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The Unforgettable One is my first creation and I am very excited to share this with the world. I am very happy to finally publish this standalone novel. The genre is romance and I think we all love to read romantic novels. This story revolves around Samaira and Dev who have separate lives and have no connection with each other but destiny had other plans for them. Samaira and Dev meet under weird circumstances, but now that they have met, both just can't get enough of each other. Do you think they will stick together or it's another one-time thing? Let's find out together!

Sujata M
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Chapter 1


Looking at the sky through my office window, I thought about how life has turned out to be. When I was 7, all I wanted to do was wear beautiful clothes, eat and sleep. Not everything we want is possible. After my graduation, my life has become so weird and insane. I am single like forever and I kept reading romantic novels in the hope that someday I will find my Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong, basically, I am just going to be happy with almost every and any person who loves me. I know it sounds creepy and weird but when you have one to hold you close and give you that warm fuzzy feeling where you are high so high that your world is “La Vie En Rose”.

I am in my office and am so done with life, there’s nothing new. I am going through a tough time. I tag along with my brother and his friends, so it’s not that I don’t have friends but they live quite far from where I am and I have become a total retard which leads to me not going anywhere and sulking alone. One thing that I have learned from all my past bad experiences is you need to distance yourself from the people who say they love you just to see how much they put in their efforts to be with you. I love my friends and honestly, nobody can take their place because whenever I need them or they need me, we stick together no matter the situation, we always hold each other strong. I can’t imagine my life without them and all the other people who make my life a little better. I mostly fuck up everything, don’t get me wrong but I love doing things my way be it workplace or home, everything has to be managed properly and in order and then something just hits me and I am back to where I started, it has been long since I have truly and deeply felt happiness. I keep going back to the days where I had absolutely nothing to do except going to school and back home while giggling, holding hands with my friend and brother, hopping and jumping around and happy. That’s one of the best phases of my life, I never ever want to forget those days it holds a special place in my heart and soul and the joy of reliving them is all I have. Anyways, now my life is stuck between the office and home and nowhere to go! Days are passing by and with every passing hour, I am feeling low, my phone inbox is empty just like myself. That’s when all of a sudden I get a “New Message” notification and tap open it so fast as if my lover texted me and guess what I saw, “Let’s plan a Trip Group” this was supposed to be a group where we plan a trip and visit the place, it has been over a year now that we are still planning to go to Goa. Believe me, I am not very thrilled that they are planning again because I know for a fact that I am definitely going to be disappointed again better not to participate in this conversation. I tried resisting the notifications but my curious side won the game and I checked what was going on in the group, to my surprise it was fixed I mean really this time everything was confirmed and all I had to do was take my leave for a week from work. I had saved up my leaves for such occasion but I had never thought about it, but now that I got the opportunity, I will definitely not miss this one. I desperately want to go out of my city and no one can stop me from it anymore.

I went to my boss and asked her to give me leave for a week, to my surprise she agreed happily I still couldn’t wrap my mind around it because I knew there was plenty of work which is pending and needs to be completed but she was so chilled about it that for a minute I stood there looking at her face with a Question mark and she said “Come on Samaira you have worked so hard for this company and I think you deserve to take a break from this. Please go and have fun, do not think about the office I will take care of everything here. She winked at me and asked me to share sexy pictures, hah like “I would have time to click my pictures with my cousins hanging around at every corner they can get their hands oh sorry feet on”!

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