Emmet and Hannah:Two Best Friends

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This is another story about ordinary best friends who had to struggle with their feelings for one another.Witness the light-hearted,comedic and dramatic episodes they go through together,with their feelings growing stronger as time passed.

Romance / Humor
Goo Goo
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On the way to school


"Hey Emmet,you awake yet?"A voice called.

"Wow...for a person who knows me for about forever,you sure like to ask me that.Of course I'm awake damn it!I'm a morning person just like you!"I exclaimed.

"Really?Didn't seem like it at all.You're taking forever doing something in there,"

She then proceeded to open the door to find me,a guy somewhere about 5'4 ft with black lumpy hair,topless and with jeans, wearing a dark green shirt and closed the door immediately after catching a glimpse of my scrawny body.

"Woah...Your still not used to this body here?Come on Hannah,I know what you looked like when your topless,"

"Wha...what!?"she said in a small,panicky voice.

"I said that I knew how you looked like topless,okay!"I realised how disturbing that sounds...

She opened the door,revealing herself to be a flat-chested,orange-ish brown haired girl wearing glasses with a frighteningly embarassed look.

"Shit Hannah I didn't mean that for real!"I stepped back with hands in the air.

She came close,clenched her fist,raised it and reluctantly punched me in the face.

Yeah that's better.That really sent my soul flying through the entire world.

Hannah and I are best friends.A bit of an introduction,we met when I first moved here at Long March Town as a 1 month old baby while she was 5 months old,according to my parents.The rest is obvious.

As I reached downstairs to get my breakfast,I saw my dad sitting at the dining area with both hands on newspaper,and my mom cooking some delicious food.I can tell from the aroma that it's some pancakes.

"How's your head feeling?"my dad teased.

I cursed to myself in embarassment "Fine,dad.Its fine."

Hannah and I sat at the table with our pancakes in front of us and immediately shoved them down our throats.

"So Hannah,you made a school paper about today yet?"my dad likes her work for the News Club.

She looked with her mouth full and cheeks covered in syrup.

"No.Didn't have any material yet since school hasn't started."

"Okay.What about...that important thing?"my dad questioned curiously.

Something important?That made me alert.

"Huh?Oh...right...That.....Its not yet resolved..."her voice sounded nervous.

"Kids!The bus is here!Quickly finish your food and head there!"my mom shouted.

"Okay Ms. Pearl.Buy Mr. Henry,"Hannah got off her seat.She had her backpack and was hugging her books

"Bye guys,see you later,"I carried my bag,then head out towards the bus with the bob haired girl.

While running towards the big yellow vehicle,Hannah's mom,Ms. Ruth Scott,called us with a briefcase on hand.Her husband,Lee can be seen gardening while wearing a friendly smile.

"Good luck at school,you wonderful couple!"she exclaimed.

"No mom!We're not a couple!"Hannah shouted,clearly embarassed by the thought.

"Love you too!Hannah!I will get that position as promised!"



'OH MY GOD MOM WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?!'I thought with my head down.

As we were going inside the bus,a hand with a yellow beetle bracelet waving at us caught my attention.I knew who's hand it was...

I approached the 6'0 ft redhead with braces in a shining yellow dress.

"Jennifer Goldwing,it is nice to be around your gracious presence,"

"Your welcome.Your presence is as well,"she replied royally.

A bit about her.Jenny is my only close female friend.I mean sure I had other female friends,but they're not like her in any way.Also,she likes bugs,especially beetles.

"So,how is summer vacation?"I asked as I sat beside her.

"Great!I had a ton of fun at the resort with the folks!How's yours?"

"Great too.He and I had a ton of fun together,"I blushed,then she leaned forward and gave me the look.

Oh god...the look...

"(sigh)...Damnit Jen.Not again!"I gave her a mean look.

"Girl,you know I can't!Ever since you said that thing a few years back,I can't stop thinking about it-"

"-What thing?"Emmet appeared out of nowhere from the back.Good god,I bet he was being nosy.

"Something about summer cru-"I cutted off that part of her sentence and acted like it was nothing important.

"Summer crush?Hannah Scott had a summer crush?"

'What!?He managed to catch on!?Damnit!"

"Who was it?Was it related to that important thing dad mentioned?"

'And he brought that conversation up.Great...fucking great!Thank you god for giving me inconvenience.' Yes,it was that inconvenient.

"Oh no!Don't try to talk about it,Davey.She doesn't want any embarassment from it as that guy's a dick,"Jenny interjected.

"Really?Well I'm sorry for that Hannah,I'll go now."

Emmet went back to his seat,looking out the window with a dull face.

'Emet took it...Emet took that as bait...Thank you god!!!'

I looked at Jenny with fury.She gave me a nervous yet subtly smug face.

"You bitch!How can you slip that made up summer crushes part?He could figure that thing out!"

"Geez,I'm sorry Ms. Sweet Reporter.Can't help it,"Damn right you are...

"But you know,boys like him are destined to find that out soon,"she added to my fears.

"Find out that thing?"

"Yeah.THAT thing...Your feelings of true love for him."She sang that part with glee.

Yeah,yeah,you get it.I was in love with my best friend like most of these cases do.

Jenny went on with something about my feelings for the duration of the trip.It was nerve-wrecking since we were not the only ones in the bus.

Finally,after what felt like forever,we reached our school,Long March High.

There were a bunch of students flooding the front.Some carrying signs that read these messages.






I cringed at the messages and felt like I wanted to die on the spot.

I then glanced at Emmet's direction.He looked like he shared the sentiment.

He caught me and his face suddenly went red.I quickly looked away,feeling the heat of intense embarassment.

Well then...looks like this story is about to begin...and boy did I not know how much of a ride it will be.


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