His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 2

{pls note I had to club chapters to make them longer as per Inkitt word limit 1-2 are now ch 1 and ch 2 has ch 3 sorry for the inconvenience}

I was jolted from my thoughts as a guy stopped his car to check I was ok. And had honked. It was raining. I gave a faint smile and waved an ok sign to him. He drove past me. “What will you do, Sara Forest Choudhary with this situation?” I thought out loud. I started my car and drove to my Crown Heights apartment that I shared with another 2 students. They knew about my situation and were pretty supportive of the same. One was from Israel and the other was Indian like me.

After everything got over and David saw to it that his parents retired to their room. David decided to go for a run. Running always cleared his head. And he needed a breather. David was never a people’s person. He was always more of a loner. Never really liked people much though he was really fond of pets specially dogs. He called Kevin, caretaker of the Southampton house. “Kevin, don’t forget to feed Oro.” Oro was a sweet, docile and loving labrador, his baby and true companion.

“Who was that girl?” And what did it all mean what Lilan said? My brother Jay would never do something like that, ever hurt Lilian or mom n dad.” David thought as he ran his hand through his dark brown hair. A tear escaped his grey eyes. This was the first time he had cried after Jay’s death. He yelled loudly, “AAAAHHHH”. And fell back on the sand.

He startled a couple of college kids perhaps making out in the distance. “We are sorry,″ said the guy. As they gathered their clothes and ran away.

David had slept on the beach. Or perhaps he dozed off and did not realise it. sunlight falling on his face and someone poking him in the rib made him yawn and get up.

“Get up mister.” the police officer poked at his rib. “You cannot sleep here.”

David wanted to yell or punch something in the face but he controlled himself. “I am sorry, I am leaving.” David said as he blinked, got up and started to walk back to his house.

His father was up, “Where were you son? Your mother is still sleeping. I am making some breakfast for us to have. And I was hoping you would eat with us. She, your mother needs you more than ever now.” He said without looking at David.

“Yes, dad, tell me if you need help. I will shower and come.” David said as he went to his room. This was the 1st time his father had not got upset with him for sneaking in the morning.


Sara woke up with a jolt as her alarm kept blaring, she had a migraine and decided to take a half day break from the classes.

She went and made herself some ginger tea. She could let go of her habit of having tea with milk like she did sometimes with her father and mother in the evening.

She dipped a Biscuit in the tea and took a bite. She had to do something about the baby too, now that Jay was gone. Jay had paid her 30 thousand dollars out of the 60 thousand she had agreed on. And till date had also paid for the medical expenses. But she was not ready for this Jay was supposed to be there to make it easy as it was his child. She didn’t know what to do. She was not ready to raise a child or be a mom. The baby was supposed to be with Jay and she had decided to not even have visiting rights. Nor was it supposed to be mentioned that she was the surrogate. It wasn’t her baby, it was his.

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