Nanny, Wife, and Everything in Between

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My name Orsolya Queen, Im' a Fashion designer wanting to open her business, I'm also going to be a mother of twins, But right now I'm broke and need to find a job. It also doesn't help that your love is a cheater and your to head strong to get your mom to help. So why not just become a live-in -nanny for a little extra cash... and maybe accidental wife.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 Cupcake and Buss Stop

My name is Orsolya Queen. 3 months since I left hate words on my ex-boyfriend door step after finding out he was cheating on me. And 3 months since I was comfermed pregnant with my sister kids. Now I'm 6 months pregnant and working at my best friend Bakery and as a fashion designer for a small company, in a smaller town away from my ex. As I wiped off the table inside the bakery, I look out at the some what buzy street, but there is something a little different about it today.

A cross the street at a old bus stop that hasn't had a bus stop there in years. Sat a interesting pear a little boy about 4 sat on bench with stroller beside him as he singed his legs. Stepping outside I look around for someone that might be the parent of the kids. But no one seems to notice, which show you how bad people are these days.

I cross the street over to where the boy was and sat down on bench next to him. "Waiting for the bus?" I asked looking down at the little boy. He was about 4 years old with brown hair and green eyes, and right beside him sat what look like a very expensive stroller. Pulling it over beside me, I pulled back the cover to see a baby boy about 5 or 6 months old sound to sleep in a blue and white Bear outfit.

He turned to look at his eye's questioning, "Are the person I was told to wait for?" The boy asked. But the he asked sent shivers down my spine, making want to take the kids away from the bus stop.

"Well, I don't thank I am, but would you like to come with me to get a cupcake and we could wait for that person inside if you like?" He nodded and got up, "Great!" I said smiling. I took his hand in mine and used the other hand to guide the stroller a cross the street.

"Orsolya, Where have you've been?" Ricky asked as I walk in to the shop with the kid in toe. "And who's the kid?" Ricky my boss and best guy friend. He was a about 6'3 with brown hair, copper eyes, muscleler, and with flour in his bread, and also wearing a apron with a pink heart on it that his wife got him as a Joke.

"Don't really know they where sitting at that old bus stop," I said pulling out a cupcake and sitting it in front of the little boy. " So, do you mind calling the police for me and telling them that, that there's a boy and baby here if anyone is looking for them."

"Wait, there's a baby to!" Ricky asked.

"Yup there's a baby, and he a sleep so don't be so loud." I answered, as I sat in front of him. As he called the police I turned my attention to the little boy gobbling down the cupcake. "I'm Orsolya, but you can call me Orau. What your name?"

Licking his lips, He sat his cupcake down and look at me, "Nuallan." He said, looking a little shy.

"I like that name, how old are you Nuallan? And what your brothers name?" I ask with a smile.

"I'm 4 years old, and thats Nakoa my little brother," he said, he smiled back.

"What where you and your brother waiting for?" I asked, pulling the rapper off his cupcake.

"Miss. Port, said that we where spose to wait for a man and her to come back," Nuallan said.

The way he said it made more shivers go up my spine I did not like it one bit, and for some reason I didn't not want to even find the person who left the kids here. As I was thinking that Ricky comes back in. "The police said, they will send some over, but intill then they can stay here."

"Ok," I answered, as I lean over and start to whip off his face when Nakoa starts crying. I give Nuallan the napkin, and go and pick up Nakoa which is a little weird with a twin belly.

"Where are they?!" he asks a little loud, to loud for my taste. He see me and comes stomping over, but as he opens his mouth to say something I stuff a cupcake in.

"Sit down hush," I said, holding Nakoa. He does as he's told, a sits down. He like the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He look about 6'6, with bounza colored skin, cat green eyes, and black hair that's look like fingers gone through over and over in the last hour. He wore a expensive looking suit with his shirt the top two buttons undone. And the riments of tattoo sleeve going up his neck. "Now, would quietly tell me what want."

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