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26 year old Amanda Jameson suffers from retrograde amnesia, but when she meets 28 year old Shane Anderson. They decide to make the best out of their lives. But nothing lasts forever.

Romance / Humor
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D R E A M S》Chapter 1: The Memories


All of this is pure fiction not real except for some matters e.g. amnesia I don’t know many things about it so yeah just pointing it out there.


"Amanda, Amanda, wake up."

I felt like I was drowning, I could only see blue, the sky above me, while I drowned in the vast ocean below it.

Is this how I die? Is this how my life will come to an end? What about my parents? What about Jack?


Who is that? And why is their name lingering in my head? What is happening?

I was confused, beyond confused. I wanted someone to save me, where is everybody! And why do I feel like I'm slowly wasting away.

Because you are, said my conscious, but it sounded distant.

What is happening? And why am I here?


I woke up with a gasp for air. What was going on?

I saw myself in a room of white, white concrete walls, while tiles for the floor and ceiling. I was laying on a white hospital bed, there was an IV drip next to me.

It looked like a...hospital? Why was I in a hospital?

I felt like a truck just hit me, my head trippy, my body felt like it wanted to collapse.

Maybe that's what happened, I got hit by a truck.

The door suddenly flung open, to which I thought the best response was, to fly up into the air and squeak.

Why are you like this, put yourself together.

"Miss Jameson, I see you have awoken," the lady who walked in said, she looked like a doctor.

Jameson? Who's that? Who am I?

"I-i what's my name?"

The woman had a notepad in hand, writing down something.

She looked pretty, but also average. She had blonde hair that came to her shoulders, and her brown roots showing a bit, beautiful coffee eyes, and a comforting voice, a voice that reassures you that you are fine.

"Miss Amanda Jameson, tell me what you remember, the last thing you remember before waking up here," she said, moving her eyes from the notepad to me.

Even with that reassuring voice of hers, something is...bothering me...

"I...I don't know, is that my name?" I say, trying to change the subject, and feed my curiosity.

"Yes it is Ms. Jameson, can you try to recollect?" She responded.

Oh God, I already have a headache, and she wants me to do this?

"Can I not," I said a bit pissed off, it came out a bit meaner than expected, "I'm sorry." But I know the damage was already done, she probably hates me now.

"It's okay, I know you're feeling a bit confused and irritated at the moment."


"Well, I'll have to check around with a few more patients, and I'll come to answer all your questions, okay?" She offered.

"Thank you"

She gave me a little nod, and left the room.

This gave me time to look around the room. It has eggshell white curtains, on the window sill there was a little flower pot. Beside it was a letter.

Curiosity got the best of me, as I walked towards the letter, I made sure I didn't trip on non-existent objects and fall.

I reached the window, separating the slightly separated curtains, I got a good look at the outside world.

And damn, it looks beautiful.

Suddenly all my limbs felt like they were going to fall off, I guess my body was in pain but I didn't notice it because of the adrenaline from waking up.

I flopped onto the cool tiled floor, the pain never stopping.

So much for not tripping and falling, you fell anyways.


Oh lord, umm… I haven't written in 3 years. I know this chapter was awful, I am not going to assure you it's going to be better.

Why? You may ask.

Because I simply know it's going to be awful. Not.

I am going to try my hardest to write this book exactly how I imagined it 3 years ago.

Thank you for reading and being patient with me.

– Author

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