Before and After

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Poppy lan, the girl in the news,the girl who is a mystery. Sebastian Virgara, the Ares street tiger, a playboy,a man who could kill anyone. What will happen when they meet? BEFORE AND AFTER.......

Romance / Mystery
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Author's Note (please read)

Hello readers!

I hope my work satisfy you guys because this is my first time writing a novel and of course, I am a human (duh) and sometimes we all do mistakes so forgive me and my little brain for not correcting the guys just let me know if there's any grammar , spelling or punctuation mistakes.

I love u guys! And I hope you guys like my work!

Let's start our writing- cause I have wasted enough of your time.

And guys I will also recommend you some songs which you can listen while reading.

Have a nice day! Byeeee! ( for now)



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