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Alexia Bancroft is rich, sexy and badass. Alexia is an undefeated street fighter and one of the most feared and dangerous gang member around the world. No one but family or gang members knows what she looks like they only know she goes by the name of 'Roxie'.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1~ Alexia and family

Alexia ~

I'm Alexia Bancroft or 'Roxie'. I'm a 17-year-old girl who used to live in Manhattan with my mum Anna, dad Simon, older brother Chris and my younger brother Matt.

We moved to California last week because of my parents business that my older brother will take over when they retire. I'm really happy that their business is doing amazing but, I'm going to miss my gang members and how the 'ghosts' (the name of my gang) were a second family to me.

It's currently 8 pm on a Sunday night and my first day of school begins tomorrow. I don't like school and I'm badass and all but I still keep good grades. Just because I'm a criminal and I don't like school doesn't mean I don't care about my grades, I've never failed a test and I don't wish for that to change.

I have found an underground fighting club so I am going to check it out see if it's worth my time. I love fighting other people especially the boys because they think I'm some weak and pathetic china doll, but I love showing them I'm not and that I can easily take them down.

"Mum, dad I'm going to check the fighting club out" I shouted coming down the stairs.

"Okay, Hunny just be careful" my mum shouted from her office.

I take my black motorbike out of the garage and take off. It takes 25minutes from my house well my house is more like a mansion. It has 10 bedrooms with ensuites, 2 living rooms, a cinema room, a gym, 3 game rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and 2 outdoor swimming pools, 23 acres of land behind the house and 5 garages. We have a very private house/mansion since there's a long driveway. The neighbours are a good distance away.

Since I talked about how I got a motorbike ill tell you what else I got. I got 8 cars in total and 2 motorbikes. For the cars it is :

Bugatti la Voiture Noire- $17.6m

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita- $4.5m

Lamborghini Veneno Road Ster- $4.1m

McLaren P1LM- $3.2m

Lykan Hypersport- $3.2m

Aston Martin Valkyrie- $3m

Bugatti Veyron Grand sport super sport- $2.5m

Bugatti Veyron super sport- $2m

And for my motorbikes I got:

Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa- $200,000

Kawasaki Ninja H2R- $50,000.

I care for my cars and motorbikes like they are my babies. Anyway enough about that, I arrived at the club.

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