His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 5

Sara breathed out a sign of relief as she closed the door to her apartment door. No one was in. “What the hell does he think of himself? I am absolutely not going to marry him.” She said out loud. Slumping on the bed. She never realised when she dozed off. She woke up and looked at her dark room blinked twice before fishing her mobile out of her bag. It said the battery was at 6%. She got up to connect her mobile to its charger. She had also not studied much for the past few days. Her stomach growled at her.

She fixed herself a cup of tea and sandwich. And took her book out. She tried real hard to read but could not read a single page. She could not stop thinking about David’s touch or how his breath had felt on her face. She shrugged and tried to focus on her book again. She gave up after ten minutes.

Thoughts she has been avoiding came rushing back to her, “What should I do? Should I marry him?” The thought was repulsive to her.

But then she decided to get her notepad and do all the pros and cons. She would have to withdraw from her university if she did not pay and maybe she could take a break. With the money she could continue her education later. The con was a little hitch of her hating David’s guts. But on other hand she felt like it to be her responsibility to get the child settled into the family he belonged to. She had almost lost the case in India and would perhaps never be able to get the clinic now. At the back of her mind was also a thought of her being able to get a dual citizenship with her marriage to David. She would definitely not be giving up her Indian citizenship completely but could apply for American under the dual citizenship scheme.

“Perhaps, I will be able to open another clinic in India with the money I have. The only problem is my intense hatred no not that, but David is repulsive.” Sara signed. At the back of her mind she knew that there was this gnawing feeling of uneasiness that she had felt at David’s touch with all the sirens going and telling her to run.


David sat down on his balcony facing the Central Park, sipping on his scotch. He could not let go of this feeling that Sara would be difficult to handle. She was already strong headed from what he could tell. And her smell had an intoxicating effect like a smell on him. He was able to control his feelings though. He had many girlfriends in the past and a few one night stands too. But all the girls knew that it was more of a physical thing and they all knew what they were getting into. None was serious and all knew it would end if they tried to make it serious. He had also been careful to not get anyone pregnant or get any wrong ideas. David closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


“Enter, David said.

Sara was wearing a vermillion red colored halter neck dress showing off her low cleavage.

She stood at the door of his office. “Come inside and close the door.” David said as he got up to meet her half way. He gestured for her to sit on the sofa.

David offered her a diet coke as he sipped on his. He sat next to her. Sara seemed nervous as she tried to open her can. She spilled some on her dress, as the coke came out with a fizz and she held it away from her hand and blinked twice.

“Let me.” David said, as he tried to take the can away from her. His hand accidentally brushed against her chest. And an electric shock went through his body. David could see that it had an effect on Sara as well. “You can go to the washroom and clean yourself up.” David said as he gestured to her to move towards his private washroom.

Sara nodded as she stood up and walked towards the loo. She licked her lips being near David was making her lose control. And she had a hell lot of it. As she stepped outside, David was taking out a pair of spare shirts and coat from his cabinet. He always kept two fresh shirts and a beige linen jacket in his office for emergencies or if he did not get time to go home. David turned to look at her as he was putting on his shirt. David had perfect 6 packs, and a well built athletic personality. She blushed and pressed her lips as she looked at him. She could not draw her eyes away from him.

David smiled as he slowly walked towards her. Sara shifted in her place. “See what you like.” he said as he lifted her chin up.

Sara closed her eyes. “Look at me, Sara.” he said.

“David, I … Sara tried to speak but being this close to him made her confused about her own feelings. She licked her lips.

“I am doomed.” David said as he brought down his lips to her and kissed her. She was shocked as she felt her body react to David’s kiss. Sara could feel her legs becoming boneless and like a jelly. She grabbed onto his arms. With one arm he held her neck while the other went down to her lower back. He pulled her towards himself as he deepened the kiss.

David lifted Sara as he took her to the couch. Breaking off the kiss, he untied her halter strap as he kissed her neck, trailing kisses as he slid her dress down to her thighs as Sara lifted her hip helping him remove the dress completely.

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