His Brother's Surrogate

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He lost his brother and is not going to loose his brothers child. She does not want to have a child. But she needs the money. She is too young for it.

Rachna Shankar
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Chapter 1

I leaned over my brother’s bed. He looked at me and wanted to say something. His breath was erratic and he was in a lot of pain.

“Da.. David take care of my baby.” Jay said as he closed his eyes and the line went flat.

I had not shed a tear as I stood at his funeral. My mother had been crying since then, and my father looked like a broken man. I could not break in front of my parents, crying over my baby brother. His wife Lilian had perhaps shed a few tears and wore goggles to hide her eyes.

They had found him 1 hour after the accident. His car had smashed into the railing of the bridge and he had been hit in the head, and a broken rib had punctured into his heart. Jonathan was 2 years younger to me but he was my biggest support and would keep covering for my sins since we were little kids.

Even when our parents wanted me to marry and I had refused Jay had agreed to get married to Lilian, the girl he started dating on dad’s request.

Lilian was our dad’s old business partner Mr. Barefoot’s daughter. He had split and shifted back to England to his roots. My dad stayed back in America and built his empire. Lilan had returned from Paris and wanted to establish herself in America. She was staying as our guest. And my parents wanted me to date her and see if I liked her. On my blunt refusal and to keep the peace at home Jay had stepped in to take my place. Jay was a good kid even as a kid. He was my parents favorite, he was my favorite too.

Memories flooded me, Sir there seems to be a problem. I was interrupted by my secretary Anuj Parikh. I followed her outside to see what the commotion was all about. My parents were out of sight. I saw a very drunk Lilian yelling at a girl dressed in black top and plain grey skirt. She looked Indian like my mother. I held Lilain’s hand as she was about to strike the girl. “Lilain no.” I said calmly, “Please leave, this is not a good time for us.” I said to the girl who looked dazed. She nodded and sat into a rental and drove away. The funeral was being conducted at our state in Southampton, where my parents now lead a nearly retired life. Dad, being the Chairman of our firm, visited our New York office from time to time.

“David, who the hell are you to stop me?” Do you know who she was? She was the whore because of which your brother died… she yelled at me and then she passed out. I signalled Anuj who already got the car with chauffeur. “Anuj please drop Lilian Home. And make sure she is comfortable.”

Yes, “David. Am I to come back here after that?”

“No, you can take the rest of the day off.” I said and nodded at him.

“David take care of my baby.” Jay’s voice kept ringing in his ears. “She is the whore because of which your brother dies..” David clenched his fist and with a seething determination he walked back inside.


Sara had just heard the news on the T.V. that the father of her child had just died. Not technically hers to keep. The funeral would be held this Sunday at their Southampton Home. She had decided then to go. Did she love him... No but over time they had become friends. She remembered and a tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered.

“Sara I want you to meet Jay Harrington.” Miranda said at the cafe in New Jersey. Miranda was a nurse at Sara was in her 3rd year of her MBBS studies.

“Hi ! Jay.” I was nervous but Jay had made me completely fall in ease with everything.

“So why do you want to do it?” Become a surrogate mother ?" Jay asked softly.

My mother had got detected with 3rd stage cancer and my Indian father had poured all the money into trying to save his wife, and still my mom had died. ” I said as tears welled up and I blinked. “And my father died 8 months later due to a broken heart. I blinked again, held my breath for a second and continued, “I love the story about how they met. My dad had gone for his MS to Britain and met my mom had fallen in love and she chose to move with him to India and they run a private clinic/ hospital which I was to take on. They never charged the poor, and provided the best medical facility. But after my dad’s death the Clinic was taken over by my uncle who had cut me off from their will and I have another Uncle who helped file a lawsuit and I am fighting that. “I got a scholarship here. But my grades fell this semester and that was withdrawn. I need money for both my education and the law suit.” I breathed looking down feeling a little ashamed.

“Hey, Everything will be alright.” Jay said. And then he made me laugh talking about how fat he was as a kid and how his big brother would make him run behind his bike for an ice-cream cone to make him lose weight. And the reward was the melting ice-cream.

“You are married, your wife did not come.” I asked, he tensed.

“I married Lilian because my parents wanted me too. I never liked her from the start. And recently I found out that she had been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend from Paris for the past 1 year spending money on him. I am going to file for a divorce next week and I don’t want anything to do with her. Jay signed.

I gave a smile and patted his hand.

Jay continued, “I have a friend, a dear friend who has agreed to donate an egg. She chooses to remain anonymous. Our divorce will be through in another month max. And my parents would not be able to take the news of divorce. I thought a grandchild would help. My mom is an Indian too. I am half Indian like you. So you can understand her obsession with a grandchild.”

I thought to myself, “How my parents would have reacted if they knew what I wanted to do. Or had it been my child.” Sara nodded in understanding as she thought about her parents Dr. Shashank Choudahry and Dr. Julia Forrest.

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