His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 3

It had been a week and David had arranged all the financial matters related to Jay. His company’s security company also ran a detective service. Which he had hired to find out all about Jay and that girl he had seen on the day of his funeral.

“Mr. David, the girl is Sara Forest Choudhary. She is an Indian by origin and is currently studying medicine. She has been a good student getting scholarships but her grades fell this semester, and maybe her scholarship will be withdrawn.” the detective said.

“So that is why she went after my brother, always so naive and good samaritan trying to be a knight in shining armour for the lady in distress.” David fumed.

“And also the day Jay died the last call he made was to Ms. Sara.” “We aren’t sure but we think she might be pregnant with your brother’s child.” The detective said and added. “Another thing, your brother filed for divorce 3 weeks ago.”

David was shocked everything had always seemed to be perfect between Lilan and Jay. They were the perfect couple. “This girl made my brother file for divorce.” He muttered and said loudly. “Thank you detective, please leave the file here.”

He turned towards the glass panel wall in his corner office and looked outside. Then it struck him and he said slowly under his breath, “She is pregnant with Jay’s child. My brother’s mistress is pregnant with his child.”

He turned around with determination. “I lost my brother, I am not going to lose his child.”

He took the file and went to his car. He drove back to his apartment and sat down with the file after taking a shower with a glass of scotch in his hand. He needed to think it over.

“I can’t tell this to mum and dad. They would be devastated to know that their perfect son now dead had a mistress. And I will also have to deal with Lilan.” He took from his file the prenup of Jay and Lilan. In case of adultery from Lilan or divorce she would get 2.5 million dollars and nothing else. Now that he is gone. Lilan would get the share of his company which he had to make her let go off as the share would belong to Jay’s child and no one else.

He read through her file and saw her photograph. She was 23 year old, her mother was a British and her father Indian. Just like them but in reverse. Parents were both doctors and now deceased. She was definitely a classic case damsel in distress and must have used it for full.


Sara had just got a letter from her institute confirming her doubts that her scholarship was being withdrawn. She felt she could not breathe, a lump got stuck in her throat and she , “Mom, Dad why did you leave me. What am I to do now?”

Earlier that day her Uncle Frank, who had helped her file the case and was overseeing court hearings on her behalf, had decided to move back to UK as he saw no point in continuing to stay after her sister’s death. He had come to India a year after Mom’s marriage when he heard that his sister was pregnant. He wanted to explore the spiritual side and had loved India and stayed back. She had been tense, with no one to look after her case. She would lose it soon. Her only hope was her aunt, her brother’s sister who had never approved of dad marrying a “Firangi ladki” A foreigner and had hardly kept any contact with him. She had come 1 say for the funeral but never stayed back. My mother had started following Hinduism so the funeral was for 13 days.

I had done everything, on my own. My school friend’s Vikram and Neha had stood by me like a rock throughout along with Uncle Frank. I had been dazed. And had left India a week later. A month later I got a call from my dad’s lawyer. Stating that my father and mother had been treating a lot of patients for free and not much money was left. Plus they had spent on my education too sending me to the UK for my 12th and then to the USA for Medicine. He had also informed me that my uncle had put a claim on our ancestral home that we were living in all along. And since the clinic was built in the extension in the same compound it too was now disputed. With my parents gone, my uncle had decided to make it into business, he had not studied much but his son, my cousin was a doctor. And funny, my parents had paid for his education too.

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