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Amber white and Ace Williams are the only son and daughter of two mafias family. Both her and his father are enemy's fighting for the top position in Mafia world. everyone knows who Ace is but no one knows who Amber is and everyone wants to find her to take down her father. what happens when Amber's go to Ace's territory to complete her High school. _________________________ "What the fuck are you doing, let go" I shouted at him trying to free my hand from his grip . "I am claiming what's mine" he said putting his head in the crook of my neck. "When the fuck I became yours. I. Will. Never. Be. Yours" I yelled "You were mine when I laid eyes on you and you always will be mine" he said and slammed his lips on mine

Romance / Action
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Ace Williams

I am standing in front of the fighting ring. Girls around me but instead to look at them my whole attention is on the ring.

A girl of 5'4 hight, such a small and cute figure, her long and black hair is in a high ponytail reaching her waist and as she moves her ponytail swing. She is wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, her face is covered with a mask covering her half face I can only see her eyes, they are Green just like emerald. I wonder how she look like.

She has been playing with one of my best fighter Jason for last 15 minutes. Yes this club is mine. I am the only son of the strongest Mafia in the world. Only one Mafia can stand against us and that is Mafia James white. We are looking for his weakness.

I came out of my thoughts by a loud sound. I looked at the ring and see that the girl got a punch from Jason right across the face. What a pity her mask didn't fall. Anger flashes in her eyes, if looks could kill believe Jason would have been six feet under.

Jason laughs and punch her again which was avoided easily. She kicked him right in the face. He literally flew to the end of the ring. She get on top and punch the hell out of him. His face red with blood as well as her hand. She has a hell of temper.

Jason is unconscious but she is still punching him. Some guy came in to stop her. She gave them a dead glance telling them not to touch her. She stands up and leaves the ring. Jason's friends comes and drag him out of the ring.

I see her leaving the club and I started following her. She enters a black Lamborghini and flew like wind. It felt like no one was there one thigh is sure she is a good racer. INTERESTING.

Amber White

It was fun but I shouldn't have gone there. After all this is the fist day for me in here. I shifted her today only.

I am driving back home. My house is in the middle of nowhere. I mean literally my house is in woods. It's for my security thought. I need to be hidden because I am the only daughter of my dad who happens to be Mafia James white.

Now everyone knows that dad has a daughter and are looking for me but on one knows how I look except people my dad trust.

I am in my dad rival Mafia Black Williams territory. Why? Because I am here to complete my mother's wish. Dad doesn't talk or tell me about her. She used to study here so here I am. I will be joining the school tomorrow.

I got her diary in which she wrote that she wanted me to attend this school cause she had a good experience her and also found dad here. She wanted me to fall in love like normal girl.

To enter my house you need passwords which only I know. Ever single door needs password and are different. The gates can't be broken easily.

I parked my car in garage and went to my room and took a shower. I changed into a white shirt and sat on bed. I called dad

"Hey princess, have you settled down." Dad said

Dad didn't protest for me to come here and I am glad for that.

"Yes I have " I answered

"You know you can still come back." He suggests

"No dad I am going to attend this school" I protected

" Ok princess but remember to be safe you are in lion's den" he explains

I know I am in lion's den cause this area comes under Mafia Black's territory.

"I know dad ok bye I will call you later" I said

"Ok princess good night love you" with that he ended the call.

I am laying on my bed. Will I find love here. When I was small mom died I don't even remember how her voice was. Dad doesn't like to tall about her and I also don't push him.

Since I was small I have carved for love. Dad loves me but he is always busy and can't spent much time with me. I have been trained since a young age, how to shot gun, how to fight, how to be a good leader. I got everything I wanted except I thing that is love.

I wonder if what said is true. Will I be able to find love here like normal person.

Thank you for reading

Hope you like it

I am a beginner so there may be mistakes so please forgive me for that 🙂🙂

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