His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 11

David was onto finishing his 6th candidate when the door flung open and his mother walked in.

“David we need to talk.” she said as she waited patiently.

“Mrs. Irving, you can leave and we will get back to you. David said as he held the door for her.”

“You have not visited us nor have we met your girlfriend. Your father and I have been waiting for you ever since we heard about Sara.” Meera looked at her son tired.

“Ma Sara had a little accident the day the photographs were taken she twisted her legs and fell. Doctor asked her for some rest. There is another thing she is with a child she is pregnant wit..” David couldn’t complete his sentence.

“Oh my god! I am so happy. You’re gonna be a father and am gonna be a grandmother, a dadi.” Meera ahd tears in her eyes. “And we haven’t even met the girl who brings us so much joy.” she took a breath. “Tonight we will be coming over to your house. Your dad and I have to meet Sara.”

“All right ma, can you leave now I am interviewing people for the Housekeepers position.” David mumbled. He knew when his mother took this stance there was no way that she would listen to him at all. “Will see you tonight.”


“Sara!” David yelled from the door.

“Yes, David.” Sara quipped from the kitchen.

“I have to tell you something. My parents are coming over to meet you. I am sorry but couldn’t say no to mom.” David said as he held her by her shoulders gently searching for some reaction.

“It’s too soon, but it has to be done some time so better now.” Sara signed. She had accepted the fact that her life for nxt one year or so would not be same, and had accepted her fate.

“We need to set our stories straight.” David said. “So how did we meet?”

“Well, maybe we met at some function. I don’t know, it’s too confusing.” Sara said as she frowned.

“No we will say we met at a party, that you were at with a date. Your date ditched you and it was late and I dropped you off.” David said. “No this sounds too Bollywoody.” he groaned.

“What if we say that, we met at a charity masquerade ball that was thrown 4 months back. I was at the ball with a friend she had a date with who invited me for a double date.” Sara said thoughtfully.

David smiled. “This seems plausible though I hate going to charity balls. 4 Months back I did attend the Royal Heart Charity ball.”

“What? Wow!”I was actually talking about the same.” Sar giggled. “Well and in fact my so called date got distracted by his ex and I danced once with a stranger. He was the only one wearing a Dark Blue suit; all else wearing either in Black or Grey. And I left afterwards as my friend went with her date. I took a cab.”

“Oh!” But in this case the stranger would be me, David smiled. And we talked afterwards. I dropped you off. But asked you on a date two days later.” He sipped on a beer “Yup My mom was the one who had forced me to go to the ball that she and dad were supposed to attend but made me do it instead of them.”

“What will we cook?” Sara said as she stood up.

“Nothing, I’ve already ordered an Indian meal from a Michelin star restaurant. I know the chef.” David grinned.

“So what should I do?” Sara asked.

“You get ready, look pretty.”. David said as he kissed her on the cheeks.

Sara nodded trying to control a blush raising on her cheeks. David chuckled at her.

“So how do I look?” David asked as he peaked into Sara’s room.

“David! You look good.” Sara said slowly as she saw David’s reflection in the mirror, and realised that David was the stranger that she had danced with and he was wearing the same Blue suit. Then she smiled as David was grinning like an excited teenager.

She slowly turned to look at him. She was wearing a light blue dress. Her black hair was put in a bun and she looked extremely beautiful with her porcelain skin that she inherited from her mother. David was taken aback he had never seen someone look so beautiful in such less makeup. She looked pure.

David moved towards her mesmerised. “You look so pretty so pure.” he said as he brushed her cheeks gently with the back of his hand.

“David, Sara gulped. Why didn’t you tell me it was you? It was you I danced with at the ball. Isn’t it the same suit?” Sara asked

“Yes, I wanted to see the look on your face if you realised it that is?” My ma bought this for me. Or I would be also wearing a black or grey one.” David said.

The bell rang.

“So princess ready for interrogation.” David said. As he looked at slightly nervous Sara. he squeezed her hand and said, “I was joking, they are nice and would love you.”

He said as he walked hand in hand to open the door.

His mother and father were beaming.

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