His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 10

David had gone out after eating and had ordered some food for Sara for dinner. He had called Sara once to check on her and ask her what she would eat? And after that he didn’t call her once.

His absence gave Sara a lot of time to think as she showered and ate an early dinner. As she sat on her bed her mind was flooded by multitudes of thoughts. She thought about her parents and Jay about her education. She let her mind wander around till finally it came to rest on her pending marriage to David. “Though I had not told David an official yes. I had already decided to do it before this mess. After what happened today the media would not let it slip, and being with David would be a wise decision.” She thought to herself. The only worry was that she was drawn to him, his kiss alone had unnerved her. She shook her head as these thoughts crossed her mind.

It was past 12 when Sara woke up suddenly as she heard a crash. She blinked as she panicked seeing herself in an unknown room. Then she realised where she was but the crash was David back or was it an intruder. She gingerly got up and tiptoed out of her room. There was a guy standing with his back to her. She picked up an empty vase from the table near her room and picked it up as she moved towards the guy. If it wasn’t David she couldnt let him hurt herself or steal from his house.

The guy turned as she neared him raising her hand. “Damn it what?” He yelled as Sara relaxed it was David.

“I thought you might have been an intruder, I heard the crash.” Sara shrugged.

“And you thought this would hold me if I was an intruder.” David chuckled as he looked at the vase in her hand. “Well I walked in the dark and hit the bowl over here and it crashed, sorry for waking you up. Anyways, since you are up I want to talk to you before you go to sleep.”

Sara nodded. David held her hands as he walked her over to the dining table and sat her down on a chair as he sat diagonally opposite to him. He looked tired. “Since we are in the cat is out of the bag kind of situation here. We will have to deal with it accordingly. Next week after doctor’s approval you and I will pick a ring for you and announce that we are reneged in the evening to the media, post a small party.” he looked at her eyes searchingly.

“Yes, ok.” was all that Sara could say.

“My parents would be there too and so will Lilain. I have already spoken to Lilian. She would not create any trouble for you but it would be best if you stayed away from her as much as you can and try to stick by me.” David said.

Sara nodded this was happening too fast for her. A party for her engagement.

“Also you can invite anyone you like. Here is an e-engagement invitation. Also people can use this and then only enter. You can fill individual names of people.” David held her hands.

Sara got up to leave as David stood up she took a step and crashed into him. “Ouch!” She yelped as she backed losing her balance putting too much pressure on her feet.

David held her then he scooped her in his arms as he walked towards her room. Her door was open. He walked to her bed as he laid her down on it. He adjusted her pillow for her. He looked down at her as their faces were inches apart. Sara licked her lips and gulped. David gave a crooked smile as he lowered his lips to meet hers. This time Sara responded to his kiss and she kissed him back. David broke the kiss 1st leaving them both breathless. “That’s more like it.” He ran a finger gently on her cheek. David straightened up and left the room turning at the door saying “Good night Sara.” and closing the door behind him.


Next morning, Sara woke up with back pain. The back aches had started after the fall. Though she knew it was because she could not put her weight on both feet equally. The baby growing inside her might have had something to do with it too. David had decided to hire a housekeeper as he could not be around all day long to take care of Sara. and he was adamant about keeping her here with him for a year. Yesterday he had interviewed about 10 women, above 35. And had not liked anyone yet. He was to interview more people today.

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