His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 13

“Sara, we need to talk.” David said as he toyed with a bowl of cereal.

“Hmm.” Sara nodded as she gulped her food down.

“Since mom and dad are coming today. We will have to move your things to my room.” David said solemnly.

“What? Why? I can stay in my room. You have a big house.” Sara said as she clutched her hands together.

“It’s not about extra space in the house. If you remember we are engaged and engaged couples living under the same roof are supposed to share the same room.” David smiled. “I know it’s sudden but this has to be done.”

Sara slapped a hand on her head. “Oh!” She nodded slowly and then she said. “Alright let’s do it then.”

David hung all of Sara’s clothes in the closet space he had emptied for her.

Later Sara shifted her under garments and few other belongings. She did not do much but felt exhausted.

“Sara you can sleep in my room. I will change the bedsheets on yours for ma and dad.” David said.

Sara nodded as she lay down on the soft pillow. She had thought that it would have been difficult for her to sleep in David’s bed; But his warm musky smell enveloped her as she wrapped herself in the sof blanket. Somehow his smell made her feel protected and she closed her eyes and slept a deep comfortable sleep.

Sara woke up to the warm smell of coffee. It was 4:00 pm and she had slept for 3 hours straight.

“Hey why didn’t you wake me up.” Sara looked at David as she stretched herself. “David you cleaned the house too. I could have helped.”

“You did a great help by not meddling in my work.” David smiled. “Maybe you should change and get ready my parents will be here in an hour or so.”

Sara nodded, “Save some coffee I will change and come.”

Sara sat at the dining table. There was a warm mug of decaf coffee and some choco chip cookies. She munched on a cookie and sipped on her coffee. David joined her after taking a bath. He looked relaxed in 6 pocket cargo and t-shirt.

“My ma can be a little over beaing and come out a little strong at times.” David warned Sara.

“I think all mothers are like that. And I really liked Meera. Don’t worry we will be fine.” Sara smiled.


David went down to receive his parents. He helped carry the luggage up.

His mother was beaming as she hugged Sara.

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