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Reece is a man that has gotten into a unfortunate situation. With a daughter to protect and opportunity for a new life, he searches for safety, security, and a new home after leaving the one person who vowed to love him and show any kind of affection towards him. This is a story with homosexuality present. If you don't like it don't read it. I welcome suggestions and constructive criticism. The cover picture was not taken by me and I give full credit to whoever did. I hope you enjoy my first story ever and let me know if you want more.๐Ÿงก

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Something New

I busted out of the door holding my sweet Amelia in my arms while securing her in a raincoat. This is the worst thunderstorm since summer started but now is my chance while she is distracted to leave before she does whatever horrible act to Amelia for crying out for me. I used to love Evelyn for her poetic words of love and passion for me as well as her caring soul but I have come to realize I married a servant of Satan. I know that running down the road with a year old baby in my arms with nothing for her to sleep in, no money, food, clothes, or idea of where to go has not been my best idea but there is no time to think. I had to leave now before something awful happened.

Collapsing to my knees under a bridge about two streets over, I settled against a support column and stared down at my baby. She is surprisingly calm while sporting a confused look in her cute almond green eyes that resemble my own eyes.

All I could do was start crying happy tears as a feeling of fear also creeps up to my chest and spears my heart. The thoughts of being a failure as a father and a man swirl in my pulsing skull but also a huge sense of relief flood my system being distant from her.

I tightened up the raincoat around Amelia to keep her warm then turned around to look out to my surroundings. The street lights sway with the heavy wind and trees are threatening to fall across the roads. I am scared of what will happen if someone decided to take shelter under this bridge and what I can do to protect us. But my thoughts are thwarted when I feel Amelia wiggle her tiny hands along my chin. Her gurgling sounds are soothing to my ears like ocean waves. Her presence alone calms my nerves for a moment when I see her gummy smile. She has been the only person to make me smile in the last two years of my life. Atn that moment I felt correct in my fleeing. I might feel like a failure but I still feel a hundred times better about being away from that woman. It makes me feel like I have finally done something right by my daughter and that I should have left sooner with a plan to avoid my upcoming obstacles I know I have to face. However, I know that my angel will be okay as long as her mother is far away from her precious soul.

Thunder and lightning continue to communicate along with scaring me so my heart feels like it will fly out of my chest. I scooted back into a corner and try to relax so I can think a plan up before I am spotted by others that know my now broken family. I still don't know how to get everything I need for my baby girl and get out of Dodge. The ideas I come up with slightly repulsing me along with my with setting off a few mild panic attacks that thankfully resided when I looked down at the tiny human bundled in my orange raincoat. It is getting impossible to think as I am so tired that I can't even hold my head up. I tried my hardest to stay coherent case of unexpected guests but I start drifting off to the sound of soft touches along my chest and neck with light cooing. With a weary smile directed towards my sweet angel,l I think one last thought before I fall into a pit of darkness that soothes my burning eyes.

Remaining in that house a few more minutes would have robbed me of a child and a child of a life not yet lived.

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