Nanny, Wife, and Everything in Between

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Tall, dark, and handsome

Ricky comes running in just as loud as the man in the suit. "Who doing all the yelling!"

"You are," I said, chucking a cupcake at him. "If you don't quite it down and you make him cry. I "WILL" leave him with the two of you with." I threaten, turnedand look at the baby I'm holding and kiss his little forehead, "but really I would never leave this a perish Angel like you with these burt's."

Before anyone says anything else Nuallan comes running over, "Uncle Zath!" He cried, jumping into his arms, smearing blue icing on his expansive looking suit jacket.

"Hey, buddy what are you doing here?" He asked, his face becoming softer as he holds his Nuallan.

"Miss.Port said to wait for her to come back with someone," Nuallan said not understanding the weight of his words.

I watch as angry, guilt, and fear go over his face, then the smell of something burning in the air, I look at Ricky who watched the man with careful eyes not notice of the burning smell. "Umm... Ricky are you about to burn down the shop?" I asked him, which catch his attention and he hurry to back to get what ever's burning.

The man sitting infront of me slick back his black hair, seeming like he was trying to compose himself. "The police said that there was a baby and a little boy here. And my nephew nanny wouldn't answer my calls I got worried, so I'm sorry for running in here and yelling like I did."

I look down at the boy in my arms weighing the man's words, and feeling a little shock at the man's apology, because he didn't look like he was sorry for alot of thangs he might have done.

When I look back at the man I noticed he was staring at me looking up and down a little bit lingering on my stomach. Make me scrum under his gaze.

"You could also tell your husband that I'm sorry to," The man say makeing eye connect with me.

"No, he is not my husband, I don't think could ever marry someone as annoying as him," I said.

"I heard that Orau. And you would be lucky to have a man like me," Ricky yelled from the kitchen making me cringe.

"Orau?"he ask razeing his brow.

"Oh no, it's Orsolya Queen. Orau just nickname that a few people over the years started calling me." I said, give Nakoa a piece of chocolate cupcake.

"I'm Zathrian King," he say a little expecting, almost like I was spose to know who he was.

"And I'm Nuallan King!" Nuallan said, with a big smile.

"Wouldn't doubt it, you have the pretty eyes just like your uncle," I said with smile I could see the tips of Zathrian ears turning red. Before more could be said Zathrian phones starts Ringing. Nuallan moves out of his lap like he knew what would happen, as Zathrian goes and make his call.

Sounding very annoyed Zathrian comes back, looking at me he starts to paceing back and forth. He does for a bit while me and the boys watch, intill I get fed up with it. "Will you sit down." I ask, sounding annoyed.

"Sit sa sit," Nakoa said clapping his hand and smiling, as if he is happy to part of the discussion.

"Yes, Angle he needs to sit down," I said smiling at him. As if coming up with something Zathrian sit down in fort of me.

"I have it, you can come with me to the company," he says



Tell you the truth I forgot I posted this story on this app. But, I have continued to work on it, so it might take a bit.

Yours Truly Sparrow

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