His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 12

“Oh Sara come here beta.” Meera said as she pulled Sara into a warm motherly hug.

“Sara it’s nice to meet you.” Samuel said as he shook Sara’s hand warmly.

Chef had sent his Junior Sous Chef with the food. David helped Him to set the table. “Thank You Chef you can leave now.” David said as he handed the Junior Sous a 100 dollar tip. The chef pocketed the money said thanks to David for ordering from them and left.

“Ma, Dad come we will have dinner 1st. It’s time for dinner, for you both you eat early.” David said. Meera looked at Sara. David answered. “Sara has to eat early too. As she must rest because of our baby.”

“Come beta.” Meera said as she held Sara by her shoulder we will have dinner. Sara felt a lump growing in her throat. A mother’s love can’t be replaced and having lost her she got emotional and gulped.

“Sara tell me, how are your parents?” Samuel asked.

“My mom and dad died in an accident, I have no one.” Sara said as she blinked trying hard not to cry.

“Oh! Dear.” said Meera as she hugged her gently.

Samuel mummeled his sorry. David looked a little at Sara shocked and she was in so much pain. He just wanted to kiss all the pain away. But being a fake boyfriend meant he knew this already so he gently squeezed her hand gently. David had a round dining table, a small six seater. He had always hated the concept of having a head of family sitting a prominent position. A round or square table solved that issue.

Sara sat between David and Meera, Samuel sat next to his son.

They chatted for a long time, his mother asking them when and how they met? Both David and Sara responded to the precooked story.

Sara got up to get the dessert from the refrigerator.

“I will get it Sara.” David got up.

“No you sit.” Sara said as she got up and walked to the kitchen.

She limped slightly which Meera noticed. “Why is Sara limping? Hasn’t her feet healed?”

“No, ma and the doctor has asked her to go on rest too, but she won’t listen at times.” David said. “Today I was interviewing housekeepers when you came to the office.”

“Yes but that will take time won’t it.” Meera said decidedly as Sara came back with dessert in a tray and sat down. “My pregnant daughter-in-law needs rest, you haven’t hired anyone yet. She looked at David. “Don’t bother now I and Samuel will stay with you guys for a week or so. I will take care of Sara.”

“What?” No ma it’s not necessary.” David said. “I will find someone soon.”

“Yes, Mrs. Harrington, it’s ok we will manage.” Sara looked a little panicky.

“Nothing doing, Sam and I will be coming over and that’s final.” When Sara is better we will leave in a week’s time.

Sam looked apologetically towards Sara and David. Both Sam and David know that once in a while when her mother makes a decision and is adamant no one can move her.

The dinner was over. And his parents were at the door. “We will be here by afternoon.” Meera looked at David.

Both Sara and David nodded.

Sara slumped into a chair after they left.

“You are not very upset are you?” David looked at her eyes as she opened them searchingly.

“No. I liked your parents, they are nice. You mother is dotting.” Sara smiled. “I am tired and am going to bed. Good night David.” Sara did not tell David that she felt uneasy about lying to his parents or that the guilt of not telling them about it being their dead son’s child was heavy on her mind.

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