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Céline Lillian Lyon a rape victim and abused. Everyone in her family either hits her, attempt to rape her, or simply run away when she needs them the most. Her brother died, her sister disappeared, her mother loathed her, her stepdad sexually harassed her, her other siblings simply didn't care, her father treated her like fragile glass and her friends simply didn't know what she was going through. She took in a child that wasn't hers but instead her sisters, feed him, cared for him, and loved him unconditionally. Now today she is independent and successful. A fire breathing girl with attitude that can put anyone to shame. She knows what she wants and gets it with no question asks. As soon as she sets eyes on Jaxon she feels as though he's filled with mystery, everything is alluring her to him. My life is filled with heartbreak, lies, and sudden tragedy as Jaxon comes into my life. "What do you want from me?" I asks him as his lips turn into a oh so famous smirk "Careful mi amore. It's the least bit of godly" he said trapping me between his arms. Soon his lips hovered over mines and were lip locking. Enjoy reading CéCé Out

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Introduction & Prologue

Word Count: 1639

{ W A R N I N G }

Okay well I've worked on this book for years and it took about three to just get the ideas as well as the plot and theme of it.

I know right but I promise you this book is worth your time.

I love to be supported by readers. So pop a comment here and there and vote until you can't no more you know show me some love😏.

Moving on😆


1.Sexual Content/ Sexual References.

When I told my bestfriend that I would be adding sexual content she was happy like couldn't stop smiling happy.

2.Swearing, Dialogue, and Minium Urban Language.

3.Real Life Events.

If there's a problem where you know you can't take that some harsh events. Please leave.👉➡🚪bye bye.

4. No this story has nothing to do with my life. My real name is Claudesha Cineus. My nick name is CéCé some may call me Desha.

5. I am not really good with the whole Author Notes or Male POV. I basically like to write and you read. That's it. However I will be happy to answer any questions you have on the story, or if your just giving your support, ideas and feedback.

6.Ummm😕 tsk 😞 uggggh oh yeah........ okay😏. The updating process I like to write alot when I'm bored. Like right now I have like 17 chapters for this book already. I just like to not like...... update it all at once. So you do not have to wait forever for updates because I hate waiting for updates myself. I feel like no one should go through that but if the votes are low that tell me that I really don't need to continue it. But i'm not cruel. So updates won't be a problem from me.

(Sorry for the rambling I'm just exciting for this book.)

7. Hey Listen. I'm human. I make mistakes all the damn time. So there will be grammatical errors BUT I will try to put that to a minimum limit for you guys. I will be editing when I've finish the entire book. As well as the others.

8. There will be different point of views. Because I want you to know what other characters think about the main character or just hear there story out. But regardless there will only be two main point of views.


Céline Lillian Lyon

A not so friendly girl with an attitude that can put anyone to shame.

She knows what she wants and gets it with no question asks.

As soon as she sets eyes on Jaxon (her child hood nightmare) she feels as though he is trouble all over again.

Preview Of Some of the Characters Description

A women who has tried so hard to not get hurt by another bullshit guy. What happens when the boy who she thought would be 'it' for her stops paying attention to her, lies, and cheats on her. She ends up in the act of a One Night Stand but with a respectable young gentlemen who treats her like a queen she is. Thick Madam.

A man who has loved his bestfriend from since forever and won't stop until she knows that he is worth it.

A women who had to grow up too fast to become a good mother to her son, to become the hard ass she is today, to not get thrown over or stomped on again. Who has to suffer the consequences of her sister's beautiful mistake but what happens when that mistakes turns into her number one priority. She has to choose between three important hot men in her life but she knows her heart will only belong to one person. Her childhood boyfriend, a secret mafia admire, and a bestfriend who will she choose.

A cruel girl who has a tough and emtional past. She now uses men who has fortune to be where she is today. She get's pregnant by her sister's boyfriend and leaves a premature baby boy in the hospital. But has anybody ever thought that that she would have reasonable reason as to why she is like this. Or why does she comes back to ruin the one person who tried to help her.

All hell breaks loose, ties get cut off, a cute baby boy is born into the world, and CéCé's life has suddenly and finally began.

Life happens but what happens to CéCé's way of life.



I'm describe as the delicate flower of my family. As I grown up I still remember being stomped on, and them taking advantage of my kindess.

A precious little thing which was once alive. It was what you threw on the ground after you take all the life and love she had given you.

A beauty they say now but as I gave you life you decided to rid me of life itself.

A beauty of a little delicate flower but yet you still hurt me.

A girl that made you smile even though you took away my life and happiness from me.

I gave you happiness when you gave me nothing but pain but I will forgive you because you where once my everything. ~Desha Quotes


Description Of Main Character: (Céline)

Name:Céline Lillian Lyon.

Address: LA

Place Born:Spain

Age: 19

Birthday: October 30

Height 5'6 ft.

Body Bulit: Slim Thick but fit

Hair Color: Dark brown or Curly Burdette

Eyes Color: Amber Golden Eyes

Adopted Child: Colton Landon Lyon not biologically

Father:Cécile Lyon

Mother: Gina Williams

Step father:Peter Williams

Step Mother:Marietta Lyon

Education: Still in main studies

Occupation: Publist for Killian Flagler Billionaire Bachelor

Sports: Dancing

Hobbies: Classical Dancing, Practice dance moves, Talking to Bestfriend curled up under her, and watching movies

Favorite Drink: Raspberry mixed juice

Favorite Attire: A pair of baggey sweats

I have five brothers one is my mother's and five are my dad's. I have three sisters two are my mother's and one is my dad's.

I have long dark brown natural curly hair and I have amber intense eyes .

My mother is an beauiful African American and my dad was born in Italy and formally from London raised but his father born and raised.

So I really pretty complex glowing light brown skin that seem to make people confuse about my nationality.

I never really label myself as anyone of them since I was born in Spain.

I am 19 years old turning twenty attending C.C.Sweeting University. A college that apparently still let's you were uniforms. I am one of the heads someone who puts stupid immature 17-22 years old into place. In college I am majoring in classical dancing so that's basically why I choose that university. I am now half way through college trying to blow everyone tops off with my beautiful dancing.

I have a mansion, car, money, a good job but sometimes I miss home but it's safe to say I can depend on myself when it comes to being away from my family.

Ummm i think that's all😕

Oh I hope you like how I transform in this story and I pray that this helps you with my character. (Since im weird and a total badass) you wouldn't understand until you-........... (Antiways)

If it doesn't sit back and read through my journey. I promise you will be amazed as to what happens.

Love You'll

CéCé out😙😘😚

Read. Enjoy. Sit Back. & Relax.

Happy Reading

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