The Last Summer

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Every summer his family vacations at her family’s resort. For the past five years the pair have engaged in a summer fling. At the end of each summer, they leave one another hot and wanting more. Now, she is moving to the states, yet the two are ready to give their relationship one last shot, one last time, during their last summer.

Romance / Erotica
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I held my breath and closed my eyes as the plane landed. The little aircraft bumped so hard I felt sick to my stomach. The second the plane hit the taxi strip, I knew this summer would be different. Maybe it was the unfamiliar staff on the jet, or the fact that my parents didn't fly with me, but I was hopeful.

I mean, today was the day, it was the day that his family returned. Later tonight James Foster and his family would walk through the doors of the resort and we would start a summer that should end up in a history book.

Stepping onto the runway, I was greeted by the pilots and the flight attendant. Thanking them I made my way towards the black suv. My heels clicked and the soft breeze coming from the water met my dark hair throwing it behind me.

Just as I made it to the door a young attractive male rushed around the boot. His blue eyes sparkled like diamonds in the warm sunlight. The rush he was in made me smile a bit. I watched him closely as he rushed to shove my luggage in the back. He dropped one of the suitcases and began spewing curse words, some I had never heard before.

He made me laught slightly, I continued to watch him as he became more and more panicked before I began to assist putting my bags in the car. Maybe it was his rushed manner, or his pretty blue eyes, but I completely disregarded that a complete stranger was assisting me.

"You can calm down," I said. The man didn't lift his head, as he was so consumed in getting the luggage in the trunk, "I am in no rush to get to the house."

He nodded and finally closed the trunk. I smiled as he finally made eye contact with me. His eyes trailed around my body, before they snapped back to mine. He blushed and opened the backseat for me to enter.

This guy was too cute!

The door quietly closed behind me. I fastened my seat belt and sunk into the comfort of the car. I closed my eyes and sighed. I was home, and I couldn’t be more happy. The man slid into the car next to me, he instructed the driver to begin the long road up to the resort.

"I'm Piper, it's nice to meet you," I introduced myself quietly.

"I know," he replied. "I'm Fitzgerald, I'm your father's personal assistant, um, but call me Fitz.”

Now it made perfect sense, the person my parents would torture all summer

"I assumed. I knew your weren't the driver," I joked.

Nothing. He just looked blankly at the tablet that sat on this lap, he was unamused. "Not much of a talker I see."

This got nothing either, he looked over at me nodded, then resumed tapping away at his cell phone and the iPad.

I watched him for a little bit longer. He was fixing my father's calendar. He was cute, I admit that. But he was much too quiet for me, I liked people that knew how to talk just enough. Fitzgerald had dark black hair. He kept it short around the edges and long on top. His jaw was covered in a light stubble, and he has light bags under his eyes.

He obviously didn't try this morning, but I don’t blame him working for my family must be exhausting. His hair sat on top of his head lazily. He probably ran his fingers through it a few times before he came to get me.

The one thing that I was completely taken aback by, was his inability to dress properly. This man had on blue polka dotted shorts with a green striped shirt. If he lived with his mother she wouldn’t have let this boy walk out of the house.

If it is the last thing I do, I would help him dress like a normal person by the end of the summer.

The ride from the landing strip to the suite was about an hour. The car was now silent, Fitz didn't want to talk, and I didn't want to bother the driver, or even ask where the aux attachment was located.

This must be a new car.

As the drive progressed, I felt more at peace. This island is where I grew up. All of my fondest memories before university happened somewhere in the water or between the trees.

As we drove I watched the waves crash on the rocks and the birds flutter on the sand. The warm sun and breeze whipped through the windows, it was like they pinched me to tell me I was home, and that it wasn’t just a dream.

The car stopped in front of my house, finally, I was home. Exiting the vehicle, I rounded the car and helped Fitz retrieve my belongings. I basically had my whole dorm in the trunk. This would take a few trips to get into my room.

The resort was split into multiple sites. Resident wise, there was the main building, the villas, the timeshares, and the chalet. My family lives in a house near the main building.

Fitz and I brought up my loads of bags and boxes and set them on the floor of my room. After setting me up in my room, I thanked him. He bowed out with a click on the door.

The room looked exactly how I left it last. My bedspread neatly done up, and the windows open, to let the breeze in. All of my band pictures littered the walls. Even at 21, I am so proud to have them hang there.

This would be my last summer at the resort for a long time, as I start medical school in the fall at a little hospital in Upstate New York. Slowly I began unpacking and reacquainting myself with my surrounds.

I took a quick shower and I changed into a cute romper before making my way to the main building to go and greet my family. As my feet crunched on the gravel, I couldn’t imagine what adventure this summer would take me on. I knew that I had to make it all worth it, as it would be my last for a long time. I pushed on the revolving door at the entrance of the resort.

Here goes nothing.

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