The alpha kings broken and abused mate

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I will always love you those are the last words my mother said before she left and it's All my fault if I had just kept my mouth shut she would have been alive so I don't speak and everyone thinks that it's how I was born so I am the freak of the school and at the orphanage I am also a freak I will wait for as long as I need to untill I find you Alpha King adliric has a secret he has waited for 5000 years for his mate and he is losing his sanity slowly what happens when he finds out that she is broken and abused?

Romance / Fantasy
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This is for my amazing sister grace and Georgia shout out to alessabarnes for the sapphire queen


I was crying in my pillow and bang "get up it is your turn too wash the floors now go you know that I hate waiting" principal Ross said and dragged me by my hair to the cleaning room , threw me in the mop bucket and Said. "There is a royal coming at 5 so get the food ready" and left.


After I finished the floors I had 30 minutes to do the food I was going to make lasagna, salad, noodles and chicken . " Hurry up and get the food ready"principal said and I nodded and got to work with the food " don't worry about them" melody said she was a voice in my head and my only friend l, she understood me.



I was going to an orphanage to support the kids by having dinner with them in half and hour almost there


I just arrived at the orphanage and an amazing scent of vanilla and rose caught my scences " mate" my wolf liam said as we entered the dining room " Sam get here right now " the principal yelled as a young girl about 18 entered " hi what's your name" I asked her " she doesn't speak" a young man said " mmy name is Sam" the girl said as everyone looked at her in shock " so you can speak" the principal asked her " mate Sam " my wolf said and we ate in silence


" Sam get here right now" principal yelled as I ran into the dining room " hi what's your name" an unfamiliar voice said " she doesn't speak" Tom said before I spoke for the first time in 12 years "mmy name is Sam" I said as everyone looked at me in shock "so you can speak" the principal said And we ate in silence

Thanks this is my first book please comment

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