His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 4

Sara had decided to go out for coffee alone on Sunday. Her attempt to thik how to work things out in her mind had failed. And with the baby growing inside her she had gotten very hungry.

As she sat down sipping over her coffee and reading a magazine. A shadow fell over her magazine and she looked up. The sun was in her eyes Sara squinted them to see who it was. The man looked familiar but she did not know who he was.

As he pulled out a chair and sat down facing her. “Ms. Choudhary we need to talk. I am David Harrington, Jay Harrington’s brother.” He said in a calm yet sinister voice. “Will you please come with me?” David asked.

To Sara his request sounded more like a command. She blinked, “Yes, I will come with you. I wanted to meet someone from Jay’s family. So let’s go, she said as he sipped her coffee.”

David had parked a block away, as he did not get parking space near the cafe. He walked in long strides and Sara hurried behind. She stumbled over a loose stone on the walkway and was about to fall when very strong arms broke her fall. She looked nervous. Her arms were around her waist and others at her back. David steadied her and a look of concern crossed his face. He did not want anything to happen to the baby.

He opened the passenger seat of his Mercedes. Sara sat and fastened her seat belt. She was still flushed from his contact. He sat down and without a word he turned the engine and went to his Penthouse apartment facing Central Park.

Sara gasped as she entered the house and the view of the park was beautiful. It was a 4 bedroom apartment with one room converted into a Library and the other into a mini gym. “Your home, it’s beautiful.” Sara said. It was a very minimalist nordic designed house.

David nodded, “My lawyer will be here soon. Ms. Sara I know that you are carrying my brother’s child.” he said and looked at her expecting to see a little bit of shame, or some guilt in her eyes. She was the one who was responsible for her brother’s death after all. But there was none.

“I am glad that you are aware of the situation. I too wanted to talk about the same.” she said.

Before she could continue David said, “I want you to marry me for a year. I will pay you a million dollars to do so. I know Jay has been giving you money. After all, women like you, who are a mistress to rich men, can do anything for it right.” he looked at her with hatred and disgust.

Before she could say anything or even think , Sara had slapped David across his face. And then had looked down due to guilt.

David was stunned but he pushed her back against the glass panel and pinned her down, “Never do that again Ms. Sara or god help me. I don’t know what I will do.”

Tears stung her eyes and she blinked them away, “How could he think that she was Jay’s mistress.” She could not speak though she wanted to yell. But she felt guilty from slapping her and she nodded.

David slowly let go of her, and said as if nothing had happened, “As I said I want you to marry me for which I will give you a million dollar. I know you need the money. I will be keeping the child. And you will have no contact with him or her after the birth.”

Sara looked shocked, “I am not going to marry you. I am going.” Sara turned to leave, as she picked up her bag.

David held her hand and yanked the bag from her before throwing it down. He picked up and sat her down on the sofa. And said, “Sit, don’t even think about leaving. And yes you will do as I say.”

Sara pouted like a child. She knew he couldn’t make her do anything against her will. She also wanted the child to be with Jay’s family and she needed the money. She counted her breath to ten and calmed her voice, before saying, “Mr. Harrington, give me time to think about it. I want to leave now.”

David looked at her, she seemed determined and he did not want to cause her any mental strain. So he nodded. “I will drop you.”

“No, I can go on my own.” Sara said as she picked up her bag.

David held her arm and ushered her out of the apartment, “I said, I will drop you home.” He then took out his phone to call his lawyer and asked him to meet him in the evening.

Sara sat down silently in the car, she was still feeling guilty about it. She looked at his cheek and said, “I am sorry for slapping you, she bit her lower lips.”

David nodded after his father who slapped him once when he had run away from home for a week to go on a trip to Vegas . And he had thought that David had gotten kidnapped and his mother had fallen sick due to worrying and crying over him. He stopped the car near a curb, looked at her and on an impulse, held her chin in his hand, bringing his face close to her he said, “And as I told you earlier, never ever do that again or I might do something both you and I will regret for the rest of our lives.”

Sara could feel, his breath on her face, she blushed and was embarrassed to look at him again for the rest of the trip. She gave him direction to her house.

David had driven in front of her apartment building. He had come to the place before once, in anger and had watched her as he had taken the decision to marry her.

“Ms. Choudhary, Make the decision fast. I will come to see you tomorrow at about 7:00 pm. I am giving you more than 24 hours to decide.” David said, as Sara nodded and left his car. He saw her going back inside the house. Before he drove away.

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