Soul for soul

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"How?!" "Remember, every action comes with a price" "What does that mean?!" "Soul for soul" *~*~*~*~ Wealthy popular twenty year old Tristan Parker had the best life any person could dream of. He had everything at the tip of his fingers with his parents running a multimillion industry. Everything went down the drain for him when he lost his parents to cancer. It was terrible to watch them lay lifeless on the hospital bed with tubes connected to their bodies. It was during those times he searched for a miracle and fate lead him to sophia collins, the solution. Sophia collins was a young bullied girl that lived next to him. At least that was what the people thought. It was hard to pick if she knew what she was doing or she had no idea of her capabilities. He tried his best to gain her trust but what finally happens when love goes wrong and she wasn't who he thought she was

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Chapter 1


The following words, names, events and story is a fiction of the author's imaginations. Any resemblance to actual events or people, living or dead is purely coincidental.


This first chapter might be confusing but you'll understand in the second chapter.

Read an enjoy.

Tristan Parker

"Wait!" I yelled at the cloaked figure at a distance. My feet were giving out on me as beads of sweat rolled down my temples to my chin. I felt my heartbeats almost tear out of my chest as i wiped my forehead to reduce the sweat covering my skin. I closed my eyes for a second, trying to build up the little energy i had left in me. I took in deep breaths to steady my fast heartbeats before standing straight and regaining my balance.

He immediately stopped and turned around, his dark and tattered clothing moving with the wind. His hood covered his face completely as he held a scythe tightly in his right hand. I could see the stubs on his chin and a hook chain around his neck with the rings displayed around his wrist. I noticed all his fingers covered with dark ink with the weirdest tattoo designs scattered on his fingers. With the little parts i could see, his skin looked all white and pale.

He raised the scythe and banged it on the ground with a loud boom echoing round the place. The wind suddenly stopped as if he commanded it. It was then i noticed the sand and dust particles in the air. The fell immediately, including the one directly above my head. The place became quiet and calm suddenly, like the wind wasn't just about to lift me away second ago.

"I know you can help me." I said.

"Not everything is as easy as it seems young boy. You have a life, live it" he turned to leave.

"Wait!" I paused "Just hear me out for a second. I really need you. Please"

"It takes a million tears to be here. Your sorrows can be carried by an average mortal like you. Do not put yourself into this, it might be just impossible to get out"

"I'm willing to do anything"

"No, you're not"

"Please" I begged "I went through a lot just to meet you. I can't go back empty handed. I can do anything to bring them back. Anything" I said. He paused for a minute, as if debating whether to reply or not.

"Your heart is so pure and valuable. You're innocent. You don't want to put yourself in all of this."

"I'm pretty sure that's why I came here"

"It's normal for people to die and mourn at a point. It happens everyday and yours doesn't make a difference. It would be advisable to go back to your world and get over it."

"I can't go back now. You have no idea what it took me to meet you."

"Whatever you think you've gone through is nothing. You haven't gotten to half of the journey yet."

"Please, give me a chance" he stayed quiet again for a while and the only thing I could hear was my drumming heartbeats beating inside.

One thing I knew for sure was that I couldn't go back with nothing. I had to bring them back no matter how much I was going to lose. At least that was what I hoped for.

My parents were all I had. No siblings or uncles or cousins. It was just them. I learnt to depend on them for everything since they were always there for me when I needed them. Even in college, they got me everything to make me as comfortable as ever. I had my apartment to myself, designed just the way I liked it.

Yes, we were really wealthy. In fact, they were respected everywhere and some of that respect rubbed off on me.

They weren't as workaholic as they were meant to be while running a multibillion industry. They spent their time with me and that made them my everything. I always thought they would be there forever but as soon as they left, my life became a living nightmare.

A month ago, both my parents died of cancer. It was devastating to watch them lay thin and lifeless on the hospital bed. They couldn't say a word. Only tears to show they didn't want it for me.

It was those times I started looking for a miracle. The most impossible and craziest things became possible to me. People even thought I was crazy but still clung to me like a leech all in the name of my money.

I searched everywhere for something, anything to bring them back. Well, that was till I found a file in the school's library, showing the resurrection of a young girl in the nineties. The papers were incomplete. Internet said the news reporter died while trying to get the story in details.

Witchcraft, that was the last thing written in the file. That was the answer. I found the picture of the witch at the other side a d searched for a match. A website had the same story online and like the news reporter, the owner also died of curiosity. Nothing talked about why they died but I found her name.

Cara Mckyle was who they said she was. The family and their generations practiced witchcraft but unlike Cara, none of the family members dared to resurrect a soul ever again since Cara went missing after the incident.

I traced the family down and found their daughter. She was the only one left. Natalie Mckyle. She also practiced witchcraft like her ancestors. I pleaded with her to help me and that's how I got here.

"Very well" the deep voice pulled me out of my thoughts "But remember, I warned you"

"So, aren't you gonna give me like a potion or something?"

"No but I have a solution"

"What?" I paused "You're not gonna help me?" I asked

"Your parents were nor who they seemed to be. They're hearts are filled with impurities and darkness." He paused "I'm afraid my powers are not capable to bring them back to life"

"But I heard you can help me with this. You can find a solution"

"I don't have every solution at the tip of my fingers but I can help you" He paused "Sophie Collins"

"You mean, the Sophie Collins? The loner who lives next door?"

"Yes, that Sophie Collins"

Sophie was a loner or so I've heard. She got bullied frequently by other popular girls in school. She lived next to me yet we had never had a conversation before. Mostly because we never really seen each other for over a minute. I never really knew how she looked due to the hood always covering her head and the oversized clothes on her petite stature.

I often saw her in some of my classes and we once ran into each other. I heard her whisper a little 'sorry' before leaving. I always thought of her as weird. In fact, she still creeps me out with the weird tattoo I once saw on her wrist.

"How? Should I just walk up to her and ask for a solution?"

"If you do that, you die"

"But how am I meant to know what to do?!" I yelled when I saw him taking two steps back. He turned his back toward me, showing me how long his cape was.

"You'll figure that out"

"How?!" I yelled when he stopped walking and turned around

"Every action comes with a price" he turned his head to me.

"What does that mean?!"

"Soul for soul"

And I fell into complete darkness.

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