Fearless Ava

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A story about a girl named Ava who experiences her first love trouble along side babysitters. She goes through years of pain of getting over the feeling of betrayal between her ex boyfriend and best friend learning the outcomes of what life has in stores for her. After finding out, Niles was still with Emily through Howard. She kindly tries to tell Niles to get over her but he never did and it showed by following her into high school with Emily. She learns that Niles actually did love her after all but didn't want anything to do with him. That tore her apart but she still cared for both of them. Broken hearts normally leads girls into any kind of depression in life. Some people can handle it while some people has it for the rest of their lives. Ava is one of them that developed major depression throughout everything and social anxiety disorder as well. That's why it's important not to judge people based on the outside appearance but rather the inside. Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Romance / Other
Evelyn Varney
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The Birth of Ava

Once there were one couple who came from another place in the world, there names are Jessica and Kyle Benson. They didn't speak anything but their native language, English weren't taught fully yet to them. Later that same year, they got pregnant with a beautiful baby girl named Ava who was very tiny and the doctor that delivered her was extremely worried. The doctor advised Jessica and Kyle to bring her back in 2 weeks to check how she was doing.

2 weeks past, the doctor couldn't believe how beautiful Ava was. Jessica and Kyle were complimented on how good of a job that they have done to keep her growing the way she was. They were really proud for their approvals received. Sadly, the couple had to go back to work and they needed to find a babysitter fast.

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