His Brother's Surrogate

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Chapter 9

Car came to a halt. Sara opened her eyes. “Oh! We are here.”

David had already come to her side and helped her out of her seat. They had picked her stuff and she had written a note saying that she was going to be at David’s place for a few days to her roommates and had picked all her pajamas and super comfy stuff. She had also taken a pair of jeans, some tees and one dress. Had also picked a few of her college books. David helped Sara into the apartment. “Sara this will be your bedroom.” David said pointing to a room which had a balcony opening towards the park as well like David’s. It was a large room, not as large as David’s but bigger than hers. “I will go pick your stuff from the car.” He said as he helped Sara ease into a big comfy armchair. “And then we will have something to eat, I will pick something up. You can change and freshen up till then.” David said as he glanced at his phone as he switched it on. He had switched it off at the hospital and had forgotten about it. He had about 20 missed calls from Anuj and a few from his mother and father.

“Is something wrong?” David thought as he sat in his car. And dropped a voice message to Anuj saying. “Will call you back in 10 mins.” “First I must get something to eat for Sara. She mustn’t stay hungry for long with a baby growing inside her.” He said out loud. There was a small cafe near his house. He could have walked but driving would be faster. He wanted to call his parents and Anuj too. As he gave his order for two coffee one decaf one black and some chicken sandwich for both.

His phone buzzed again. “Yes Anuj, i just messaged you that I will call.” Anuj said something and David rushed to the TV in the cafe showing a football game going on to a news channel.

“Oh! Damn! He said out loud.” He picked his order to rush back. He knew now why his parents and Anuj had been calling him incessantly. As he parked his car he nearly ran towards the lift. With Sara’s bag and food he carried.

Sara had changed into a pajam and a t-shirt and had wobbled her way back to the living area and had switched on T.V. She had sat down on the couch looking stunned. The door opened and there was David.

He looked at her staring at the 20 second video of him carrying Sara in his arm back from the hotel. The news of if the most eligible bachelor was engaged or dating a medical student was plastered over all news channels. “Who was she? How did they meet. Wasn’t it too soon after his brother’s demise?” these questions and many others were being asked by them all.

“Hello!”, David said as he picked his mother’s phone. “Ma I will call you back in sometime and explain things.” He let out a sign. Sara was now looking at David confused. “I promise I will call you back, ok.” he said, their eyes locked never looking away. He set her things down and put the food on the coffee table. Then sat on the single chair.

“David why? How... How is this possible.” Sara asked as tears welled up in her eyes. Her mind could not comprehend.

David took the remote and switched off the TV. “Sara, we are now dating officially. We were going to get married and now it’s official before I wanted it to be. I will deal with it. He said with determination. “You will marry me like we had discussed for a year. And will be paid a million no 1.5 million dollars for it. As a compensation for what happened.” he said pointing to the TV.

“You said... I never said yes to marrying you. It’s like you did this on purpose to manipulate me into marrying you.” Sara yelled.

“You think I wanted this. I would never ever have looked at you once if you did not get pregnant with my brother.” David said calmly. “So now you will marry me, take your money by the end of the year and get the hell out of my life.” David said as he stood up and bending towards her.

“Ahh!” Sara yelped as she had stood up suddenly and stumbled due to pain. Instantly David held her and steadied her.

He was holding her by the arms. At that moment she looked vulnerable. Their eyes were locked and there was a flash of defiance in her eyes as Sara tried to twist her way out. David held her tightly and then he smiled as he pulled her closer one hand at the back of her neck and his lips came down crashing on hers. Sara gasped as she was stunned.

David broke the kiss and said, “And from today Ms. Forest you and I are officially engaged. So I think you need to get used to this. You blushing everytime I kiss you in public will not do. “I have to call my mum. He said you can sit and start eating, will be back in a moment.”

“Ma, yes I started dating her a few months ago. Didn’t get the time to say anything with J.” David did not finish his sentence as he trailed off thinking about his brother.

“When are you getting her to meet us?” David’s mother Mrs. Merra Harrington said. “I am happy for you this one what’s her name Sara is not like all the other model types you dated before.”

“Soon ma.” David said. And she sounded happy for the 1st time after Jay’s death. He wanted to keep her happy.

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