The Woman in me

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Freshman Year

Hi, my name is Zoey, before this story starts. Im gonna describe myself first.

Well, im the kind of girl that is not interested in boys, even if they wink at me. I just ignore them. Well, many boys wants me because of my pretty good looking face, and my kind of trouble maker. But as i said i just ignores them, every..SINGLE..TIME!!!

Well that was in High school. It means im in college now, Yeah....Freshman year. I hate it cuz' because i said freshman year, i moved into another city, after my parents got a job from the most Successful business in Grimstone City. Of course its hard for me to just accept that were moving, and leaving the place where i was born and where my friends live. But i had no choice but to accept.


First day of college arived, like everybody else that is new to this place, i was nervous, cuz' i dont know anybody. But i handled it.

Well lunch was not so great, im not used of eating alone. But, some girl asked if she could eat with me. She said " Hi, im kelly, im a nerd as u can see, but i'd like to ask if we can be friends, because i dont have true friends, cuz' im a nerd" And ofcourse i said yes, she was my first friend.
Months later me and kelly became so close to each other. We would hang out all the time and have a lots of sleep over. One day, while we where at the park eating ice cream. Some boy bumped into me, well you know me, i dont care about boys but kelly made a look on her face like we were a couple. So he said " Im sorry i was rushing to buy an ice cream, but its gone" And i was like " Hey, you can have mine, i didn't licked it." And he was like " its ok, i can get ice cream next time. By the way im Eric" And i said " Im zoey and thats my friend kelly" And kelly was like " Ahem ahem *With a weird look on her face*" After the three of us ends talking we went home. And i was thinking the feeling i felt when i talked to Eric. I was like (On my dumb head) *What was that feeling, when he started talking to me my heartbeat raised and starts beating hard, its like my heart is gonna pop out*


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