His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 7

Sara blinked away her tears as David put her down on the bed. It was stinging.

“Where is the doctor?” David asked as he ran a hand through his hair.

“He will be here in 10 mins, a small girl fainted and he is looking after her. The manager looked nervous.

“We will be taking the room for the night. I am not sure Ms. Choudhary can move. You can charge the room to my company’s account.” David said as he closed the door and turned.

“We don’t need to stay. I will be alright and I can go home then.” Sara bit her lips.

She looked so fragile and delicate at this moment. She seemed to be scared. And I want to punch something or someone. David thought. “We will see, let the doctor come. Do you want some water?” David said, as he sat at the edge of the bed.

Sara had leaned against the bed head rest. She tried to put a pillow under her leg, it had a slight swelling. She tried to bend her feet. It hurt. And then suddenly she felt a little pain in her stomach.

“Here let me.″ David said, as he took the pillow from her hand and gently lifted her leg to place it on the pillow. “I am sorry, about that guy taking the photograph, I am used to it and am really not bothered anymore. But, for you it must be new. As a matter of fact I will call Anuj my secretary to make sure the picture is not published.”

David was on the phone, when someone knocked on the door. He opened the door and it was the doctor. “About time.” he muttered as he let the doctor in.

Sara’s eyes widened, as she saw her guest faculty Dr. Stine. Also the doctor whose friend did the surrogacy process.

“Hi, Sara.” Doctor Stine said as he looked at her feet. “Mr. Harrington Sara here is one of my finest students. I would suggest that you bring her for an x-ray tomorrow by the hospital. And see an orthopedic. I am writing a pain killer that she can take right after dinner.

“Dr Stine, I am getting these stomach cramps ummm slight pains too.” Sara said softly.

David, looked wide eyed. “Why didn’t you tell me before?” He looked concerned and angry at the same time.

“Mr. Harrington, would you step outside, I need to check her up.” Dr Stine said.

“Sara, is Mr. Harrington the father?” Dr. Stine asked as he examined her.

“No, his brother Jay was, but he died..” Sara said softly, “David doesn’t know about surrogacy. He knows it’s his brother’s baby, but I am not sure if I should tell him, Jay didn’t.

“Hmmm, I know what you are doing. I think it’s a brave decision. Many girls would give up on their dreams if they faced this many hardships.” Dr. Stine said.

Dr. Stine opened the door and gestured for David to come inside. “Mr. Harrington, make sure she eats something hot and the painkiller should suffice. Stomach cramps look superficial like she pulled a muscle. But in case the pain does not subside, see a gynecologist too.

David thanked the doctor. He called at the reception to send some menus. He had cancelled the meeting with the lawyer, and had sent Anuj to get the medicine.

“What do you want to eat?” David asked.

“I want some soup, that’s it.” Sara said. The food was exorbitantly priced and she really did not want him to pay for it.

“You cannot have just soup, you have a baby growing inside, you need nourishment. And besides, I am not going to risk the baby’s health anyway. David said. Suddenly, she looked sad. “Sara, please eat something too.” She nodded as she ordered for hot and sour soup and some chicken wonton. David ordered for chicken noodles and schezwan chicken.

The food arrived. Sara did not realise how hungry she was. She had all the soup and her momos. She was eyeing David’s noodle too.

David smiled, as he put some in a plate along with chicken and offered her. “Will it be enough for you.” Sara did not want him to go hungry on her account.

“Yes, And I can order more if I get hungry, `` he said.

Sara ate her food and took her medicine. She was feeling a little uncomfortable to sleep in the same room with someone she did not know, cliched and whom she might marry.

As her pain subsided she got drowsy and lied down soon she was sleeping soundly.

David had asked for an extra mattress, sheets and blanket. He lay down on the floor. As light streamed to her sereine face, she looked the most innocent, exquisite creature he had seen. He gave a deep sign and fell asleep.

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