His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 6

David woke up with a sweat. “Damn it.” he said. He smiled, it was years ago when he was a teenager that he ever had a dream like that. He looked down at himself as he went to take a cold shower.

“What was about Sara that was making me act like a sex starved teenager?” David said out loud. “David you need to control your raging hormones. She is responsible for Jay’s death, not directly but still she broke his marriage.” Detectives both police and personal one that he hired were looking into Jay’s accident. “I don’t know what I will do if you are responsible for it Ms. Forest.” David gulped as he looked at her picture from the file. She looked innocent in it.


Sara was nervous and jittery throughout the day. “Sara why are you so nervous?” Miranda asked. Ever since her parents death Sara had been looking up to her. Miranda had quietly become like a foster mom to her.

“Miranda David, he wants to marry me.” Sara said as he looked at her nails.

“What?” That’s great. Wow!” Miranda said getting all excited.

“Miranda, he wants to marry me for a year. A year only. She looked at Miranda’s eye and then continued. “And for that he would give me money and is willing to keep Jay’s child too.”

“Isn’t that what you want to do? For someone to take all the responsibility from your hand. It will be good for you.” Miranda said.

“He thinks I had an affair with Jay. He called me his mistress.” Sara said as she muffled a sob but let the tears flow.

“Honey, I can talk to him if you want. The documents cannot be shown to him as it is not under my legal rights. But I can try to talk to him.” Miranda said as she held Sara’s hand.

“No, Miranda. I will handle it. I have to do this on my own.” Sara said with determination. “Yes, I will marry him for a year. But I will have my terms too.” She smiled as she got up to leave. She looked at her watch and she was gonna be meeting David in another hour and a half. “Bye Miranda.”

“Sara, let me drop you home at least.” Miranda said. Sara nodded as they walked towards the parking lot. Sarawas in a kind of mental haze at the moment. Too many thoughts of what will happen what if? Hence, she did not argue with her and agreed to let Miranda drop her home.

“Sara, darling let me know if you need any help.” Miranda said as he patted Sara on the back.

“I will Miranda. Thanks.” Sara said as she walked towards her apartment.


At exactly 7:00 pm there was a knock on the door. Her roommate Branda rushed to open it. She gasped as she looked at David Harrington. He was a popular face shown on TV a lot recently more so due to his brother’s death. “You are so handsome, in person I mean much more than what we see on T.V.” She said.

“Thanks, David said with a shrug. Is Ms. Sara Choudhary here?”

“Sara! Sara!” she ran to my door Do you know that David Harrington is here to see you.

I nodded as I smiled at her and followed her out. I had taken a bath and worn a navy blue pajama and top. I saw David stare at me from top to bottom.

“David Come to my room so we can talk.” Sara said

“No Sara, go and change, we are going out. And wear something nice.” David said I will be downstairs waiting for you.″ David nodded and turned to leave.

“David, please sit down and give me 5. I will be ready in a jiffy.” Sara said. “I don’t want too many people to see you outside, please.”

David nodded as he sat on the couch. Sara went inside and took her navy blue low waist distressed denim and a burgundy cowl neck top. She wore her deep red almost burgundy pencil heels. And took her purse and wallet. She made her hair into a high bun. Put on some kohl and colored chapstick. At 5 feet 5 inches she was a medium heighted person and her 4 inch made her look nearly 6 feet along with her bun.

David stood as she came out. Even with heels she barely reached his chin maybe As he held the door for her. “Enjoy guys.” Biranda squealed as David closed the door.

David still towered over her and his broad shoulder and well built personality made him look like a panther waiting to pounce. Sara looked at him, and she shook her head. He opened the door for his BMW and gestured for her to sit. He sat next to her.

“Where are we going David?” Sara asked.

“We are going to my home. My lawyer will be there too.” David said.

“No, can we go somewhere else. Like to a coffee shop Or a restaurant.” Sara said as she tried to hide her nervousness. She did not want to go to his apartment as it made her nervous thinking about their last encounter there.

David looked at her and smiled. He knew what was on her mind “All right we will go somewhere else. But we are not going to some small cafe. We need privacy to talk.” he said. As he messaged Anuj to book a table at one of the most expensive restaurants at a 5 star hotel. And asked him to call his lawyer there too.

They reached the hotel and David gave the keys to his car to valet. As they walked towards the steps to the lobby. Someone from the paparazzi tried to click a picture. Sara turned her face away,hurriedly trying to get away, there was fear in her eyes. As she tried to avoid the media and missed a step twisting her ankle. “Aah.” She said as she tried to get up but her foot could not take her weight.

David felt protective of her, he sat down next to her. “Are you alright. Let me see.” he said reassuringly as he examined her foot. “Can you walk?” He said as the hotel employee rushed to get the media guy away from them.

“Mr. Harrington. The manager said. We have a inhouse doctor who can check on Ms… He looked at me.

“Sara.” David said.

“Ms. Sara’s foot. I know you have a table reservation with us. If you want we can arrange a room for you for Ms. Sara to rest in till the doctor can come down and check at her foot. Then if it’s ok you can join the table or we can send your room service.” The manager said.

David nodded. As he helped me try to stand.

“Sir, please come and we have a room available for you.”

“Can you walk now.” David said.

Sara nodded as she leaned against him for support. At no cost could she let him carry her. She will have to bear the pain. She inhaled and his scent filled her nostrils. She took two steps and yelped in pain.

“Can walk on my own, David said, shaking his head. Then he scooped her up and walked the rest of the flight and followed the manager to the elevator to the 2nd floor.

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