Librarians grandson

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She’s a sweet old lady with a grandson with a reputation and she’s a sweet and sassy girl just looking to read.

Romance / Action
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Sweet old lady

I swear to god why is this sweet old lady with this ignorant annoying hot grandson.

“Earth to Mitch?” He says smirking waving his hands in my face.

“Sorry zoned” I said looking at his blue green eyes

“You know you skin looks good under the light golden brown it’s cute.” He says non chalatley looking away from my stare.

You know what he’ll with it.

I grab his face kissing him on my tippy toes he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist and he places me on his bed he brakes the kiss “your smooth.” He smirks

I roll my eyes playfully “And your slow” I think for a minute “On the other hand we shouldn’t be doing this..” he smirks again

“Babe it’s too late for that.” He kisses me again more aggression his hands roaming my body.

Well good bye cherry.


Mwah 💋

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