Amethyst Of The Forest

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The folk of the forest, a song that they sing, as they sway and dance in a ring, once you come they might be gone. What would you do, if you saw the most breathtaking thing while lost in a forest? Would you dare to talk or just stare from a distance? Would you get it or let it slip from your hand? A beautiful encounter, a painful truth, a broken heart, a love that mends. Will they find that love they desire or let the past cloud their hearts? Meet Yuri, Prince of the Kingdom of Sea and Amara, Princess of the forest, Watch as they embark into an adventure of truth, love, and pain. Who will kneel down first? The prince who falls for a forbidden princess, Yuri? Or the princess with the blood of the lost ones, Amara?

Romance / Adventure
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A land ruled by five kingdoms… Kingdom of the Sea, the Kingdom of Fire, the Kingdom of the Sky, the Kingdom of Gold, and the Kingdom of Snow. All ruled by five brothers who keep their kingdom’s and people saved from disasters and foes.

But all of them are oblivious to one place, a kingdom that’s been hidden from the world, a kingdom that should never have been seen, to the unknown. A place that holds secrets, the secrets of souls.

Hidden from the world since years ago, no man has ever dared come close; until a day a prince ventures into the forbidden and unknown.

Just to find a beautiful kingdom and a beautiful girl. One he desires since the moment he laid eyes on her, taboo for a prince of a revered kingdom.

His temptation of the unknown will make him touch that soul, for him to find a girl, who will turn his dark soul into the light.

The girl with a veil, hiding her face of the unknown, just like her kingdom. She has the power to control any kingdom of her desire but will break the rule once she meets her lover, just to be free from her shackles.

But secrets that their families hold will destroy those dreams and desires.

Whose love will prevail and conquer?

Whose power will be stronger?

Will their encounter bring disaster, love, hate, or death?

Or will an old legend unite all, just to bring back lost souls? Souls of two lovers that have been forgotten to the unknown.

Wonders of who will bow first; a prince in need of love, or a princess whose blood carries past secrets and loves.

A memory just to bring them back to that simple word that whispered “Amethyst”...

Welcome to Amethyst in the Forest!XX
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