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Ophelia is a girl who most in her home town would quickly look over and never know that she was there. Her parents don't really acknowledge her and her sister hates her for a reason she has yet to figure out. Her family moves to a new town where she will find her first friend and possible even her first love. The only problem is will that love really be what she thinks it is or is there a secret that could ruin it all. Will her hope of getting away from her family be enough to get her through something that she thought would only happen in books?

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Chapter 1


Start writing here…Most people see moving as a new beginning or the end of something. A fresh start in life. I see it as more of the same old same old. Moving is not going to make me more popular with kids at school. It’s not going to make my parents stop favoring my sister more, and start remembering my existence. It all boils down to we’re are going to be living in a new town that’s it.

As I follow my parents who are following the movers, I know that nothing will change. My sister will still be a spoiled brat and I will be the one who picks up the pieces of everything she burns in her path. I can see her lounging in the back of my parent’s car talking on her phone without a care in the world. As cliché as it sounds the girl does live to make my life a living hell. Before we moved I had finally met someone that I liked a lot. We had begun to talk and had a date planned.

I had only ever held the guys hand. I haven’t had my first date or my first kiss so this was a big deal for me. I come home from school the day of my date to hear sounds coming from my room. Now no one should be in my room as I am the only one staying in that room. As I open my door I find my sister Katherine and the guy I’m supposed to go on a date with humping like rabbits.

“Wow. I’m glad that you guys picked my room out of all the rooms in the world to ruin my day in.” They both looked at me. He was of course in shock that he was caught, she just smirked knowing that she had beat me at something. “Don’t stop on my account. Please continue to plow my sister like you weren’t supposed to be taking me out tonight.” I grab a bag and stuff some clothes in it. “If the parents miraculously remember that they have a second older daughter, I’m staying at a friend’s tonight.”

With that I walked out of the house and gave up on ever having anything to call my own other than my car and my job. Those two things I earned on my own and no one would want them to take them away. That night I spent in my car out in the country. The next week at school my sister and her new boy toy flaunted their relationship to everyone trying their hardest to hurt me. To be honest it did. It broke me but I never let anyone see me cry or get upset. If I needed to do that I drove outside of town to a meadow I would visit. I wouldn’t show anything in the house because god only knows what that witch had planted in my room to try and get something on me.

That weekend my parents informed us that we would be moving to Frankford as small coastal town that was in the middle of nowhere really but still was a step up from where we lived. My father had gotten another better paying job so we were moving up north to a town I had never heard of. The funny thing is Katherine didn’t even tell the guy we were leaving or say goodbye. She dropped him like a bad habit and just left, more proof that she just did it to get at me.

We finally pull up to the house and I’m shocked at what I see. It’s huge and not at all what I was expecting. I notice that there is a separate garage with what looks like an apartment of it. Something tells me that will be my new home. My parents step out of their car and smile at the house. They have never had anything this nice before so I understand that they are excited.

“Ophelia you are going to be staying in the apartment over that garage. We thought you might like that.” My father says this in a way that says we want you out there. My parents have never abused me, it has just been more of a neglect. Katherine has been the center of their world since she made her appearance. Any time she does something wrong or that makes them look bad it is my job to take the fall and to protect the princess.

The day they brought her home I was so happy. For years I did everything to show her how much I loved her, but it never did any good. For some reason she hates me and does everything she can to show it. I see her trying to hide the fact that she is laughing at me. I would bet money that she put them up to this. I see the movers putting my bed and boxes into the apartment so I make my way over.

“Your father and I will give you some money toward your first trip to the store for what you need. Since you’re eighteen now you are going to have to take care of yourself. We will pay your utilities but you are responsible for your food and anything else you need. Here is five hundred to help your start. If you need us just call. We will continue to pay for your phone until you graduate. Oh and don’t just wonder into the house please call and check before you come over.” My mom says this as she hands me the money and walks away.

I make my way to the apartment and I’m surprised at the inside. It is not trashed per say but nowhere near what I imagine the main house is. The apartment is one bedroom with one bath. There is an open kitchen that leads into the living area. The only furniture I have is my bed, nightstand and dresser. To be honest that is the only thing that I need. My phone dings and I see that my mother has at least given me internet access. I never thought that it would come to this. I knew that I wasn’t a priority but I never thought that they would shove me out as soon as they could.

I unpack my stuff into my bedroom and make my way out to my car. I have a small SUV and right now I am thanking god for it. I search my phone for the nearest store and make my way there. I am lucky that I have been smart with the money I have been making since I was a child. Babysitting and then my job have allowed me to save a lot. I also have played the stock market so I have a good bit in savings. As I pull up to the store I know that my adult life is starting before most people and I only hope that I can make it through without too many bumps along the way.

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