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After a life of misery, Angelicia moves from Italy to America with her adopted family. They all leave, Dad, Papa, Marie, and Angelicia, all hoping that Angie will get the fresh start she needs. And what she gets is much better than a fresh start. Cole Wilkes, is the football teams quarterback, at Mence High school. He’s popular, handsome, and overall, a jock. He’s always been outgoing and is fun once you get to know him. He has the perfect home life, perfect family, and perfect self. Cole is doing good in school and football. He is a model citizen. But one day, at Sharlenes Diner, he meets the new girl from his school. But little did they know... They would turn each others worlds, completely... UPSIDE DOWN.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: From Italy, to America.

Angelicia! Lascia andare tesoro.Papa says as I grab my suitcases. My carry-on is strapped to my back as I HAUL ASS downstairs, almost falling 2 times.

“Sissy, slow slow.” Marie says as I almost tumble over. Papa and Dad stand there amused as I pant in the barren living room. The sound of my steps echo throughout the room as I walk down the hall, than I move to the yard. Holding my suitcases as tightly as possible, since these suitcases weigh as much as I do.

10 minutes later were in the car, bulleting down the streets of Italy. I stare intently out of the window as Marie, dad, and papa talk. We are moving to America.

Strange, right?

Like, who in their right mind would move to America from Italy, it’s beautiful here? What kind of meth are you on? If it’s anything good, hand over the pipe, amirite?

After thinking about meth for a little bit, I see that we’re at the airport. It’s been a while since I’ve been to America, we went once when I was 5. And it was more of a learning experience than a vacation. I do know English, I am definitely not fluent, but I can understand it and speak it. It just takes a little while to get the words correct.

We stroll into the airport, coming to a stop as we get our passports out of our bags and grab our carry-on’s. After an hour of going through scanners and waiting in lines, we get in the plane. And the chaos starts now.

I sit there, my feet don’t touch the floor of the plane, but that’s not a worry of mine particularly, so I just sit. I decided to sit at the window seat, watching outside the plane as it lifts of the groun. People start to talk and I just sit there, minding my own business. And no one bothers me.

Except for one person.

The child in back of me is kicking my seat so hard I have to hold onto the arms of the seat in order to not fly the hell forward. This kid must play professional soccer cause dat shit hurted.

Yes, in Italy we do have memes.

After 30 minutes of the kid in back of me kicking the spine out of my back, I finally snap. In Spanish.

“Oi, pequeña mierda! ¡deja de patear el puto asiento antes de que te patee los dientes!”
And that kid cried for the rest of the flight. The parents didn’t dare defy me, because they knew I was FUMING.

Also, I wouldn’t listen to them.

As for my parents, they were just counting the minutes before I cracked, they knew I would go off on that kid. So they weren’t surprised. Marie too, she just sat there. And now I had to listen to the kid sniffling, but hey, at least I still have my spine intact.

It’s been a total of 9 hours, we are finally here. I mean, it was an excruciatingly long time, but I made it through.

And I must say.
There are a lot of people and cars.
It’s insane.
It’s moments like this that I wonder why we chose to move to California. I regret everything. And I bet my parents do too.

As soon as they saw me get out of the Uber, and saw me looking at the cars, they were like: “Oh hell f$@&ing no.”

That is because, of the ONE time that I stole a car.

Yes. I stole a car.

It is now somewhere at the bottom of a lake.

Lago di Mergozzo to be exact.

My condolences to the owner.

I regret nothing.

Might I add, this house is huge. Papa and Dad must have worked their a$$e$ off to get this. And I am eternally grateful.

We unpack and get things set up. Most of our big things were already moved in here before we came.

Just as I finish unpacking my room, I realize I have school tomorrow. I hate school. Too many people. Teachers. Work. Overall, society.

But hey, at least if this doesn’t go well I have my meth business to fall back on.

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