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I glanced down and immediately realized the towel was around my hips and not my entire body. "Shit." After a quick fix, I locked eyes with Ivy. "I think I'm dying. I'm bleeding." Ivy's lips formed a smirk before a full-blown chuckle blared from her mouth. "Oh my God." "What's so fucking funny?" "Congratulations," she said as she tried to catch her breath from laughter. "You've just got your first period." A question, no doubt, you have been asked before. What would you do if you woke up to find that you were the opposite sex? Ivy and Grayson have both woken up one morning, only to find that they have been switched in each other's bodies. This story was originally written by me and published on the Chapters Interactive Story app. Part two was written by my friend, Riley Phoenix, and can still be found on Chapters. All of my work is my own and copyrighted. Any attempts to plagiarize and I will be seeking legal advice. I hope you enjoy the story of Ivy and Grayson ❤ Much love, Lizzie Lioness (C) Copyright reserved - Lizzie Lioness 2020. The author expressly asserts all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Infringement may lead to civil action, with associated potential financial penalties that may be imposed by a Court, including disgorgement of profits and costs orders against the defendant.

Romance / Fantasy
Lizzie Lioness
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Chapter 1 - The Switch


*Beep Beep Beep*

What the fuck? I don’t remember setting an alarm today Fuck. I don’t even have an alarm.

I stumbled out of my bed, carefully trying not to trip over the pink blanket that was wrapped tightly around my body. The hell? Pink blanket? I shook my head and narrowed my eyes, trying to wake myself up from this nightmare I was clearly having. Making my way to the bathroom, I suddenly realized I didn't even know where that was. I glanced around the room and it hit me. Fuck. I’m not in my own house. What the hell happened last night? I don’t remember going home with anyone.

“Honey, can you come down for breakfast? We need to talk?” A woman’s voice echoed from outside the bedroom.

Who the fuck was that? Damn. She sounded hot. Older, but hot. Noticing a door beside the bed, I was grateful that it was the bathroom I had just walked into. I could still feel myself groggy from the night before, but I didn’t remember drinking that much. It was like a hangover without the alcohol.

Grunting, I stood next to the toilet, pulled down my pants and took my cock- “Wait. Where’s my fucking dick? Oh fuck! Mom! Someone stole my dick!” I frantically searched around the bathroom to see if it had fallen off somewhere. After patting the area where my member should be, I was shocked to find something else had taken its place. What the fuck? “A vagina? I have a fucking vagina!?”

“Honey, are you okay? I heard you screaming?”

My eyes widened while I heard the frantic knocking on the bedroom door. I rubbed my hands over my face before I ran my fingers through my hair. OH MY GOD! I have long hair. What the fuck is happening? I looked towards the mirror and my breath hitched in response to my new found reflection. “No fucking way. I’m a girl? What the fuck? Are those boobs?” I ran my hands over the curvy breasts which were peaked and voluptuous. “I have breasts. And no dick. And long hair. And breasts. And no dick. Oh God.” Nope. Nope. Nope. Not happening.

“Motherfucker, wake up!” I slapped myself across my face a few times before I looked in the mirror again, hoping that the person in front was actually me, but I was disappointed and scared as fuck when I saw my reflection. I recognized the person immediately. My blue eyes and pouty lips stood out. I had long brown hair which sat against my shoulders, and for the life of me I couldn’t pry myself away from the person staring back at me. Hell, I was hot, but what the fuck was I doing as a woman?

“I said are you okay, honey?”

I put on my best girly voice. “I’m okay!” Until I realized that I was a girl and my voice was high pitched to match. “Fuck!”

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

Shit. She’s not going away. Wanting to get rid of the person beating on the door, I made my way over and grabbed the handle, pushing it down to reveal a gorgeous woman standing in front of me. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

Her eyes widened. “Excuse me? Honey, are you okay?”

I coughed and cleared my throat. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“When you’re ready please come downstairs. We need to talk.”

I nodded. “Mmhm. Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

She walked away and I closed the door. Glancing at my outfit, I noticed I was still in my pj’s. I turned around and located the closet for something to wear. Rummaging through the contents that were neatly hung and folded, I couldn’t find anything that caught my eyes. God, I can’t do this. What do I know about chicks clothing? Fuck it. I’ll go down like this.

I headed outside the bedroom and looked around until I noticed a set of stairs to the right. Hesitantly walking down, I managed to find the kitchen where I noticed a man and woman seated down at the breakfast bar.

“You didn’t want to change?” the woman asked, while her eyes travelled up and down my body.

“I’m um. Not feeling good right now.”

“Okay, honey. Come and take a seat. I’ve made breakfast.”

“Thanks.” I sat down and saw a beautifully presented plate in front of me with my favorite meal. Taking a deep whiff, my eyes closed as the aroma from the bacon and eggs hit every one of my senses.

“Okay, so your father and I need to talk to you.”

Ugh. This is weird. So fucking weird. I had no idea what they wanted to talk about, but I knew it was me they shouldn’t be talking to. I need to find her. The girl. Me. If I am in her body, does that mean she’s in mine? It must be, right? Did she wake up like I did? Drunk in my bed? Maybe she’s on her way. Maybe she’ll come here. Fuck!

I was sitting in a kitchen with two people I’ve never met before. The moment my stomach grumbled I realized how hungry I was. Taking the knife and fork in front of me, I began to shovel the food in my mouth “Fuckthisissogood,” I mumbled, and looked up at the woman with a smile. “So so good. Where did you learn to cook like this? I wish my mom were as good as a cook as you.”

“What?” She whispered.

Shit. I cleared my throat. “Sorry. I mean thanks…mom.” Okay, calling another woman mom feels too weird. Especially when she looks like that.

“When was the last time you ate?”

With a mouth full of bacon, I masticated the food in my trap. “Sorry. I’m starving.”

“That’s fine, sweetheart. Just slow down.”

I placed the knife and fork back on the plate and looked up at my not parents. Let’s get this over with. “Okay, so what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well, it’s about your father and I. We’re going on a holiday in a couple of days. Overseas. To Europe. We’ve had it booked for a while, but after what happened we didn’t mention anything.”

I shrugged my shoulders before I collected my cutlery again. “Okay, what’s that got to do with me?”

“Well, honey. After everything you’ve been through, we just wanted to make sure that you were okay with us leaving you here in your house.”

“Woah. I own this place? Nice?” And it truly was. Everything about this place screamed modern contemporary. It was clean, and every corner had a woman’s touch.

“Okay, darling. What’s going on? You seem…different. I might even say strange.” She turned to the man who was my father. “Doesn’t she, honey?”

The man continued to read his newspaper while he answered his wife. Clearly not giving a shit about the conversation we were having. “No more than usual, sweetheart.”

“You know, mom, dad, I don’t feel like myself right now.”

“Are you feeling sick?”

“Yes, I think I might go to my room.”

“But we haven’t finished talking.”

“It’s fine. Go with dad or whatever on your holiday.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m fucking cool with it.”

My mom shook her head. “Language, sweetheart.”

“Ahem. Sorry.” I stood up, and took the last strip of bacon off my plate before I shoved it in my mouth. “I’ll be resting upstairs.”


I found the stairs and walked them up slowly to find my bedroom. The room I walked into was not that same room I woke up in. Shit. Where do I go? This house is huge! After checking every room in the place, I finally found the right one. Shutting the door, I sat on the edge of the bed and tried to recall what the girl told me last night. What was her name? It started with an I…Indy? No. Ivy? “Yes! That’s it. Ivy!” She didn’t mention what she did for a living, but to be able to afford a place like this. Hats off to her.

I climbed on the mattress and settled under the pink blankets before I secured it over me. My eyes closed and before I drifted off to sleep, I suddenly jerked and jumped out of bed. “What the fuck am I doing? I should get changed and go to my place? She should be there, right?” I walked to the closet and grabbed some sweat pants and top, quickly getting changed. Bolting out of the room, I made my way downstairs, opened the front door and froze when I noticed someone standing in front of me.

It was my body. Assuming it was Ivy beneath the exterior, she looked at me with hateful eyes that pierced right into my soul. Her next words disdained from her lips. “What the fuck did you do to me last night?”

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