had now. It’s not like he wasn’t handsome when he was a kid, he was the most handsome kid in this area and girls would kill for him but now his looks were much more sharper and prominent.

“ Snow, you remember about the south side and its stories?” My uncle asked me with amusement and I nodded my head.

The Hilton had four parts. To the east and west there were no people but only forests. To the north lied most of the country’s population. To the south, there was this old high school, Royal Hilton High. It was like centuries old. It was a place for the riches and bright people. Royal Hilton only accepted students with a high IQ and an even better understanding of human nature. In short, they were very strict about their studies and their students ethics. It was the toppest and the most famous school and college in Hilton for no reason.

I knew a lot about it because I dreamt to go there and study there ever since I was little. I recently gave a test in which they offered two lucky students full scholarship but it’s not that easy to get in and so I don’t expect much but still I keep my hopes high.

There were rumours about that side of the country ever since I was a baby. Rumours about mythical creatures and them attacking people. I never believed any of those rumours, after all rumors were just rumors. Who could believe them?

“ Yeah, the vampires and werewolves still inspire me.” I said to him with a smile and he and dad laughed. Jacob chuckled while staring at me and I blushed shyly.

We continued to talk and I caught up on what I’ve missed. It was really good to be back at home.

To Be Continued

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