The Lost Girl

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Regina was the daughter of the alpha of the second-most strongest pack of the world. Being an alpha daughter's life is not easy. with four possessive brothers and no female figure in life. There was no childhood for her. All she does is train and fight. She is a cold-hearted to all except family. Rex is the alpha of the strongest pack in the world. He is in need of a long to soften his cold-hearted soul. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Rex doesn't know that his life is soon going to be a chaotic mess

Romance / Drama
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Rex's POV

As I was entering the alpha Bernard territory with my beta Connor and pack warriors my wolf began to pace around my mind. My sense started to enhance. But I have to control myself as I was entering the other alpha's territory. At the boundary of the territory stands alpha Bernard, beta with future alpha, and three of his sons.

As we reached the alpha and his sons. Alpha Bernard stretches his hand to shake my hand. we shake hands."Welcome to my pack alpha Rex " said alpha Bernard.

"Alpha Bernard this is my beta Connor and they are pack warriors Fionn, Oisin, and Cillian," I said.

"This is my beta Charles, future alpha Piero, and my son's Dante, Luca, Enzo," said alpha Bernard.

"Let's not waste time and start the meeting," I said.

We started walking through the territory. Everyone was looking scared of me. They don't even make eye contact with me, as my reputation is terrifying. Being alpha of the strongest pack in the world you have some reputation to alarm rouges from coming near my pack. Not only rouge but my own pack, as well as other packs in the world, fear me. Only my beta and my brother can look into my eyes and talk to me without the title. As we're nearing the pack house. Their pack house was kind of like Castle. It was impressive. There was no one around the pack ground and inside the pack house. The interior was mainly in white and gold. My wolf was continuously pacing in my mind and I was having a hard time controlling it. After climbing the staircase we reached hallways.

"This is hallway is mainly for the guest. There is a kitchen for you with a 24/7 available chef. This hallway has enough room for you and your companion. Your luggage is present in the living room. After you get fresh we will start the meeting," said alpha Bernard. I mind linked my beta and ordered him to settle all the warrior and tell them to get fresh and meet me in the living room in 1/2 hour. I entered the room, removed my dirty clothes, and entered the shower. After coming out of the shower I see my luggage is inside my room, taking out a black shirt and black trousers. I changed and get out of my room. And entered the living room. My beta and the warriors were already there.

"Cillian and Oisin will stand behind me and Connor will sit right to me and Fionn will sit next to Connor. Now let's go," I said

"Yes alpha," they said.

As we entered the hallway, the youngest son of the alpha was waiting outside for me.

"Alpha Accardi, I'm Enzo, alpha's youngest son. I'm here to take you to the meeting room, " said Enzo.

I just nodded at him. He started leading the way. After walking for seconds we reached in the middle of the corridor.

"The hallway to the right belongs to the alpha family and the hallway to the left is prohibited to people expect alpha family," said the alpha's son.

I don't know why but I was intrigued by the left hallway. My wolf started parading in my head. A headache was forming in my head. I just ignored it. I just wanted to finish this meeting and go to my pack. I thought my wolf was feeling homesick that's why he was facing in my mind. We werewolf are connected to our pack and our packland if we're not in our territory, our wolf starts to get anxious.

We started moving straight to another hallway.

"This hallway has an alpha office, beta office, and gamma office, pack meeting room, and general meeting rooms," said the alpha's son.

As we reached the room where the meeting was going to take place. Alpha Bernard, beta Connor, and the future alpha were already there with some warriors. As I entered the room every one present I'm the room stand in their place. I take my place beside alpha Bernard and my beta sat next to me. When everyone settled in.

"Let's start the meeting, " I ordered.

"Alpha Rex, we have to wait for one of my warrior before we start the meeting, "said alpha Bernard.

" I think alpha you need to teach disciple to your pack. I don't li......before I finish talking, the door opened violently. My sense of smell heightened. I was smelling the most stunning scent of chocolate and coconut. My wolf was howling with happiness in my head. In front of me was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. With beautiful grey eyes. My wolf was chanting 'mate' 'mate'. My lips were parted. I was transfixed by the woman in front of me.

"MATE," I said.

The woman in front of me was shocked. There were many emotions going through her beautiful eyes shock, happiness, fear but all of sudden all her eyes were empty with no emotion. And she breaks out of the room. I ran behind her. She was running very fast, me and my wolf we're shocked. But I ran at my full speed. I got hold of her wrist, pulled her to my chest, and tightly hugged her. We were standing there for some time hugging each other.

'Mate,' said my mate with the most beautiful voice I ever heard.

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