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Being in the same friend group doesn’t necessarily make you friends. Especially when three of them have been together since they were children and one is imposing. She’s always imposing on the group with her eyes wandering. I just never thought they would wander to me. Nor mine to her.

Romance / Drama
Cameron Jones
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"Ringo~ Stop! He's still sleeping and we can't wake him this early," the more than familiar giggling was a common occurrence every morning. Although a sweet sound that birds would sing along to, it had already become my daily alarm clock, without a snooze button. I was the snooze button.

Knowing that I wasn't about to get any more sleep, and to avoid the awkward events about to begin, I groggily got myself out of bed, chucked on a pair of boxers to cover my decency and made my way to the main room of the apartment. I didn't bother with my hair just yet as I was more bothered about satisfying my stomach and my sanity.

Hurried sounds of rushed organisation reached my ears as I entered the room. I couldn't help the smirk and shake of my head as I entered the open area. Sun light struggled to pierce the closed curtains along the far wall, casting a dim glow onto the apartments kitchen slash living room. A large flat screen television was hung against the wall adjacent to the windows on my right, with a desk beneath it holding the games console and controller. Against the wall, just to the right of the hallway I emerged from, was a nice glass table with three metal chairs place on the open sides. A nice fruit bowl piled high with apples sat in its centre.

Grabbing one, I take a nice juicy bite before finally turning my attention to the cause of the mess in the living area. Sat between both walls, aimed towards the mounted television, was a small black leather sofa. A pride of mine as I was able to get incredibly comfy seats and some nice pillows to lay against with my tendency to fall to sleep on its comfiness. Now, pillows on the floor, clothes scattered to the side, and two people warily smiling towards me beneath a blanket.

I intently let the silence stretch out, with the occasional crunch of the the green apple, it's sour goodness waking me up bite by bite. Ringo, a guy who I knew since I was able to walk, stared at me with his wide brown eyes, face contorted in complete shock. I wasn't too surprised, usually I'd let them have their morning fun then get up but I was hungry and no amount of birds and bees would stop me from pancakes. His brunette hair was mopped down like he had just taken a shower, and his torso was on show. Not ones to miss out on sports we both were in pretty good shape, but Ringo was larger, broader, and built for strength.

Beneath this brick of a guy, was a jet black head of hair over a petite figure. Her unblemished face supported plump lips, a freckled button nose and sparkling green eyes. Her cheeks were a fierce red thanks to yours truly, but I was already used to this particular scene. Charlotte was a childhood friend Ringo and I met when we started school and we had been inseparable since, these two a little more so since they became aware of each other's feelings in the first year of high school. I've had the greatest times teasing them both.

Finally, after noticing that their faces couldn't get anymore red, I break the silence.

"Hope you've got a sleeve, otherwise I'm godfather." I said, smirking and heading to the kitchen.

"LEON!" Charlotte exclaimed. Thankfully, I could hear them ripping their bare skin from the leather and putting on some clothes.

"Make sure my couch is clean, I sleep on there you know." I nonchalantly demanded, digging through the refrigerator for some substance to quench my thirst. There's the milk. Undoing the lid I drank straight from the bottle.

"Do you have to?" Charlotte groaned, this time directly behind him. "I drink that in my latte."

"Do you have to?" I point the couch with the bottle hand, "I sit on that."

Her face blew up red before we both burst into hysterical laughter. Just what I needed this morning. This morning was the dreaded day of my life. My peaceful, relaxing life was coming to an end.

"Shouldn't you two get ready?" Ringo's collected tone betrayed his flush cheeks, but the overhanging question slumped both my and Charlottes shoulders. We had the same attitude to the doomsday event we had to be up this early for.



"I can't believe you didn't make me pancakes..." I groaned, my shoulders sagging from an empty stomach and the weight of my backpack. Pancakes were the greatest start to the day. Fluffy goodness smothered in golden syrup, stacked to the ceiling and piping hot, there was nothing more tantalising to the taste buds so early in the morning. Oh the deliciousness is obviously more than I deserve on this horrible day. First, I wake up to the dynamic duo getting busy on my couch. Secondly, little miss Charcoal refused to make my pancakes, she would rather do her hair and look presentable - how selfish - and finally, we had to walk to the dump called school!

"Why are you so down?" Ringo asked, patting me on the shoulder with a big smile on his goofy face. Damn, I'm hangry.

"I don't know, maybe because two-thirds of our trio got what they wanted this morning?" I said, feigning a sweet smile.

"I'll buy you some at lunch, will you stop complaining?" Charlotte sighed, taking up the other side of me.

"It's not the same, Charcoal and you know it!" I exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at her.

"Oh, cmon. It's not like you haven't gone a day without pancakes in the morning." She said innocently behind a veil of resisted laughter.

"That's because I didn't have to get up, did I?"

"You never got up in the morning." Ringo politely, unnecessarily commented.

"And yet you always manage it, seriously, its like living with rabbits..."

"Ew." Charlotte wrinkled her nose, and I couldn't be more pleased than to comment on it.

"My thoughts exactly... you better have cleaned my couch." I mentioned as the thought reoccurred to me. I swear, if he hadn't cleaned it I would've rubbed it clean with his damn jaw. Ringo smiled, rubbing his head sheepishly.

"I'll uh, clean it after school."

These two little... Could this day get any worse?


Yes... yes it could.

"Be nice," Ringo whispered to me, nudging me in the side.

"You try being nice to a perfume monster."

That squeaky, ear-piercing banshees cry came from the one person I reaaaaally did not want to lay eyes on. Though her shrill voice was a massive pointer on the list of reasons why I hate this chick, definitely up there in the top ten, her most irritating, most bone-grinding, nails on a blackboard, can't stand feature, was the smug, fish-lipped smile she'd send my way whenever I turned up in the morning. And there it was, in all its magikarp-red glory.

Louisa Terrace. Body like a goddess, face of a fish, and personality like a steaming pile of shit. I would never, ever be able to get my mind around how she wormed her way to being friends with Charcoal, but life was full of great mysteries like that.

She sauntered towards us, her blonde hair pulled into a high, puffy ponytail, whilst the bangs still swayed over to one side. Her face caked in a foundation multiple shades darker than her actual skin, which was partially noticeable by the way she wore a large push up bra to hold her mounds on her chest. The toner stopped where the bra began, but was obviously a smaller size as the tanned shade turned a pale white, like a discoloured drumstick. As always, though the tone was rather dark tan, her eyeshadow was a horrendous stand-out blue, and her lips were the bright red I had come to recognise them as.

Louisa walked with a purposeful sway in her steps, accentuating her hips and derrière as much as she possibly could, treating the pavement as her own personal catwalk. My own mind provided the announcers view on her strut down the isle.

And here we have the sports theme as Louisa makes her way down the strip. Grey leggings firmly squeezing the life out of her legs, whilst the blue stripe up the sides blends into the matching sports top. Over her shoulders rest a gleaming white jacket, all of which host the brand in giant letters sprawled like abstract art. It seems her workouts have started once again. Now, get lost.

"Why can't you get along with her?" Ringo chuckled, watching the distaste grow on my face.

"You'll find out in three... two... one."

"Charlie! Oh my god, it seemed like that summer would last forever!" The girl exclaimed as both women exchanged a rather rocky hug. What's with the side to side thing? Louisa's blue eyes sparkled when they opened to look over Charcoals shoulder as stare, rather intensely, at the taller of us boys.

"Ringo, you must've worked out more. Damn..."

Thirsty much? I rolled my eyes.

"Louisa, how was your holiday?" He replied. Too much of a nice guy.

"Urgh, torture, but I'll update you on the detes later." She winked, and with that, all friendliness and horrifying sparkle left her eyes as they descended onto me. There's the Pokemon I know and love.

"Murray." She spat, like she'd taken a bit out of something bitter.

"Terrace." I returned, just as venomous. When she turned back to Charlotte and animatedly cried about her 'torturous' holiday, I turned to Ringo, gesturing with both arms. My expression must've been hilarious, because my best friend chuckled at that moment, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Come on, quit being sour." He laughed.

"Only sour thing here is the perfume she's wearing." I laughed back,

"I thought you liked sour things?"

"That's more like an assault on my tongue," I stuck the appendage out, trying to look at it.

"Salt would be better."

"Think she'll get stuck if we pour a circle around her?"

"She's not a slug!"

I shot him a look that all but explained 'you sure?'.

We laughed again, making our way inside the dreaded walls of hell. University was in session, and damned if I knew just how messed up it would get.

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