REBORN: CEO’s Little Miss Devil

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Being betrayed by her “boyfriend”, Hao Tian and her “best friend”, Liu Fang, Tang Xiao Mei promises to herself in her next lifetime, she will make them pay. Fortunately, god gave her a chance for her to be reborn 5 years back when she hasnt yet met Hao Tian. But now Tang Xiao Mei was not what she was before. And she eventually bumped into the CEO of Lu Corporation, a cold man who was rumored to be gay since he never appeared public with a women.

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1. Bittersweet betrayal

How had it come to this? Xiao Mei’s tears streamed down as she replayed the disgusting words they said to her in her head again. Both her beloved “best friend” and her “boyfriend” became her ex’s. Seven years of friendship couldn’t even compare with the man that both of them loved.


1 hour ago~

Today was the fourth anniversary of their relationship and Xiao Mei was preparing a cake at her apartment to celebrate by giving him a surprise. However she did not expect him to give her such a big surprise.

Xiao Mei called him earlier to ask him if she could come over but he denied and said he had a important meeting since of course he was the current CEO of Hao Corporation. Xiao Mei felt down but then decided to go anyways to surprise him.

As Xiao Mei walked up to the Hao Tian’s house, she realized it was not locked as the door was creaked open a little. Was there a burglary happening? Was Hao Tian in a rush this morning that he forgot to lock the door?

As Xiao Mei entered, she heard some weird sounds and a girl’s voice? ‘Hmm..that’s weird..’ She thought to herself.The sound came from upstairs and can be heard more clearer as Xiao Mei went towards the stairs.

‘What’s that sound?’ Xiao Mei thought. She hesitated at first but then decided to go up the stairs to see what’s going on thinking that it might be a surprise for her by Hao Tian. But boy was she wrong.

“Ahh~ mMmhmm~ Hao Tian GeGe~ You’re hurting me mmmmhhm~” Those were the sounds that were coming out of the room upstairs.

She quietly went towards the door of the room and creaked it open a little. And there it was, a disgusting and most unexpected scene happening right in front of her eyes.

Her “boyfriend” and her “best friend” cuddling together and just get intimated and strangling each other on the bed.

Xiao Mei couldn’t believe it. Her best friend for 7 years and her boyfriend of 4 years both betrayed her??! She was so shocked and frozen that she dropped the cake box from her hand.


The two stopped doing it and looked towards the door. Xiao Mei was standing there with wide eyes and covering her mouth with her hand with tears streaming down her eyes.

No! No! No! This can’t be happening!

“Oh, Xiao Mei is here Hao Tian~ should we explain to her?” Liu Fang sat up hugging Hao Tian’s chest.

“Let’s just pretend she’s not there, baby” Hao Tian replied not even glancing at Ciao Mei and instead looking at the girl who was hugging him.

Was this the Hao Tian she knew before??! He was so nice to her back then! Xiao Mei couldn’t believe it.

“Hao Tian, this is a prank right??? You’re not leaving right? It’s just a prank right? Tell me it’s a prank!”

“Why?!!” Xiao Mei cried.

“You never let me touch you, let alone kiss you, and Liu Fang gave me her first.” Hao Tian spat at her still not looking at Xiao Mei. Did she hear right? Her best friend??!!

“Alright, it’s fine, you can have him Liu Fang! And we are not friends anymore!” Xiao Mei screamed at them and walked out the door and closed the door.

Xiao Mei could only hold in her tears and walked out of the house and run back to her apartment.

She promised herself to get her revenge on that couple.


Xiao Mei walked into the streets as soon as the lights turned green. She didn’t notice a car coming at speeding pace coming towards her.


Was this how she was gonna die now??!!! What about her revenge?!!! How was she going to make that scheming couple pay???!

NO! She had to make them pay!! How could she die so easily!!!



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