His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 8

Sara woke up to the warm smell of freshly brewed coffee. David saw her getting up. He drew the curtains drawing in bright light Sara blinked as she opened her eyes. “What is the time?” Sara asked. Rubbing her eyes.

“It’s 8:30. There is no hurry but we have to visit the clinic too.” David said. You can change. My secretary brought something for you from your home. Your roommate sent this. He said as he handed her a gold paper shopping bag.

Sara looked at it and smiled. Inside was her blue knee length dress, and navy blue bra and panty set. Her roommate was informed about her accident so she had sent the most comfortable clothes she could find other than her pajama and t-shirt that she wanted to get into.

“Sara we will be going to the doctor and you will do whatever he asks you to do.” David looked at her with a warning to make sure that she does not argue.

Sara nodded as they went to an orthopedic and got some xray done later to find that there was no fracture or anything. Then they went to the gynecologist.

“It looks like everything is ok with the baby. But since you are getting stomach pain, which might be due to you pulling a muscle. I don’t want you to take any risk at this stage and go on a bed rest for 1 week.” No work, no getting out or up much except going to the bathroom. It would help both your feet and any risk of miscarriage can we avoided.” The doctor said.

Sara wanted to say something but the look on David’s face made her keep quiet for the moment.

“Doctor can I talk to you for a moment.” David said as he ushered the doctor out.

David nodded to Sara as she put her flip flop on and started to walk as she wobbled. David caught her arm, “Let me help you.” Sara nodded.

Sara sat quietly as she knew she would just flop down and sleep on her bed. She was missing her space and needed some space from David as well. She knew that the talk between them was pending.

“David, why are we going in this direction, my house is on the other side of the city?” Sara looked confused.

“Because, we are not going to your place. Till your leg heels you will be staying at my place.” David said without even giving her a look.

“No, I won’t.” Sara almost yelled and then took a long breath to calm her voice and continued. “I mean I want to stay at my place, it’s more comfortable for me.”

“You can argue as much as you want. But I can’t let you out of my sight, with what is at stake here.” David said gritting his teeth. He looked at her sitting sulking and pouting looking a little nervous. “Let me take care of you. Once the doctor says ok you can move back to your place.”

“But I don’t have my clothes and what about my college.” Sara looked hassled.

“We will go now and pick your stuff. And then go to my place.” David said as he took a u turn. “Please let’s not argue on this. Just let me take care of you for a little while.

Sara nodded and she knew he cared only for the baby. But the little care that she had received in the past day or so had made her feel good. She had friends who did care in their own way. But being a medical student was tough and after her parents death she had locked herself emotionally trying to hold up and be strong throughout since that day she had never let her guard down. She closed her eyes as she lay back.

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