Technically, He Wasn't Stood Up!

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It's a basic story of the start of the relationship between 2 people but only She knows about the whole story and He knows what he wants to get into but doesn't realise that he's already in it until the 'it' is subtly revealed! It's only at the last part of the last chapter that you realise how well the title fits/explains the story!

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: William Johnson

Hi, I am William Johnson, I come from a middle class family and whatever I am is because of my own doing!

I say it’s my own doing because I was always told I can do better, that is, if I tried harder but I didn’t and I blame my laziness for it! Throughout schooling I didn’t really try that hard but because of the help from my teachers, I made it through to college. In college the teachers weren’t always there, they just cared for the marks and not about how well they taught, though there were some teachers who were exceptions, the impact of college on my life was way less compared to school.

Honestly it doesn’t really matter now as I managed to get through college too and finished software engineering and now after my 6 month contract at my first job , I’m currently unemployed and the first company I worked at has been shutdown. Although it was a 6 month contract the job paid well and that’s the reason I’m so chilled right now about being unemployed!

Only thing I am looking forward to today apart from watching Netflix before bed is my date at my favourite place for a first date and in general one of my favourite places, Krispy Kreme! It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship and I can’t say I don’t like the freedom that comes with it but being single and away from family can make one feel lonely, hence the date.

I get all dressed up and show up at Krispy Kreme which is just around the block from my place, my place being a kinda shitty but less shitty one bedroom apartment. As I enter Krispy Kreme I am greeted by the cashier Mr. Sanchez who knows me cause I happen to show up for donuts at least once in two days.

Mr. Sanchez points me out my table and I go and sit there waiting for Her to show up and the waitress shows up and asks me for my order, “I’m waiting for my date to show up so I’ll order once she’s here.” , I say. “Oh another date huh? Okay I will be back when she shows up.” , she replies and leaves.

Time passes by and it’s been 3 hours since I came here and no sign of Her. The waitress shows up again and asks, “Stood up again huh?”

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