Eyes of a wolf

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A girl is at school and See's the new kid many people said he had eyes of a wolf he could see anything from thousands of miles away

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1. The new kid

One day a girl named Alison saw a new kid he had yellow eyes different then any eyes Alison had ever seen before Alison's friend Alexa said he already got a title on his first day and his title was "Mr eyes of a wolf" People say he can see things from millions of miles away and he could largen his pupils which would make any girl fall in love he didn't want that so he wore glasses so he couldn't largen his pupils and a girl could truly fall in love with him alson thought that was sweet he didn't use his power for doing wrong things Alexa told Alison that he was also very kind hearing that information Alison went up to him and said hi I'm Alison what's your name? He said your the first person to talk to me without calling me a freak or weirdo thanks! By the way my name is Jax. Alison said that's a great name I love music want to be friends?. Jax said sure then the bell rang and they headed to class the next day there was an exam Jax failed and the teacher said alison will be his new tutor he was okay with that because he knew Alison after school also n went to jax'es house for tutoring they hung out a bit after it for a few weeks until Alison and jax became best friends and until Jax got straight a's Jax was really happy but after they once hung out at Alison's house for the first time Jax asked where are your parents? Alison replied they're dead.... Jack said omg I'm so sorry Alison. Do you live alone?. Alison replied no I live here with my little sister she is the reason I still am living I'd do anything for her. Jax asked if he could see her and Alison replied sure. And yelled "violet come down here" Jax said hi you must be violet I like that sun and moon clip you have its really pretty!. Violet replied thank you ... Jax asked how old are you? Violet replied "I'm 10 " Jax replied that's cool *bang noise*
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